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Dick Law says Arsenal will have “new team” next season

Arsenal have quickly wrapped up the signing of Granit Xhaka from Borussia Monchengladbach, which has been widely welcomed by the Gunners faithful, but there have also been reservations that this could be Arsene Wenger’s only signing, like last season when we saw no other arrivals after we snapped up Petr Cech in the first week of the transfer window.

But we have now received a boost from an unlikely source, as Dick Law, Arsenal’s chief negotiator, has let it slip that the Gunners will have a “new team” next season, which was set to have Alex Iwobi as one of the starters.

Law has been talking to Nigeria’s Dream Team coach Samson Siasia, who arrived to discuss the details of Iwobi playing for Nigeria at the Olympics, even though it would mean that the 20-year-old would miss the start of the new season.

Siasia was quoted as saying: “I went to Arsenal and I saw Richard Law and he said that we still need to look at the possibilities of the player going to the Olympics or not,”

“He said that he wants Iwobi to stay with Arsenal because they are having a new team and Alex is getting to play in the team for now.

“He said if he leaves to play for Nigeria at the Olympics how is he going to be a part of the team and maybe someone is going to take his position.”

This is a very promising development. If the main man at Arsenal when it comes to transfers has said we will have a new team, then we should be taking note of his words. We have already brought in Granit Xhaka, but surely a “new team” means more than just Iwobi and our new Swiss DM. It sounds like Wenger has finally realised that we have a lot of deadwood in the side that needs to be upgraded. Hopefully we will be seeing a lot of new faces and the departure of a lot of players that simply haven’t lived up to the expectations.


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17 thoughts on “Dick Law says Arsenal will have “new team” next season

  1. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine

    Arsenal wraps up a major signing before City, United and Chelsea!
    And now Dick Law -same ol’ same ol’ Dick- “let it slip” that we are gonna have “new team” next season?!!!!

    I smell a rat. A VERY BIG RAT!

    Can someone tell me how the shirt sales at AFC is doing right now?
    Late last month, I also heard some funny unusual stories about next season tickets sales… something about demand not being as much as it used to be.

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  2. goonerboy

    The only positions really needed are now CB and CF..
    And Iwobi is not playing in those positions,he plays 10 and LW for now…he has never played CF for the senior team…

    So I don’t really get the “new team” thing…
    If Iwobi goes, Ox,Walcott and especially Campbell can play there..(That is if one or two of them is not sold)…

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  3. ThirdManJW

    Don’t make me laugh! Have we learnt nothing yet! Wasn’t it last summer that one of the directors claimed we could sign anyone, apart from Messi and Ronaldo.

    Comments like this have to taken with more than a pinch of salt – maybe a bowl’s worth of salt!

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    1. Arsenal007

      I agree with you @ThirdManJW.
      By the way, I always say we should lower our expectations during Arsenal’s transfer dealings, and we’ll never be disappointed. I’m sure we’re all happy with the signing of Xhaka.
      But I remember a couple of years ago when we got a certain Podolski. He was equally signed very early, ans we all hoped more quality would follow…but guess what? Nothing happened.
      Anyway, let’s hope for the best for Arsenal.

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  4. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine

    Seriously though,

    Next season, if we truly intend to go for the title until the last day, I’d expect that two new goalscorers are included in this “new team”.

    New signings will ensure that the team isn’t held back by the “irrelevants” . And this is one reason the Xhaka signing -and the prospect it presents- excites me a little.

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  5. Fatboy Gooney

    I think he meant New Team shirt numbers! 😲😂

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    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Maybe He said “We have a New Team Member” but the ‘member’ part didn’t get printed, for obvious reasons 😉😂

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      1. sanmi.marvellous

        @ Fatboy

        u are very good at making people laugh with your sense of humour.
        nice one here again.

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  6. arsenalkid1970

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  7. Fatboy Gooney

    EuroSport are claiming that Barcelona have made contact with Bellerin’s agent, As a potential replacement for D.Alvez who is heading to Juventus.

    Now we will see how committed Bellerin ‘really’ is to Arsenal, Especially after his recent comments that were highlighted on here recently.

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    1. Fatboy Gooney

      VIDEO – Euro Papers: Barcelona contact Hector Bellerin as Dani Alves joins Juventus


      Last update16 minutes ago

      Publishedon 26/05/2016 at 12:54

      The Catalan media are excited this Thursday as Barcelona launch a bid to bring Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin back to the Camp Nou…

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      1. Fatboy Gooney

        @ Admin

        What do you reckon, Sir!
        Do you think that Bellerin’s family are still happy with life in London, now that Barcelona are knocking on the door? 😲😉

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        1. Admin Post author

          He is not going anywhere I assure you. He hablado con los padres y no han dicer nada!

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  8. jperiod

    I’ll believe the “new Team” rumor if AW signs two more players before the Euros start

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      1. jperiod

        agree, but if they sign 3 before the Euros and one after, I’m OK with that

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  9. Ozzy AFC

    This doesnt mean a thing its a case of somneone told me that someone else said ……fill in the blanks, Iwobi is a great player BUT he’s not a proven front man and if put in a position of extreme pressure could fold like a paper bag, its unfair on the kid to place him this role so early on in his career Also much like Welbecks promising end to the season which was cut short again he just is’nt the goal scoring monster that we really really need.
    Dick law could mean anything in that mysterious statement he could mean for example that the same old team will be playing like a different side next season, or he could mean that one new aquistion could change the way the current team plays so I wouldnt read too much into this small snippet of supposed information .

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