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Did Arsenal boss just CONFIRM double transfer swoop?

Unless you are naive enough to believe every word that comes out of Arsene Wenger´s mouth, you will probably have been left, as I was, thinking that the Arsenal press conference today revealed a bot more about the Gunners´transfer plans than the Frenchman would have liked.

He was asked about the Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with the Real Madrid and France striker Karim Benzema and the Juventus and Chile midfielder Arturo Vidal and his attempts to rebuff the speculation were not very convincing. In a report on the Arsenal website he tried to make a joke of it and also to claim that he has got way too much on his mind to think about transfers at the minute.

That might sound a bit more believable if we did not know that Wenger and his scouting team are always working on which players to bring in and previous admissions from the boss after a deal has been done that it had been ongoing for some time.

On Benzema he said, “You can suspect that at the moment I am not in a transfer mode. We’ll deal with the transfers after the FA Cup final. It’s all suspicions. Does anybody know if that’s true or not? I don’t know.”

Well if you don´t know Arsene then you need to have a word with your back room staff.

On Vidal he said, “If I tell you I like him, you will announce the transfer just after that. If you want me to say I like Arturo Vidal, yes I like Arturo Vidal. Are we in a transfer mode? I say, no.”

Has that convinced you Gooners? No me neither, so should we get ready to welcome these two to the Arsenal squad?

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40 thoughts on “Did Arsenal boss just CONFIRM double transfer swoop?

  1. true goon

    How about some serious articles,like how Wengers going to keep all those midfielders happy next year if they all stay fitand whats the real pecking order,or is there 1

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    1. ThirdManJW

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      1. Conman

        What’s with this physicality obsession? We need someone who can win the ball, I would think that coq has proven that you don’t need to be a giant to pay DM. You only need giants when you play Stoke and maybe west brom away. If there is a diaby or toure out there then sure but those are a rare breed most are just big slow and can’t pass the ball. Wanyama is a terrible passer, that’s why both arsenal and manure decided not to sign him when he was at Celtic.

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        1. ThirdManJW

          I mention the physicality because it’s a major problem for us for a long time, and because of the league we play in. We were at our best with big, powerful, athletic players like: Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Gilberto, Petit, Lauren, etc. Wenger tried going the Barca route with small technically gifted players, and it just hasn’t worked.

          Also I think you may have misunderstood me in relation to Coquelin. He’s been class for us, and my player of season, and I’m fine with him being our first choice DM. My point was, we need more quality depth in that position (not Arteta and Flamini quality), that can play with Coquelin or rotate because of injury, loss of form, etc.

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          1. moneytalks

            We have to throw deadwoods like Diaby, Arteta and Flamini. They are our main problem.

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            1. pranavTrue Gooner

              For me Arteta is our captain and has done well. Show some class for atleast our players mate.

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              1. Ozzy AFC

                Whats with all this sentimentality? Arteta has been excellent BUT he’s done very ell out of the arrangement as well, its not like he was playing for nothing. Arteta is now not a weekly player he’s been brilliant and much loved but its time to get rid, same with Diaby, he coul have been the new Viera, BUT he wasn’t and now he never will be but he too has made a lot of dough whilst sitting on the injury table. If we want to beat the likes of Chelski and Man Sh!tty we need to drop the sentimentality and get ruthless.

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            2. true goon

              i agree Arteta,Diaby,and Flamini must go along with podolski.Artetas been a liability for a while,his lack of legs makes it impossible to be effective in DM,and his distribution is too slow.The other 3 players speak for themselves

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        2. GoonerG1

          When we don’t get results, it is usually because the opponent was more physical. We rarely get beat technically. We have a lot of short players and could use a tall CDM (1 CDM is not enough).

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      2. NY_Gunner

        Makelele and Mascherano…Neither over 5’9″. Both the best ever in the DM position.

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        1. jonestown1

          I wouldn’t fancy a fight with the likes of Gattuso, De Jong, Di Rossi or Edgar Davids either. “Beast mode” is overrated now – 2 players enter the same postcode and a foul is called and play stopped, tackling is as good as dead – timing, technique, stamina, tenacity and intelligence trump size all day every day.

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        2. true goon

          diagree te best DM EVER was Desailly when he was at AC milan,ask Viera he was his understudy

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      3. jonestown1

        What is it with this rotation thing – Wenger doesn’t do this, doesn’t like that etc?

        Total players used this season: Arsenal 33. Chelsea 27. Man City 28.
        Players with 10 or more apps in PL: Arsenal 21. Chelsea 17. Man City 18.

        It is just not true. I think the sub-text is that Wenger doesn’t play certain fave players as much as some would like – nothing about rotation whatsoever.

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    2. seancali

      All I can say that for me it would be a dream come true, just can’t believe it will happen, but if it does we will be serious contenders.nboth players are world class and will boost our first team, plz make it happen Wenger

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      1. YingYang69

        Besides one person who said they dont believe you are the first person to comment on Vidal Benzema. Yeah id say definitely an improvement even if not the players i would pick.

        I believe Wenger will go for Benzema and the fact that he tried to fob it off and yet Martinez he was more than happy describing his strengths also mentioning how he likes him and sees him playing prem football…. something going on here for sure.

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  2. muffdiver

    such a silver fox that arsene.
    remember the alexis sanchez to arsenal rumour an that wry smile haha

    gotta admit i love him, i get frustrated with him at times but even when he leaves will hope he stays with the club in some capacity. he is arsenal

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  3. Twig

    Is it only me who would like to see Rosicky start against Villa? Love his energy and drive 🙂

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  4. mall-gooner

    Not sure how much we should make out from his interview but one thing is sure. He is going to be very active and hope as he said “Only World Class players” and both Benezema and Vidal are WC.
    Hope we get Benezema\Lacazette\Martnez and Vidal\schneiderlin and Cech

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    1. Conman

      I have a strong feeling that he will signing someone that will play in the Copa America. He’s been complaining about the schedule I doubt he’d be this fussy over Sanchez and Campbell.

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  5. fred cowardly

    As long as he is active and tries for the players that’s best for the team.

    I think hé dors That. For 9 years wé had limited funds because of new stadium but every single year we got into Champions League. That’s quite impressive if you think about it.

    Also, United got Di Maria, herrera, Falcao, Shaw etc and barely Got 4th place. Liverpool spent £117 million. Point is Wenger is wise with money

    Last two summers Ozil, Alexis, Ospina, Debuchy, Chambers. We are just 2-3 signings away from challenging for first.

    Lets see who he gets this summer. Hopefully they will be tasty like Alexis and Ozil


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    1. moneytalks

      I would be only happy if we sign quality players in the right position. CDM, GK and Striker is
      our main priority. Sczesny is very inconsistent and Ospina I think should be no 2 so a keeper is needed, CDM we only have one Coquelin the rest are either old or injury prone like Diaby,
      Arteta and Flamini, ST is the most important player we need. Giroud is good againt weaker team and cant score against quality teams. Higuain/ Lacazette i think we need.

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  6. moneytalks

    I dont believe this rumour at all. Why no other top team is trying to sign Vidal? Vidal is a
    world class player. He can go to Barca or Madrid. Sanchez we were lucky get because he was from Barca so Madrid didnt buy him. Man city or Chelsea didnt show interest in him. Liverpool and Juve were the only team to show interest. I would prefer a CDM. We also need a quality
    pacy striker. Slow strikers doesnt suit our type of style of football.

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  7. moneytalks

    I am really scared of Podolski, Campbell and Sanogoal. They should be sold as soon as possible.
    Also release Diaby, Flamini and Arteta.

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    1. Ivan Gazidis

      Selling players is a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. #WarChest #SellSellSell

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  8. Ivan Gazidis

    No need to buy either of those guys. Now if they were FREE, then maybe we can talk. #WarChest

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      1. Ivan Gazidis

        Benzema is poor man’s Darren Bent.

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  9. haywill

    we have to buy that sevilla goallie what a save 🙁 🙁 🙁

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  10. GoonerG1

    Trying to read into Wenger’s comments is a waste of time.

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  11. ArseOverTit

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  12. pubgooner

    Cech – Okay
    Vidal – Okay
    Benzema – Not Sure. Will be happy with Benteke.

    Three signings, guaranteed to give Mou nightmares!!

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  13. ArseOverTit

    Goals In all comps-

    Cavani: 33
    Benzema: 22
    Mandzukic: 20
    Benteke: 15

    Obviously Benteke didn’t play in Europe.

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  14. FFFanatic

    It means Wenger has a FA cup to prepare for and doesn’t want to talk transfers. It also means he MAY be looking into these players but he doesn’t like announcing his dealings anyway. As supporters we shouldn’t worry about the ifs and buts at this stage but should be asking ourselves do we think these would be good additions for the simple curiosity and debate that can raise. Actually debating Wenger’s thought process is pointless because we know for a fact that he likes to keep his cards close to his chest. Hell – we may think he’s going after Vidal but then he suddenly yanks some unknown Copa America player into the squad who we hadn’t even been linked with. Wenger is an enigma with signings – better to focus on the FA cup and who we think might be good additions.

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  15. SG44

    benzema is an excellent striker,top class.only problem is he plays for real madrid and balls are fed to the left side for ronaldo. the middleman,CF, isnt their main attacking point. as long as CR7 is there.

    FA Cup#COYG

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  16. Maigari33

    Wenger’s transfer comments area blank as A4. He’ll tell u no signing unless top top quality, the next morning he’ll sign saNOgoal.we may be dying for a WC striker, on deadline day, wenger will go and sign a world class midfielder. The point is, wenger hate to address obvious problems.
    My prayer is that we get a WC striker this time around if not; Mourinho will only enjoy watching wenger failing to Zip his raincoat all season. As for we fans, I am sure Le prof will convince us once again that top 4 is all that matters.

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