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Did ref rage prove Alexis commitment to Arsenal cause?

A lot of people have been talking about the Arsenal and Chile international star this season, after his much reported to Man City or a number of other clubs this summer did not happen and the striker was apparently pretty cheesed off on transfer deadline day about it all.

There were some fitness issues and then reports of a minor injury problem but a lot of football pundits believed that Alexis had lost his focus and was not committed to the Arsenal cause. Arsene Wenger has continued to play this down and insisted that it was just a matter of time and finding his form before we would start to see the best of Sanchez in an Arsenal shirt once again.

Well last night’s Premier League clash with West Brom certainly seemed to support Wenger’s statements over the suggestions of the media, with people pointing out the flashes of his old self we saw from the striker along with his all round energy and effort.

For me, though, the most telling thing was the frustration Alexis showed towards the referee which he did not seem able to control and which nearly earned him a second yellow card from Mr Madley, who had to call on the captain Laurent Koscielny to have a calming word.

The French defender would not have been surprised at the striker’s attitude, though, because in the build up to the match Koscielny was reported by the Daily Express declaring that Alexis was focused again and would be a big player for us again this year.

He said, “I know it was a difficult situation with the transfer window but now it’s finished and I think he is focused on his job, on his performance and on his club.

“He’s an Arsenal player and he knows that he needs to play and he needs to score some goals and give assists to be better.

“He’s still working every day like he did before, so the most important thing is to keep his head cool and just play and enjoy.”

If Alexis Sanchez does not care about playing for Arsenal, can you explain why he was so keen to argue about the awarding of a throw in what he felt was the wrong way?

9 thoughts on “Did ref rage prove Alexis commitment to Arsenal cause?

  1. Dom

    Alexis is fully committed and his performances will demonstrate this, its in his DNA to give his all as he just loves playing football. He will end up our second top goal scorer this season behind Lac.

  2. Oluwafemi

    Honestly, I just hope we would be able to get the best out of him in this last season he has with us. Apart from that, nothing else.

  3. JJPawn

    Sanchez is one of the best in the PL. He is not far from regaining game fitness, along with focus.

    To be honest, it must be hard to play for Arsenal with its fan base that is the worst in the EPL. At every turn this fans base has tried to undermine the team in idiotic belief that the EPL was ours to win, when in reality it is now a title that is bought with hundreds of millions of transfer funds.

    1. David Rusa

      I feel JJPawn has aptly analysed a good section of our fans who think it is Arsenal’s entitlement to win EPL disregarding any form of logic. It is true Arsenal is one of the top six teams in EPL; the others being Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man U and Spurs. Any of these teams is capable of winning EPL plus a dark horse like Leicester did in 2015-16. Thus it is extremely irrational for some of our fans to be baying for our manager’s head for failing to win EPL. The EPL now is dominated by people willing to spend any money to buy success which Arsenal can’t manage. Instead of castigating our team we should commend them for remaining competitive despite a limited budget. What we call mean achievements like winning FA three times in four years are in fact great achievements when viewed in a context of what other big teams have achieved.
      Many of them envy Arsenal for those achievements which some of us demean. Let us blame the manager for obvious mistakes like playing people out of position, not substituting the poor performers and failing to motivate players. The issue of winning the EPL will come but no one should imagine any team has a divine right to win it.

      1. bran99

        “Let us blame the manager for obvious mistakes like playing people out of position, not substituting the poor performers and failing to motivate players”

        Don’t you think these are very good reasons we don’t win the league nowadays? When every top team was struggling with different reasons such as having new managers and intergration of their number of players, we had the chance to win it? A relegation threatened team that was about to go down the season before, does a wonder and overtakes is to the title.. that’s not coincidence, fans like you make it look normal but it’s so silly defending the specialist in failure while in 13 years, if he was as good as he was in the 90s, we could have won it at least once..

        The guy is past his normal level (not even his best). Ranieri came with a plan, excecuted it and won it. Mourinho comes and buys what’s missing in a team, wins it. But the most experienced manager in the EPL can’t even buy what’s needed in his team, always finds sweet words to calm the fans and make them renew their seasonal tickets, then the promises evaporate. Still some of the fans think he’s the genius.. heheheh

        There is no exceptional when it comes to getting laughed at, we are the laughing stock of this world and even you AKBs, can’t escape that.. but most of you don’t care as long as Wenger is getting paid to do very little in terms of success

        1. neil

          only people at Arsenal getting laughed at are some of our fans… every friend I speak with cant believe our fans… most would love to have our consistency over last 20 years and have no feeling of entitlement
          This pathetic Mourinho ohrase specialist in failure is a disgrace for our own fans to use..
          Disregaed a decade whilst we were paying off stadium.. last 4 years we have been able to spend and habe got Ozil Sanchez and Lacazette.. we still cant compete financially with the 3 rich clubs who spend spend spend yet we still wln fa cup 3 times and finished 2nd in PL

          lots we can still do to improve and it clearly didnt help team last year with fans antics..

          1. bran99

            May be every of your friends are Spurs, Liver and Everton fans.. speak to Man U, Man city and Chelsea fans and see if they’ll wanna swap for our consistency in the UCL. They all took the UCL without any consistency in it, but we have that consistency you are bragging about and ZERO UCL trophy. Top 4 13 years in a row, ZERO EPL. That’s a senseless consistency to be precise

            But everyone have their own opinions, you talk about the last 4 years, but even there we had a chance to lift the EPL when every threat was on holiday, and still blew it to LC who almost got relegated the season before. Do you think we have a chance this season with Manchester clubs having that consistency, Chelsea rediscovering their momentum!? Do we have a chance? Let’s judge your master in May like we’ve always done (though whether it’s positive or negative outcome, he’ll always be rewarded with a bumpy contract to stay for more years, so everything is pointless)

  4. Gunner4Lifea

    Sanchez.. what do i say.. He is a great player.. like.. that flick to Kolasinac which sent Him through.. or that Volleyed 40 – 45 yard pass to Lacazette! Feel sad that We are gonna loose such a Gem! Hope so.. We replace Him with a player who is if not bigger than Him.. atleast on par with Him.. (Me: Aguero..? Arsenal Board: Lets sign an unknown Teenage sensation from Antartica)

  5. David Rusa

    One critic once said that “It is in vain to talk to him that means not to understand.” No amount of rage or swear words will win EPL. What happened to Ranieri after winning EPL? Where is Leicester now? Jurgen Klopp, a top manager by all standards, has been Liverpool manager for three seasons now, what has he won? It is easier said than done. You can dream on but reality will always remain reality! There are about six top managers in EPL, do you think all of them will win EPL at the same time? Think again.

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