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Did Cech have it easy or did he sort out Arsenal defence?

As we have seen over the last few weeks, Arsenal do not have a lot of problems on the creating goals and scoring them side of the game. Even with our somewhat disappointing season last time around, there were only seven times in 55 games when the Gunners drew a blank.

So with us already looking more of a threat going forward this year, and that is before Alexis Sanchez rejoins his team mates, there is a good case for thinking that an improvement at the other end of the pitch would make us real contenders for the Premier League and other major trophy wins.

That is why Arsene Wenger felt the need to sign Petr Cech from Chelsea and as he said after the Emirates Cup win yesterday, not just for his individual ability but for the experience and assurance he gives to the players in front of him.

As reported by The Mirror, Wenger feels that the Cech effect is already being felt and that is a big part of the reason why Arsenal have conceded just once in four pre-season games.

He said, “He is top level on the experience front but he is a good communicator and brings a calmness in the way he responds to situations in a way which will help to lift the level of confidence of our defenders.”

There was a different take on things from the BT sport presenter David James however. The former England number one felt that Cech had simply not been tested and his performance was the least we should have expected. So is that true or was Cech so comfortable because of the calming and confidence producing influence he had on our back line?

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37 thoughts on “Did Cech have it easy or did he sort out Arsenal defence?

  1. AlmiR

    He sorted it out, cuz he is awsome. CECH IS A GOONER

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    1. plastik Fan

      okay i know that probably i shouldn’t bring these up here but wizadry’s comment is a classic one that should be mentioned again and again….

      @wizadry—>….”you think giroud is slow???, wait till he turns 34″

      ……….good one

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      1. seancali

        Cech is pure class, he finally brings stability in our gk position. He will have a hell of a season I’m certain. David James talking crap cuz cech is ten times better than him. Cech is way superior than any gk in the bpl. I think José has done a big mistake by benching him. Good for us though

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      2. muda

        Did anyone noticed when he sent walcott out of the post during corner to go and mark NB, and the ball comes exactly to NB. Simply CLASSIC, CECH is gooner………..still checking.

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    2. RedReigns

      David James… this idiot is just bitter that Cech will overtake him in the all time most clean sheets in PL history in 200+ fewer games. This man was voted best keeper in the PL of all time, has the highest save % of all time in the PL, joint most golden glove awards, 4x the amount of PL & FA Cups to his name compared to James. When it’s Schmeichel or Oliver Khan making said comments then come back and make an article.

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      1. Redeye

        Yh man, he said that we should have signed begovich instead of cech. Mourinho has already had to defend his hands made of butter. Obviously this guy has something against arsenal and cech.

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    3. jaydicksy

      Cech gives us defensive stability but we need to adress either the DM/ST since it seems wenger is likely to only make one signing.
      OFF TOPIC: But I want to see this team face chelsea. Terry and Cahill can easily defend against Giroud so Walcott should start up top and I believe Bellerin is in better form than Debuchy. Ozil can drift in so we really only get wing play from the Ox and Walcott. Walcott/Ox/Ramsey/Santi/Ozil can get us goals as all these offensive players can interchange positions and there will be no target man for the chelsea defence to mark.
      Bellerin Mert Kos Monreal
      Ramsey Coquelin
      Ox Cazorla Ozil

      Subs-Martinez Gabriel Gibbs Debuchy Arteta Wilshire Giroud

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    4. jonestown1

      I thought the Cech transfer was a good decision when it happened. When I saw his huge frame sat on the bench in the Singapore match with all the Arsenal guys looking like small kids either side and behind him (saw Santi giving him jip and laughing) he looked an Arsenal leader already and I knew then it was better than good – it was a great decision. Even if, and it is a very big “if”, he turns out to be no better GK than what we had he brings something priceless that with all due respect, David and Wojciech could never hope to bring (at least not for some time yet) – proper leadership, real presence and an aura. Anyone he has played any sport at any level will tell you how great this feels.

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  2. AlmiR

    Di Maria move to PSG is certain, so that opens door for Cavani, he didnt produce magic in PSG like he did in Napoli, but still he is better than what we have, if Benz is impossible than sign Cavani, just cant wait till last day, cuz if we dont sign him someone will

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    1. seancali

      What does di maria have to do with cavani???I don’t get it.

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      1. AlmiR

        Di Maria will play as wing, where Cavani is atm, Di Maria–Ibra–Lucas, so its either Ibra or Cavani, Ibra already stated he is staying so that leaves Cavani

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  3. AlmiR



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    1. seancali

      Alexis. Cavani. Reus


      Cazorla. Lecoq

      Monreal. Gabriel. Boss. Debuchy


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      1. Darlingbudsofarse

        Where’s Ramsey, The Ox, Theo and even Jack? You’ve missed out on quality and replaced this with sensationalism just for the sake of it!

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        1. seancali

          Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  4. Darlingbudsofarse

    I was at the Clock End lower level 6 and was directly behind Petr Cech at halftime when you could notice him belting out orders to his back four and also gesticulating at the same time. Top keeper no doubt. Can’t wait for the season to begin but still need another top Q striker!

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  5. Gunning4glory

    Even if he would had it easy just think about what affect his presence has on our defense. I have not seen Chambers so calm and make that good decisions in CB before (I know its just preseason but still..) I don’t think we fully understand how important Petr cech is yet. Chambers future is CB and thats it! You guys think he would be good and mature enough to take over after Mertesacker retires?

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  6. Gunning4glory

    Its not like merts is getting younger and faster anytime soon. Gabriel is good but he too much alike Koscielny. Chambers future is in ball-playing CB.

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    1. Trudeau

      For a glass half full perspective, the BFG can’t get any slower or shorter.

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            1. Jimbeam

              i dont mind if he gets shorter 🙂
              But any slower and we are in big trouble…

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  7. k klin

    Don’t you all ever get tired of saying the same thing day in-day out, week in-week out?…
    OT- liverpool are considering signing Reus & lacazzette…now let’s hope rodgers messes that one up or…

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    1. Justsoccerfan

      Yes I am tired of reading all the same comments but I am still doing cos everyone here just want to support arsenal in their ways .

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  8. summerbreez

    Could zlatan be the new man for arsenal ?? at 33 how many years could he give us or could he snub Arsenal and head back to millano???
    In my opinion Zlatan is super super player that could be on the move with de maria moving to psj

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  9. Robertthegooner

    Did you see Alexis doing beach sprints on video on his instagram
    He is dedicated, not just on the pitch.
    Working out on Holiday

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  10. Goonertilldeath

    Mourinho has started mind games very early. Mourinho (Arsenal spending) “If you put Ozil plus Sanchez, plus Chambers, plus Debuchy you will maybe find a surprise.”

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    1. jonestown1

      Not sure what Mourinho’s point is – just as he is about to try and off-load his £40M bit of business last year with Luis and Cuadrado for a loss – how embarrassing. Our first two £30M+ signings ever were spread over 2 years. He had 5 in his line-up last year plus a £25M Matic. He spent more in his first season at Chelsea in 2004 than Wenger spent for the entire 1996-2004 PL title winning period. He seems to be very excited about their low net spend for the past 2 seasons – but it is artificial and short-term situation borne out of selling previous investment/acquistions at mental prices.

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      1. davidnz

        What ever it is it won
        them the EPL last season.
        May we should learn
        from the Master Jose?

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        1. jonestown1

          Yes, Jose the master spender – genius. He is probably having a panic attack because Roman appears to have temporarily mislaid his chequebook. He’ll get over it when they pay £30M for Stones.

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  11. iamvia

    You Lacazettians i am surprised you aint talking about him anymore. I would rather stay with OG than sign Cavani he is just overated.I would love to see Chicatrito cuz he knows niothing but to play the ball in the net.

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