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Diaby and Frimpong ready for Arsenal

The Arsenal reserve team played the first game of the Elite group stage today behind closed doors against West Bromwich Albion. Perhaps Arsenal did not want anyone to see just how fit and ready for action some of the players are, but it does seem like Abou Diaby and Emmanuel Frimpong will be available to help the Gunners through the gruelling fixture list we are about to face.

The coach, Terry Burton, selected a strong team consisting of;
Jenkinsom, Angha, Hajrovic, Santos
Oxlade-Chamberlain, Diaby, Coquelin, Frimpong
Eisfeld, Akpom

Diaby completed over an hour without any trouble. He was commanding, composed and strong in the centre of the pitch. He was also involved in Arsenal’s equalizer, as Frimpong dummied his pass for Santos to finish. Frimpong played on the left of midfield and nearly completed the full but was shown a second yellow right at the end.

All four of those midfielders could have a part to play over the coming weeks and months. I just hope that Arsene Wenger does not pin his hopes on Diaby, because if he then suffers another injury and the transfer window is closed, it could have a terrible effect on Arsenal’s season. It is great to have him back, but he can only be used sparingly, probably for the harder games against Man City and Chelsea.

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82 thoughts on “Diaby and Frimpong ready for Arsenal

  1. Goona

    We need a new midfielder and Montpellieir have said they are willing to let Younes Belhanda go this transfer window an he won’t be cup tied because they finished last in our champs league group. He can play anywhere in the center of the park and links up well with Giroud. Lets get him Arsene!

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  2. leo

    our new signings hope not Maarten Stekelenburg free to leave AS Roma for around 2m arsenal are interested get him now wenger & sell fabainski/mannone

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  3. Dan

    Wenger will pin his hopes on Diaby and Frimpong that is his track record, so why would he change now.

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  4. Gigi

    Oh no…as much as I love having more and good players in the squad, this can serve as an excuse, as Arson says: AW can tell us is like new signings…

    I think we should go fro Biglia at least, ONE player that can make a difference. Or Mc Carthy.

    Then I would vote to call back Campbell from loan, can we do that?

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  5. Vishrutgooner

    If Wenger is planning to see out Man city game to think about new signings. Then I really hope that Man city makes us look like a pretty ordinary team.
    only then he will become serious in transfer market.

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  6. Big Dill

    We seriously lack ball winners and strength in the midfield and all over the park. We are one of the wrost teams in the premier WITHOUT the ball. I think its time we give frimpong a run in the team as he won’t take no shit and bottle it from 50/50s, he will pick up a lot of bookings but we really need someone to break up opponents play fairly or unfairly.

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  7. nasibu wallace

    Wenger should now stop football gambling, diaby is not a player to rely on, come on he should buy now a new striker and midfielder we have the money why his he delaying?

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  8. vic

    Ofcox wenger’s gonna say we ve a strong squad, diaby nd frimpong is back. We ve rosciky fresh, nd walcott just signd an extention, bt we’ll buy if we gt d right players(lies)….. I jus pray we finish 4th nd win d fa cup

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  9. nir

    its shocking how mr dench man can not finish games? a bit too much commitment? or utter stupidness? i can not decide.

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  10. leo

    Arsenal total wages: 2007 – £89.7m
    2008 -£101.3m
    2009 -£104m
    2010 -£110.7m
    2011 -£124.4m
    2012 –£143.4
    In 6 years it’s almost doubled. And we had a better team 6 years ago as well. Crazy ivan gazdis wtf do you do get out & bring in david dein

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  11. Nick

    Diaby is good news but as always I’m skeptical about his health issues. Frimmers is a great young player but he’s not ready yet mentally. He makes too many mistakes and get too many cards for careless/emotionally charged tackles.

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  12. Briano

    If Wenger pins his hopes on Diaby then hes the most stupid man ever.Diaby is great but we need cover for him…..and NO Frimpong is NOT the answer.

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  13. leo

    Stekelenburg has been offered to Arsenal for a cut-price £3.5m. Deal could be done in the next few days (acc to media)

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  14. th14

    in 3 weeks time once the window closes diaby will b out till the summer transfer window where he will b a new signing once again.

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  15. lordzeus11

    We will sign players guys we have gotton rid of 2 so there’s room for two. I hope we don’t sign nagredo. I havnt seen a whole lot of him but when I have he’s been poor and if you can’t score goals in the Spain team with those players feeding something is wrong. On a side note you can’t blame AW for the digging of gervinho. His stats were as good as hazards and the price was a bargain. Fair enough it hasnt worked out but how was he to know. Would love for us to sign Luke de Jong

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  16. Sank

    You wont believe but frimpong played as left winger.

    whether he is a defensive midfielder or a left winger.

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  17. Kek

    @leo says: The analysis you made does not tell all the story. Back in 2007 wages for players were not as inflated as today with the likes of City complementing Chelsea as well as smaller clubs who can pay very high wages today. A player whose quality attracted 70k a week back in 2007 would earn over 100k today. Arsenal has maintained almost the same wages since 2007 if you accommodate annual inflation (real economics)and artificial inflation ala Chelsea nad City

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  18. Dan

    This is our problem. A team like Arsenal is better than the likes of these 2. But a lot of fans are happy to settle for them.

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  19. Bolly

    Diaby had a good game and made the goal for Santos.
    Final score 1-1. Frimpong sent off for bad challenge.
    Game was played at London Colney.

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  20. leo

    @kek back in 2007 henry was earning 130 a week + 5m bonus now not a single player eanrs more than 100/week my point is that we are overpaying bad players too much
    park 50/week,fabonaski 40/squid 60/djorou 40/denilson 50/arsahvin 80/chammakh 60/ now compare this squad with the 2007/08/09/10 & tell me are we overpaying or not did we have a decent squad back then or not

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  21. Mudah

    I don’t hate diaby, but actually am not happy with his comeback bcoz he did it at the wrong time (january)

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  22. ahmad

    you can now get that most wanted dmf in your masterleague……these are the “one or two signings that wenger told us about

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  23. artillery1

    Wegner has some quality but no Brain to play them!

    out of position players really R@ped Us ……

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  24. AFC4Ever

    Thats our transfer activity complete then! We wont be signing any new players guys, dont have any hopes or expectations coz we will only be disappointed yet again.
    Arsenal is heading in the right direction. We will be playing in Europa next season and maybe Wenger thinks that is our chance for a trophy! Great planning.

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  25. nagasty47

    Diaby has always been the obstacle for yann m’villa transfer saga. Anytime, the deal seem to go through, diaby seem to recover from no where.

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  26. Chris

    Manchester Citys fans have had the right idea, they are refusing to go to the Arsenal game at the Emirates on Sunday because of the high ticket prices, Arsenal are even driving away away supporters let alone their own! Why should we be paying the highest prices in the land for less than mediocre crap that will just frustrate us?

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  27. Elliott Seun

    In my opinion,i think Diaby and Frimpong are good in that role but Frimpong needs to be careful and cautioned on how he makes is tackles..He(frimpong)needs a little more training on that..But pls Wenger we stil need to strenghten our forward with quality players like david villa to assist Giroud in the attack and a replacement for the DM coz diaby seem to be an injury prone and incase frimpong get injured along the run…Plsssss Arsen.

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  28. jack

    this fuc— idiot wenger will sign no one the only good news is I think this will be the stupid arrogant cun— last season

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  29. Andrew Onyearu

    This is great news. Diaby remains integral to his plans. It is a difficult conundrum. This is even more obvious than the RvP situation. It is easy to see why. People laughed when AW said that when fit, Diaby is the first name on the French National Team sheet. On his day, injury free, he is probably the best box to box midfielder in the EPL. Do you replace with a £20-30m investment (include transfer fees, all disbursements and salaries) only for him to gain fitness and create real and avoidable selection problems? As his injury history has demonstrated, it is a very high risk strategy and whilst it continues to fail, the team’s overall fortunes continue to recede. Only AW – not the board or anyone else – can say when he has had enough. So far, he has not. The job, however, must be done somehow. Personally, I think he should risk Frimpong especially against the so called lesser teams and prolong Arteta’s availability – and career – by resting him from time to time.

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  30. winner

    By reading comments in the previous articles, i noticed that some people want cazorla to be replaced. Though i am a huge admirer of rosicky, u all have to agree that cazorla is not the one to be replaced. We r gonna miss him as soon as we drop him. He adds experience and fluidity to our play. So guys we hav 4 great midfielders in santi, wilshere, arteta and rosicky. Mr wenger what about a change in formation

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  31. marlogooner

    everytime ive watched frimmy play he always gives his all and you can tell he loves playing for the gunners.With a good run of games and a stern talking to by bould he could be the DM we are missing.

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  32. dude

    Here is the scenario – Man city will whoop us 8-2 , diaby will get injured again and this will send idiotic miserly stingy mr. bean wenger into another panic buying session until the last minute 2359 before window closes lol

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  33. johnverdal

    im worried wenger will only sign a striker in january.
    he will say diaby and frimpong are back we dont need anyone

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  34. marlogooner

    I want balotelli to score 3 on sunday and then show off his under shirt , with the message SPEND SOME MONEY YOU CHEAP BASTARDS!!!!

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  35. jibber

    i think Diaby is like the Hargreaves of Arsenal. Definitely a gd player, in fact world class when in form. But do we really want a ever injured player to have No substantial back up?

    Frimpong does need to play against the weaker teams if could, that gives us more physical presence, and will likely make our midfield better regardless.

    But whatever the case maybe, we need another enforcer that can provide a similar physical presence with more experience than Frimpong or Coquelin. I say buy Diame please and loan one of the 2 younger ones out. I prefer Frimpong over Coquelin.
    Unless Frimpong is better than Diame, than play him over Coquelin. Coquelin will be gd, but not exactly the box to box enforcer we want. Probably more of a tackler like busquets(not saying he will be as gd, but just style)

    And for those who are pessimistic about the window, i’m sure we are signing at least 1 or 2, because if not Wenger has no reason to loan chamakh or djourou out. It would be a striker and a defender considering the ones leaving are of those positions.

    But honestly, i still think we need DM 1st.

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  36. Rob

    Where has all this De Rossi stuff come from? I Haven’t read or heard anything on the radio, tv or internet.

    Can someone get me up to date?

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  37. true goon

    Its still early,but on what you’ve seen is Frimpong good enough to come in against say Bayern in the CL and do a good job? And do you really think Diaby will still be fit by the time we play Bayern? Both are very doubtful.

    @winner- you’re right but,you have to understand the team has a pecking order,which is not necessarily based on merit which is why Wenger has Ramsey(his favorite) way ahead of Rosicky.As a result the only way Tomas will get into the side is if Rambo gets injured

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  38. BruceTongaBull

    I can’t understand this danderhead called to Ivan Gazidis. What kind of ars****ole is he. He pays jackpot salaries to sudstand players such as Park,Squid, Chamak etc while refusing to pay resonalble salaries to the likes of Mata,V prsie, Demba Ba Samir Nasri……. I don’t care if u hate him but Gazidis fu…cked in selling hm. Gazidis out Wenger Out

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  39. Henry

    I’m getting really sick and tired of hearing people insulting Arsene and calling him every name under the sun! What is wrong with you people? Ffs this guy is the reason we are able to move forward as a football club. He was instrumental in taking us to The Emirates, without him we would be years behind where we are already. Now i’m not saying he hasn’t done anything wrong, I know there are plenty of things we all would of done differently and i like most are not happy about a lot of things at the club but that doesn’t give you the right to be so abusive to this guy. He is our most successful manger and someone that has transformed the modern game! Again Im not saying I’m happy with our recent performances and I am ashamed that we haven’t won anything in so long but seriously guys show some f-ing respect to a guy that has been at the club for 16yrs and never shown anything other commitment to the cause. Yes we should be doing a lot better than we are but we are still going through a transitional period. We will come through this!

    On another point, to all of you fair-weather supporters who will only support the club when we are winning, you should be the ones to f off! I certainly dont want you to be supporting a great club like The Arsenal, we need true supporters who will be back the team through thick and thin. If anything a teams needs their supporters most when they are going through their most difficult times.

    and btw I really don’t really care if this gets a load of thumbs down and i’m branded a wengerite, i had to get it off my chest.

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  40. johnverdal

    we all respect arsene wenger but now things have changed. we are in much better financial positions than in the last few seasons. now wenger has to start spending some money and bring some quality players. he always allows best players to leave and gives million dollars contracts to useless players. we are happy to see wenger at arsenal as long as he brings some world class players if he doesnt then he has to resign very simple.

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  41. Greg

    Wow! stekelenberg would be a real welcome signing to us gunners! A real quality keeper that would challenge any NO1 for their position in the league!

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  42. abdulquadri

    mr wenger please stop gambil bcos diaby is not a reliable player but say the fact ,diaby are a good player very skillful,strenght,ability,strong.but the worst is a injury player if can arsenal medicalise make the injury b at the end of his life,we’re b happy..for frimpong is a inmature player and is time for him to mature,but for now we dont have time now. mr wenger pls buy two players,one in striker,one in defencesive midfeild and leave the rest to God,believe in him.he will help u

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  43. johnverdal

    arshavin, fabianski and squillaci contract expires at the end of the season.
    hopefully chamakh, bendtner, park, djourou, santos, denilson, mannone, gervinho and diaby can be sold quickly.

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  44. MattGooner

    Diaby is back? NOT SURE if that’s good news or bad, probably bad news!!

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  45. haxxxan

    9 painful days. clubs around us are buying and selling. we are sitting idle and watching our opponents strengthen. we are even unable to sell our deadwood, no one bought them and we had to loan them out. everyday i wake up and check to see any good news but so far its been disappointing.
    one month earlier, 99 out of 100 arsenal fans knew after looking at the condition of the team that we are going to buy big this time finally and our hopes we raised even higher when gazidis said that wenger has 50m to spend this time, wenger also said that this will be his busiest winter transfer window ever since joining the club. so far nothing has happened. maybe i am getting too impatient because there are still 21 days left. i hope we buy quality players, not because we want to show off or laugh at our rivals, but because we really NEED them!

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  46. johnverdal

    diaby will be fit for 21 days and then when transfer window shuts diaby injury curse is back. arsene wenger u old crap sign a cdm now or ur season is over.

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  47. Gunnerforlife

    Doesn’t Wenger rely at all how disappointed and frustrated fans are??? Its very much possible Wenger will say Walcott and Diaby are like 2 new signings. Its been 9 days into the transfer window still no news on any signings. And as any Arsenal fan I don’t see any happening. If we don’t sign a Striker, DM and left back we are screwed as this current team is average only. We have got to buy a center back too but that wd be last on Wenger’s list

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  48. gooners

    Pls if u belong to buy ths,buy tht,arsenal is nt the club 4 u.cos i believe we wil pull through ths period wit n see.welcome back abou u ar needed

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  49. Henry

    @johnverdal…I agree with you about the need for new signings mate. We definitely need to add to the squad but we still don’t know all the ins and outs. I’m sure Arsene wants to improve his squad, imo its all whether he actually has the funds and support he is suppose to have or whether once again he is used as a scapegoat by the greedy board!

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  50. Big Gun

    @Bruce Tongabull Glad you finally came to your senses. A year ago you were AKB all the way. You are right, Wenger, Gazidis and pretty much the whole board need to piss off.

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  51. liam brady

    there really are some twats on this site most of you are not real arsenal fans and another thing learn how to spell!!! i bet 90% of you have never been within 100 yards of the emirates.

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  52. saras

    the window is not yet oppen for arsenal, we are not geting eny player this window.

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  53. mojo

    Not replacing song and believing that Daiby could overcome his injury problems was criminally negligent … ok not criminally, but pretty close!

    Diaby has an atrocious injury record! It is easily one of the worst I can bring to mind … Believing we cn just ride out the storm because he is returning from injury is lunacy! One more knock and he is out for another couple of months and then we have the same problems … light weight midfield who lose virtually every battle for the midfield in every game we play!

    And who is impressed with frimpong? Performed ok at lower levels and wasn’t terrible for us… but he is not that good and whats more he lunges into tackles… def a few reds in him.

    We need someone to steady the midfield and cannot rely on diaby.

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  54. LoCkAy

    Diaby and Frimpong ???

    Is he joking???

    This club is going no where with the deluded one.
    I am waiting patiently for him to finish the season and leave ( because he will ).

    Diaby is coming for a cameo and Frimpong has been, according to the Charlton coach, a useless entity… Basically, and we all know that, Frimpong is not good football player except when it comes to twitting.

    Even during the game behind close door, organised for Diaby and Santos, he was sent off…!!!!!!

    Also, it seems that we are pricing away visiting fans..!! I am not surprised…
    Basically the club has been run as a family business and the signs of failures are now clearing up constantly.

    We are going to “pay ” sportively for the way the club has been managed and if you don’t believe me, watch as you remain powerless.

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  55. King Henry

    Sicknote and ping pong. wow, that’ll have the other clubs quaking in their boots.

    Diaby the ghost player, that even when fit its a lottery as to what game you get out of him, and Frimpong who is talented, but headless.

    Don’t know what I was worried about……

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  56. Bolly

    Some dickheads on tonight, cheering Frimpong getting sent off and as for all the ticks for Balotelli getting a hat trick, go support (if you call that suppor), some other team, idiots.

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  57. goonerforlife

    This boy Diaby, well, he really can play. He is such a talented player, and even the ex-France manager said he was the most talented player in the current France squad. You have to feel sorry for him as well though – he tries so hard, and has done so since joining Arsenal. I really feel it for him because while some people are called for him to be given the axe and get sold, he is working as hard as he can to get back to full fitness. He has never given up. He is a fighter. So hopefully, if he can stay fit, Arsenal can put a really good run of results together and push for more. COYG!!

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  58. kevin

    apparently stekelenburg will only join a team where he will become No.1 keeper directly that might be an issue at arsenal with szecenzy!!! however, roma have also offered stekelenburg to fulham and they do not have the same problem that we have! WHAT DO WE DO? DO YOU THINK WE’LL GET HIM?

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  59. snakeoil

    @Henry – It is nice of to declare that you are “sick and tired” of fans insulting Mr. Wenger. But…

    First, most fans don’t insult Wenger, they merely state the truth about him – sorry if that does not work for you.

    Second, You are not a king. You can be “sick and tired” all you want. I am sick and tired of other fans claiming they are “sick and tired” as if the world should hold its breath and all the truth-telling about Wenger should suddenly stop.

    If you have a positive comment about Wenger I am happy to read it. I often have many positive things to say about him – he has been a great coach overall. But the reason you are reading “negative” comments is that Mr. Wenger has made many appalling mistakes in the past year or two. I think some fans are “sick and tired” of that also.

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  60. mohawk35

    RVP had many injury-filled seasons and he has now found sustained health to further enrich his self-centered, egotistical, shallow self. Great player – not a great person.

    Let us hope that Diaby can also suddenly find a period of good health and that, unlike RVP, his gunner spirit, loyalty and patience matches that which Wenger and Arsenal have shown to him.

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  61. Saffat

    As much as i love Frimpong and his attitude I really wish he made smarter and cleaner tackles. These cards he keeps picking up is helping everybody, but us. hopefully he’ll learn to control it and make better challenges. Other than that I would love to see him in our first team in a few more games. Would make my day though to see Nasri get FRIMPONGED!

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  62. snakeoil

    @liam brady – another Arsenal fan who has the audacity to announce to the world those qualities which truly define the proper Arsenal fan.

    1. You must agree with @liam brady, or at least his Gooner philosophy in general.

    2. You must have, sometime in your life, come at least 100 yards within the bounds of the Emerites – even if you live in Malaysia or Kenya or Canada it seems.

    I shall now make my declaration to you sir: a true Arsenal fan joins with all fans and does not dictate to others what they are and are not permitted to be, do, think, or say.

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  63. ArsenalZeus

    Diaby guaranteed injury within the next 3 weeks. Need to bring in at LEAST one CDM, and not someone who can pass the ball beautifully, no, we need someone like Mccarthy or M’Vila, who can just stay back and clean up the shite heading towards our goal. While this is happening, slowly start rotating Frimpong in as well, that guy just needs to be a little more disciplined, and I am telling you he will destroy.

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  64. Me

    Bring back Ryo from loan and offer him on loan to a team that needs him. Feyenoord supporters loved him, he got game time but now Wigan is stuffing around. Martinez is playing games.

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  65. Andrew Onyearu

    Frimpong’s main problems come from his timing. If he sorts that out – and this can only happen by game time discipline – we are looking at a potential great DM. We should all remember that Viera and Roy Keane are probably the best midfielders the EPL has seen. Early in their careers, you could never be assured that they would finish games. Frimmers is very strong willed and has the attitude of a true enforcer, even at this age. With him, we have to be patient otherwise someone else will profit from this guaranteed outcome that he will be successful.

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