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Diaby is NOT the answer for Arsenal


I have been hearing the constant banter about how the reason we haven’t been creating chances is because Arteta is not a defensive midfielder, and we need Diaby back. Don’t get me wrong, this DOES play a massive part in the defense and attack transition because Diaby is class, which not everybody understands, and he does his job in front of his defence equally as well as he does it behind his attackers, a true box-to-box midfielder! But Diaby coming back, even if he stays fit for the rest of the season will improve the squad drastically, won’t totally solve our problems with creating chances! After all Diaby, just like Arteta, has an attacking instinct that will cause him to lose position just like Arteta when he plays alongside Jack and Cazorla.

How many can remember the last time Podolski played well or Chamberlain (I have purposely omitted Gervinho because there has been no time when he played well this season!) and our attack looked dead? Yeah, you’re having a hard time coming up with that! Each time we played well and scored goals, like at Southampton and Newcastle, Podolski was hot on form! Which brings me to my main point, wingers are a pivotal point to our creativity and our ability to make and create chances and look alive!

Now remember the games where we looked unable to score and create either e.g Southampton 2nd leg, Sunderland, Stoke! Either Podolski was completely off his game and Gervinho was doing what has become his usual thing, beating one player and passing it backwards, or mis-controlling while Walcott was on the bench or if on the pitch seemed like his mind was far from it, because when he was putting in crosses Giroud was scoring them! If our wingers won’t be playing their best, the midfield won’t have any options to create with! you can’t seriously be telling me Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla can’t create!?!?!?!?!

Giroud is a good striker but lets face it he’s not the class that Van persie is to score a goal from nowhere. He needs to be supplied the ball in dangerous positions and with Walcott playing upfront, though he may not be van Persie’s class, his pace enables him to create chances on his own. He has this new found close control and touch that, though inconsistent, make him even more deadly, but this is not enough! IF we can get in hard working wingers this transfer window,who play with heart every game like Iago Aspas of Celta Vigo, Romain Alessandrini of Rennes or Leo Baptistao of Rayo Vallecano, I can guarantee a top four finish and the FA cup final, for these guys WILL score goals and assist and add pressure to Podolski which should improve his consistency. Because let’s face it competition like Gervinho won’t spur you on much!

As for Adrian Lopez, though he can be class he is a classical case of inconsistency, and you need players who play with heart every single game! Manchester United and City as well have wingers who are inconsistent but their strikers are the complete opposite. All play the best they can as long as they are on the pitch which hides the inconsistencies of Young and Valencia just as Van Persie did last season where Gervinho didn’t look that bad because Van Persie always covered up. So if Wenger gets at least two wingers who will play full heartedly game in game out next season you won’t even notice when the midfield isn’t at their best!

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67 thoughts on “Diaby is NOT the answer for Arsenal

  1. Snoop Lion

    Diaby is a shame. He’s soo good but has glass bones. He’s not what we need right now I’m sorry.

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  2. Gunners

    Just get wanyama and villa wenger. That’s All we need this window! We can’t rely on diaby.

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  3. LoCkAy

    How can you be the answer if you are not there or not going to be there???

    If Diaby was playing for a top club he would have had his contract annealed/canceled or been sold…

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  4. Abhi Ranjan

    I have also felt the need of more good wingers in the team not only from the view point of scoring and creating chances but to create a quality level competition. though we think we are covered in Midfield but there is need to improve the quality of backup Midfielders because lack of it mounts up the pressure on Santi and Wilshere immensely both physically as well as performance wise. So one good signing in Midfield is also necessary. In the defense department Sagna has been out of sorts completely and Gibbs also have come good in patches only. So one right-back should also be our target. So instead of focusing all our attention around signing of one striker it is better to sign :
    One Winger
    One Defensive Mid
    One Right back

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  5. DanialFairuz

    If Mr Wenger is still in charge we can just dreaming to have the super star player…at the moment i don’t know what he is thinking….so sad!!!

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  6. AFCEdwards

    Sunderland and Stoke games we were unable to create? We had like 20 shots in each game…

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  7. tobi

    Diaby is not the answer neither is M’villa or Fellaini the answer…Frimpong and Coq is..Both have steel and confidence…They don’t want to score ,they just want to protect the defence and our attack would’t be scared to take the ball forward .We need at least one versatile forward like Younes Belhanda,then bring on Serge Gnabry and Thomas Eistfield

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  8. synsix

    we dont need paper thin boned liabilitites, we need football player who can roam the field for atleast 90 mints a week

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  9. vanlev

    diaby is not a dm…….wen we played liverpool in champs few seasons bk wen walcott ran length ov pitch..diaby played in cazorla roll if my memory serves me rite?

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  10. Jstarrr

    Dont know why, but I think Diaby will stay fit for while this time….

    I hope we sign someone worth while :/ Transfer times are stressful for Arsenal fans and wonderful for other teams fans. 🙁

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  11. MDOwn

    Sky reports Rennes have announced that M’Vila is coming to the UK, with Spurs, QPR, and Arsenal the key targets.

    They also said yesterday that M’Vila was holding out for the gunners to snatch him up.

    Fingers crossed it happens.

    …but this is the same site that said Sneijder will be coming to Arsenal

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  12. Gwin

    Good write up. Even though the we need good wingers, we still need a midfielder with great physical presence that can protect the defense thereby giving the defenders the credibility they deserve since they(our defenders) are not that bad. Remember the first three matches we had Diaby in the team, we kept clean sheets. So, we need another big-strong-talented-hardworking midfielder in the team when diaby is with the physios.

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  13. Zery

    Arsenal is dropped to the level that makes Walcott “super star”. At moment Walcott is neither striker nor best winger

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  14. Dave Highbury, we’ll find out when Diaby returns. Last time he returned, he smashed it.
    Diaby Arteta Jack in mid-field, and Santi on the wing! He is a Spanish international winger! How could you miss that???

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  15. landmind111

    DIABY IS NOT A DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER!!!! He was never one and never will be, he’s attack minded and an attacking threat, he makes surging runs into the box and has quick feet. He would NOT do a better job than arteta in dm, coz he won’t sit back, and shouldn’t coz he’s dangerous going forward!

    If u support Arsenal you should know this, I mean he played at highbury for goodness sake!!!
    He’ll help out but he woz never one to run up and down all day.
    We need a dm, or play le coq or Dench. But the defence hasn’t been the main problem, to me its the incosistent front three. They show up one day and go AWOL the next.

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  16. Bob Dylan

    Agree totally that when our wingers have been poor we have looked flat, but i dont agree that diaby cant help us creatively, diaby is a player who cAn speed up the game and also slow it down, which is why he is such an asset, when arteta is breaking up play the first pass he will make will go backwards, if diaby breaks up play he will drive the ball forward so we will get up the pitch when the oppositions defence is more vulnerable due to the speed of the attack, if you watched west ham vs chelsea earloer this season when diame came on who is quite simular to diaby west ham started creating chances even tho jarvis was off his game, also if you look at the liverpool game how quick diaby can change defense to attack, we find it
    Very difficult to break through a structured defence, but if we attack more quickly the opposition wont all be in posisition to stop our attacks

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  17. LOL

    We dont need new wingers, we need to be able to set up a virtual link from each of our computers where we can control who goes in or out of the club and also control the players from our own homes on a monitor in case we come up against hard opponents.

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  18. Pablo the Gun

    Taking bets that Arsenal will not add anyone to the squad in Jan… Wenger too focused on the upcoming fixtures and he has no support to do that and find players. Our scouting network is out of date hence we finding rubbish recently. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

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  19. mohamedaziz

    it is 10 days to day 20 more the glasswindow will close wenger will come up with a story WI DDNT SEEEE ANY ONE 4 SELL OR OTRHER TIIIM DDNT WAN TO SEEEL

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  20. Tiko

    Just pay 30 million for Sweinstiger that way we have a class CDM plus we are weaking the byern team efore we play them problem solved plus aint no harm in buying M’villa for 8 mill i mean his a better back up option for sweinstiger then coq

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  21. mwenyeji

    I think criticism to Giroud is a bit overboard. He tries hard and has scored and asisted quite a number of goals despit not being in the field alot. He is our best ball winner in the air which is a shame since mert i think is taller.
    I find Ox more lethal on the left because he has pace, can beat his man, cut inside and has shooting capability. I think a front 3 of Theo on the right, Giroud at the center and Chamberlain on the left is most ideal for home games where teams sit back and wait to catch us on the counter.

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  22. Wil

    Idk if anyone has heard this yet but breaking news
    Del Nido reportedly flew to London today with a view to securing €18m for the player (around £15m) although the price is believed to be negotiable.

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  23. goonner

    The hypocrisy of Wenger’s ‘socialist’ Arsenal wage structure – Wenger seems to have excluded himself from the socialist model he extols too, picking up a salary in excess of £7m-a-year

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  24. leo

    all the fellow gooners now i am not a big fan Of but just read this article today that says the “THE HYPOCRISY OF WENGER’S SOCIALIST’S ARSENAL WAGE STRUCTURE SUMS UP EEVRYTHING THAT’S WRONG WITH US”

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  25. Ifeoluwa A Eyinla

    Stop worrying yourselves on Wenger, he will not sign any player instead he may get one jnr u-20 player as future grown player. I will like to see 1. Fellaini £25m, 2. Mbiwa £7m, 3. M’Vila £9m, 4. Llorente £10m. I don’t need more than that

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  26. leo

    @gooner spot on dude we are bieng deprived of world class players because of this the empty seats are just the begining of this & by the way stewart robinson says “Theo Walcott is overrated. He’s got good pace and is looking like a good finisher but his general game understanding is not very good. Most of the other players at Arsenal have a better technical understanding of the game.

    “I just wish the money had been spent on keeping Robin Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas Samir Nasri, Alex Song and Gael Clichy and all the players before that who were top quality players.

    “Walcott is too hit and miss. He’ll have a good couple of games and then play like he did against Southampton where he couldn’t hold up the ball. He had to be swapped to the right wing because he was so ineffective up front.”

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  27. leo

    diaby could have been our answer but after 6 years i don’t think he is or ever will be what’s stopping wenger from dumping him it’s time to move on get sissoko who is as good as diaby but is underrated or m’vila or benat get someone

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  28. true goon

    LOL.Because we don’t win the ball back high up the field it is harder to get the ball to Wiltshire,Cazorla,Podolski and Chamberlain,in the areas where they can really do damage the opposition third.Because we don’t really consistently press high up the field we dont win enough ball in the opposition half,we do it one match then don’t do it the next match,this is bcoz Arteta and co do not put in enough tackles and press enough.Strangely the player who is always pressing high up is Cazorla,but the others are not always on his level.
    So in conclusion the problem is tactical,due to a lack of constant pressing high up field,and a lack of a genuine DM

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  29. Wil

    All I want is M’vila, mbiwa/sakho and zaha/Nani. This is not FIFA transfers these are realistic. I want a new Lb and thinking of a Rb but those won’t happen since santos is still here….

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  30. realgooner10 AFC

    Neither is cavin in to theo wage demands!!!!! It should be take it or leave it!!!

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    i was impressed with kyle bartley for swansea last week.
    i dont know why we sold him.he is used to playing in the big games when loaned out to rangers

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  32. Andrew Onyearu

    Diaby, I agree, is not the answer but he remains integral to his plans. It is a difficult conundrum. This is even more obvious than the RvP situation. It is easy to see why. People laughed when AW said that when fit, Diaby is the first name on the French National Team sheet. On his day, injury free, he is probably the best box-to-box midfielder playing – or not? – in the EPL. Do you replace with a £20-30m investment (include transfer fees, all disbursements and salaries) only for him to gain fitness and create real and avoidable selection problems? As his injury history has demonstrated, it is a very high-risk strategy and whilst it continues to fail, the team’s overall fortunes continue to recede. Only AW – not the board or anyone else – can say when he has had enough. So far, it is clear that he has not. He stuck it out with RvP. See what happened. The job, however, must be done somehow. He should either throw in a couple of young players like Frimpong or Coq – he did it with Fabregas though there was bags of experience in the team – or acquire a shorter term solution. The problem is that whoever he buys in midfield must be individually better than Arteta or Jack. And for all the individuals mentioned, are they any better?

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  33. Gooner Cape Town

    Lucas Biglia refuses to attend camp with Anderlecht. Has been on radar, so how about him?
    My choice is Ettienne Capoue from Toulouse.
    Mo Diame is also not bad.
    Come on Wenger glass Diaby is not our solution. With a strong DM we can release Arteta into an attacking role, just look at last season when Song was with us.

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  34. Kei

    Why not do away with wingers altogether. Play two up front, Walcott or Giroud as the main striker with Podolski playing just behind them. Walcott provides speed while Giroud and Podolski provide strength and can clean up on any missed opportunities. Also, Podolski cant really play at full strength as a winger and if Theo gets upfront chances then so should he. That gives up four in the mid. Carzola, Arteta and Wilshire lead the line and a solid DM plays behind for cover. Of course, Ox can played as a CM when needed. Gervinho will be eliminated from the team but I don’t know of many Arsenal fans who would have a problem with that. Also sell of Ramsey or put him on loan as long as he doesn’t see 1st team action until he earns it and bring Eisenfeld in as a regular CM sub with Rosicky. Sign another youth defender and maybe another up- and- coming CM for complete the match team.

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  35. leo

    Sevilla president is in London today, to discuss with Arsenal and Spurs the sale of Alvaro Negredo – according to the Spanish press sevilla are in debt

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  36. JMW’s article great one totally agree we(fans) are the ones suffering while wenger earns 7m per year socialist indeed

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  37. OzGooner

    Diaby is NOT the answer because of his injury proneness which stems back to his early days prior to Arsenal. But the TYPE of player he is, is what’s needed. A box to box midfielder with pace ability to dribble and lay a decisive pass that plays in strikers behind the defence. Name me one & that’s who we go for. Players of his calibre are rare & you could see our form dip as soon as he went out. Wenger will not sell him. He will stick by him because of his attributes but we need another player just like him. Mvila was a good answer. Why Wenger hesitates astounds me fuck the disciplinary issues JUST SIGN HIM!!!!

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  38. ks-gunner

    So walcott thinks he is the new th14 by taking Arsenal at random and taking free kicks and such infront of Cazorla and Arteta…i also noticed that he blames others and shouts a lot to….dont get to cocky boy….with his attitude he reminds me of certain ex players

    dear writer i have to dissagree with ur view…..Arsene doesnt believe that a dm is important on the today modern game….Song was supposed to be a dm but he was our best playmaker……the closest thing to a dm was Flamini

    Diaby gives variability on the team and that makes the difference…..the current players playing on the same formation are to similar to each other and for that the chemestry doesnt work out…….

    U cant notice when the ox and poldi played a good game…i would ask u who performed better then the 2 besides cazorla

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  39. leo

    @wil i am not sure about the sevilla president in london i mean last week he said he rejected offer’s but still this is like wenger spoted in holand or villa at airport still not much info but i tjink negredo will join pl we & spuds are mainly interested hope we get him would me a good signing
    Alvaro Negredo has a consistently good goal record in La Liga: 72 starts, (12 sub apps) 42 goals, 8 assists – in the last 3 seasons.

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  40. synsix

    you know the best way to deal wit Diaby isuue, is just to send him packin to any other club and get rid of the unfortunate events he brings in every season/i’m sorry mate i dont have any trouble wit him but like a leech he is bleedin Arsenal FC dry/n i just want him gone/ brittle boned booger

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  41. MellowGunner

    With all this talk about a dm, how come everyone has forgotten about tiote ? He has pl experience and I can recall fans begging for wenger to get him during summers transfer window ….

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  42. dan

    Diaby has got to go! on he’s day he is class but how can we keep him when we’ve got limited funds & he spends three quarters of the season injured.. he should do the right thing and offer to renegotiate his contract to ‘pay as u play’ we need to spend he’s wages on someone like Fellaini.

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  43. WillyG

    Diaby is shit!! He is lazy, misplace passes and is slow. Get rid of him for free!!

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  44. Ian Ures Boots

    Diaby’s good games can be counted on 1 hand, he isn’t and never will be an answer to our defensive problems. Actuallly he will never be an answer to our offensive problems either. The only problem he causes is to our medical staff, unfortunately they are the same standard as diaby.

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  45. sperez

    I’m surprised after all these years, there are still people that have faith in Diay. This player is nothing more than a drain in resources. Auxerre warned Wenger about Diaby’s injured record but Wenger decide to gamble and more often than not his gamble backfired.
    The decision to keep a useless crock like Diaby at Arsenal has nothing to do with football. For reasons we don’t know Wenger doesn’t want to see his love child leave. That’s why he refused to sell him a couple of years ago when a Turkish club, Galatasaray, wanted to sign Diaby for 10m. How the f*ck do you refuse 10m for a shite crock? It’s easier to Wenger to sell Fabregas, Nasri and RVP than Diaby. And to add insult to injury, Diaby is grossly overpaid.
    Another important point. Wenger always know Diaby is hopeless. His injured record were worse than RVP’s (that at least contributed when his problems with fitness still were there) and yet Wenger decided not to buy a proper replacement for Song. This is mismanagement. We are playing without a proper DM. Arteta is not the answer. our midfield is very unbalanced and our defense is being totally exposed.

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  46. ryan

    diaby is horribly inconsistent even when he is fully fit and playing regularly, people always seem to forget that

    he’s fantastic for 3 games then awful, cumbersome, makes bad decisions, lingers on the ball in worrying defensive positions and gives the ball away far too easily for the next 3 games then good again.

    *proper* top quality players are considerably more consistent than him and it’s absolute madness to have loads of faith in a player who is not only incredibly injury prone but also incredibly inconsistent.

    it’s so frustrating how he can be awful for 2 games and people say stuff like ‘below par by his usual standards’. it’s not, his usual standard is completely up and down, he can be fantastic or useless very frequently.

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  47. KC

    If we sign M’Vila we will have a proven starting DM. But it will surely mean curtains for either Coq or Frimpong. Can’t really see keeping both of them and letting one of the two of them just rot away on the bench. As it stands now Frimpong looks like he would pay the price for M’Vila’s signing.

    All that said, I don’t think we will actually sign him.

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  48. Hepsii

    This must be the last chance for Diaby. I think he is the best box to box midfielder in the EPL when fit, the game against Liverpool early on in the season showed just what were missing. I agree we need cover as quality as Frimpong is i just don’t think he is ready just yet. Yann M’Vila for a price quoted at £18 million less than the summer evaluation is a must buy.

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  49. Hepsii

    Szczesny, Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Diaby, Wilshere, Rosicky, Arteta, Chamberlain, Cazorla, Ramsey, Coquelin, Podolski, Giroud and Walcott.

    Promote – Eisfeld, Gnabry, Frimpong and Miyaichi.

    Buy – Butland, Mbiwa, Yann M’Vila.

    These are all deals that could be done easily.

    With this team and the possibility of a top striker and a more effective winger than Gervinho this team can achieve big things.

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  50. goonertron

    Would you take on Torres at Arsenal, great player at the wrong club. Was nominated for the Balon D’or only a few years back. Could get a bargain on him, with all the hate he getting at Chelsea.

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