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Do Arsenal actually want M’Vila?

Yann M’Vila: Join the dots: by SV

There has already been plenty said about Mr. Sahin. He looked as if he was about to sign for Liverpool, then we hijacked the deal. Then he looked as if he had already signed for us, and now there are reports that Liverpool have come in and hijacked OUR deal. WTF? So I have decided that, for the moment, I’m going to focus on something else; namely, the deal involving Yann M’Vila. A no less confusing saga, mark you, but at least it’s different to that mind boggling Sahin deal.

Anyway, the story so far – at least how I understand it – is that we had a great interest in Yann M’Vila before the Euros. Juliens Laurens, a reputed French reporter, went as far as to claim that the deal was 99% done and that M’Vila would sign imminently. I no longer believe his words, but I do think that they indicate that we did have a strong interest in the Frenchman, even if he hadn’t ‘99% signed for us’. The Euros then went by, with most believing that he would sign straight after them. However, Yann was involved with off-the-pitch controversy during the games, and many media outlets report that this is why he has not signed, as the outlets say that Arsene no longer wanted M’Vila following his poor behaviour.  The player then, naturally, garnered interest from our rivals, who seem unable to scout for themselves, and reports have it that Tottenham made a bid. But, unfortunately for them, he turned them down, because he wants Champions League football, something which Tottenham can’t offer…

So the reports now say that there are currently three clubs vying for Yann M’Vila’s signature: Zenit St Petersburg, Tottenham and a third club that is believed by most to be Arsenal. So, we can do a bit of join the dots and make a decent guess as to what’s going on. Most papers say that Tottenham are the only club who have made a solid bid, so  their interest would seem the most concrete. However, we can guess that M’Vila would strongly prefer Zenit or Arsenal, due to their Champions League status. And out of those two, his preference would definitely be us, due to Arsene Wenger, our number of French players, and due to the fact that (according to several people on Twitter) he is concerned about the racism in the Russian League.

So in conclusion. Arsenal are in for M’Vila and want his signature, but questions remain about whether we’re willing to stump up Rennes’ pretty unreasonable asking price of around 22m euros. However, if we do, or manage to negotiate the price down, it seems as if M’Vila would definitely be on board with the deal, as he has a great interest in joining us.

At least, that’s how I see it.

Till tomorrow.

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51 thoughts on “Do Arsenal actually want M’Vila?

  1. k

    I would like M’Vila. We have players able to play a similar role, areta, diaby, wilshere, etc.
    But no real defensive mids who are going to sit in front of the defence and just break up the play, collect the ball, and offer protection. Frimpong and Coquelin aren’t ready just yet.

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  2. Christian Ethiopia

    I am so bloody confused…just please try and get both Sahin and this guy…whatever “disciplinary problems” Mvilla might have can be sorted out by Arsen…and racism in Russia’s exaggerated, Im black and I’ve been to Russia and I never got anything…not to say that Mvilla should chose Zenit over us

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  3. Smiley

    Song has left we need a new proper CDM, it will also be important because he can help out Jenkinson and Gibbs A LOT which would take a lot of pressure of them and last year Song got 11 assists but now that we have Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud and hopefully Sahin we shouldn’t need to worry to much on our attacking, but yes I do think we should get M’Villa the fact that he’s also played in the Euro’s should give him a boost in confidence. Although Song was an amazing player he wasn’t the best defensively I think M’Villa would take up a defensive position a lot better.

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  4. Dan

    I think this should of been a done deal some time ago. Whether Wenger will stick a cheaky bid in or not, who knows? But his signature is more important than Sahin’s who is more of a long term replacement for Arteta. M’vila is the much needed man to replace Song.

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  5. Kobi

    Im gonna be soooo pissed if he ends up with the Spuds.
    I just dont understand why we dont just sign him up?
    Maybe Wenger is trying to poker here, or hes really not
    interested at all.
    Cant wait for the transfer window to close, this cannot
    be good for my heart……

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  6. Carter

    We aren’t buying M’vila. If Arsenal wanted him he’d be a Gunner by now. M’vila himself seems to clearly prefer Arsenal but Wenger doesn’t seem to be keen on him. I blame the Rennes board.

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  7. Allwell

    I have read this same story in close to 16 versions on this site. When will the real story make the headline? Cant wait…

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  8. Biggbird

    If we had given Song £65k/wk, he would have stayed. Now I hear we’re presently on our knees begging Sahin to reduce his £120/k wage-bill… Will M’villa take less than £90k/wk & if he doesn’t will his disciplinary record still be d real reason y we end up not signing him?

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  9. Sank

    be realistic Sahin is enough.
    coquilan nd frimpong are better dan song at der age nd just 1 or 2 yrs nd dey can surpass song.
    look our midfield for 3 spots
    ox (may be)
    nd many more coming in 1 to 2 yrs.
    who should be benched ?
    chealse losing.

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  10. Briano

    we would be silly to not sign him.he is a proper DM,no messing the ball and do the simple thing.i think he would be great.and he doesnt go forward like song did and leave the back four wide open to the counter.

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  11. Gunner 4 life

    Would love to see him join. His passing is just great to watch.

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  12. nii

    M’vila wouldn’t be bad but i think a better option would be cheick tiote cos i think he’s a proven epl player.

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  13. dilla

    According to the Daily Mail, Sahin is on his way to Arsenal. Spurs have NO chance at M’vila. end of discussion. With the window closing I expect Rennes to lower their price. Hopefully we’ll see both players by the Stoke match

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  14. lpw

    so where is this report about liverpool hijacking the deal for sahin????

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  15. Apostolos

    To me signing M Vila/Capoue is more important then signing Nuri Sahin only because Jack Wilshire is an almost identical player to Sahin. (I still hope we can get both but will probably end up with Sahin some obscure LB/RB from France(just like Sagna and Glichy who Wenger found in the French 3rd division and then turned into 10mil)and a young striker.

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  16. john 3:16

    ALL the supporters want M’Vila because we all know that we definitely need a top class international GENUINE defensive midfielder. Let’s hope Arsene Wenger and the board feel the same.

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  17. YoungGun

    M’Vila will come this year or the next for free, the same thing happened with Chamakh

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  18. gunner

    i hope we do get m’vila because he’s a beast in front of the back 4. to be honest when i watch him play, he gives me the impression that the centre backs can have a picnic and still not concede a goal because he’s that good at intercepting play, tackling and distributing his passes. M’vila has an average 3.1 interceptions per game, that’s higher than schwainstiger, xabi alosno and de rossi who are world calss defensive midfielders.
    for those people who say we don’t need him, he’s over rated and has attitude problems. well let me break down, alot of football experts say that he will become the next makelelle or viera if nurtured properly. so for those people who say we don’t need him, it’s like saying we don’t makelelle or viera.
    the other thing is his so called attitude problem, first of all a lot of the stories about him are over exaggerated by the media for instance, the incident about m’vila and his friend getting robbed by prostitutes and m’vila reported this to the police and had to give a statement but the media made this sound as if he had slept with prostitutes and had been taken to court but the fact is he went to give a statment, so how is that an attitude problem? it’s not his fault he get’s robbed by prostitutes.
    the other story about him is he being involved in a bust up with the fans after they kicked his car, well any person with sense would react to that because who would want some one damaging your property. what about Henry in january when he put the middle finger towards a fan and beckoned him to come on the field and fight so does that mean we had to kick him out because he has an ‘attitude’ problem? NO! he reacted to someone being a tw*t.
    anyway, we’ve had lots of people in our club who have had worse atittude than m’vila: RVP, Viera, martin keown and what about recent one’s like adebayor, nasri, frimpong and now andre sontos does that mean we have to kick frimpong and santos out? NO!
    The only reason we haven’t signed him yet is because of his price tag and wenger is waiting so that drops and then he’ll make his move, because why on earth would wenger let a talented player slip through his fingers?

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  19. stephen187

    @ Christian ethiopian…ask Chris samba or odemwingie if racism is exaggerated in russia…throwing bananas/ monkey chants/ that horrible sign they sent to odemwingie looks pretty bad to me. Excluding that let’s just sign him up…arsenal are always trying to save a few million..resulting in miss players ie mata c.ronaldo…. we just sold song the only real physical beast in the midfield and we have stoke away on weekend….

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  20. Dadista

    The referring shame of the EPL has started, look at the goal of Torres , totally offside

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  21. gunner

    @ sank all the players u listed r central midfielder or attacking midfielder apart from coqulan who’s a DM.
    wilshere – AM/CM
    rosikcy – AM/winger
    lansbury – AM
    aneke – CM
    cazorla – AM/winger
    arteta – CM
    diaby – CM/DM but not very disciplined
    ramsey – AM/CM/winger
    henderson – CM
    sahin – CM/AM
    ox – AM/winger
    eisfield – AM

    coquelin – DM
    frimpong – DM
    but both of these are young and frimpong is injuery prone.

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  22. Justinho

    So this morning I read here that Sahin has signed. Now he hasn’t. mmm. Useful.

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  23. Matt

    Everyone including wenger is expecting jack to come back and perform miracles! Please don’t forget he has been injured for 12 months now, who knows how quickly he will come back into form

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  24. summerbreez

    This news is so frustrating and very unsettling i thought we would have sahin by now

    I have lost complete interest with mavila and would rather hear bagila in our squad as the price is right

    looking forward for sunday

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  25. Ben

    I’ve been hearing for the last two or three months from many many sources that M’Vila is a done deal… If it were as such, surely he would have come in a few weeks ago with Santi to get to know his new teammates and everything, wouldn’t he? We need him, or someone like him. We need a DM. If we want to challenge for titles we can’t really rely on Coq and Frimpong. If we don’t want titles, then sure play either of them. Whether we bring in M’Vila or someone else, a DM must be signed before the deadline and frankly, I expect that to happen. Whether it’s M’Vila only time will tell.

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  26. onyi

    wenger should sign m’vila & convert him to defender b/c arsenal defence is not strong enough.

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  27. realist

    @gunner both arteta and sahin play defensive midfield. sahin likes defending so much he has played left back for dortmund madrid and even turkey. for years arteta has often played the dm role allowing fellaini and cahill to push forward and last season he played there for us whilst song and rosicky or ramsey pushed up. in arteta and sahin we would have 2 holding deep lying playmakers. which in my mind would be more disciplined than having song in the team. when wilshire returns he can also play that role allowing more rotation. if we then come across opposition that requires a more defensive approach coquelin and/or frimpong can provide it. ramsey and diaby offer more box to box type options whilst cazorla and rosicky are our little mozart and even littler mozart. bubbling under those options you have dm eastmond and yennaris deep lying playmaker henderson box to box aneke us attacking midfielders lansbury and eisfeld. i would say that with those 15 players we are well sorted. in fact its the wider attacking midfield roles where we are a little light with only walcott chamberlain gervinho gnabry and the soon to depart (supposedly) arshavin. it could explain why we are rumoured to be looking at navas downing sinclair nani and adam johnson rather than a central striker where we currently have podolski giroud chamakh park bendtner and watt

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  28. Daniel.S

    I smell disappointment in the air. Why are we not attracting players with ease like the other top teams? I really want us to sign both M’Vila and Sahin but for some reason other teams are able to poach from us. Sahin was reported to be ours-then why has it not been made official? This sucks. I heard Man U are looking at M’vila. I bet they are the third team interested in him. I am optimistic for the coming season but cannot help but feel deflated from all the transfer drama. F***ing agents.

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  29. Papa golf

    The past 2 games of Chelsea you have seen who is Eden Hazard the player AW wanted like drinking water. Becoz of masters in Economics Sahin,M’villa, Llorente and even Niang are going to play against us next time and make our lifes dificult then we say AW ‘wanted’.the previous day i said pliz wenger try to be afun of Arsenal youre going to be pitched. Pliz AW are u not tired of throwing and kicking water bottles becoz agony? Splash and you will continue being adescent man having all your a tire i.e including your coat which our manager throw away wen things go basaq. Pliz let us sign Yann, Sahin, Llorente then let us watch beautiful football flowing. If u see no money, pliz let us know we are able to contribute even if it means 5 pounds each , we Arsenal die hearts we are ready we are many in the world. Let us support Arsenal mentally and materially.Bye bye and big up Gunners

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  30. minty

    Capoue is a better and cheaper option, who can also cover at CB. Wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get anyone tbh.Not a disaster if we dont get M’Vila – cant see Arsenal playing with a strict DM, and in any case M’Vila may struggle a lot as Rennes were a defensive team who don’t play the high defensive line. Coquelin is a M’Vila type of player, just slightly behind in development.

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  31. Nick

    This is all Wenger standing firm on price. We all know how he values players and won’t go over what he thinks they’re worth. This is Wenger holding out as the deadline day draws nearer in hopes of forcing Rennes hands to let a player who wants out for £€$$.

    I also think that it will be either Sahin or M’Vila and we won’t know until one is announced on

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  32. xolani

    Da reoson we havnt signed mvila by nw is da song had nt left yet n arsenal wer bussy making da rediculouse bids n reports say we r ready 2 make a bit of 15.7 mil bt rennes want 22mil well arsenal r neva gona make a bit witch is more dan 17mil 4 a player expecially if dat player is as young as mvila n wenger will nt sign mvila n bring sahin on loan no dats neva gona happen i like em both i want 2 c em both playing 4 arsenal bt dats neva gona happen so by saying dat i 1st expected us 2 hav a clearation on da situalion bt since real madrid hav nt agree a loan deal wit any team i think friday wil b da day bt if dat dosnt happen den maiby it will b monday bt wat i knw is dat tuesday will nt go by witout us havng conformed da signing of our new defencive midfilder n den our nxt signing wil b made by nxt friday trust me ul c.

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  33. Henryesk

    Victor Wanyama is younger, Cheaper, Taller, Stronger, more versatile, more comfortable on the ball and IMO just better than Yann M’vila and Ettiene Capoue.. I shall explain..

    Capoue holds on to the ball for longer than necessary which slows down the general play which doesn’t suit Arsenal..
    M’Vila moves the ball quickly but under pressure is occasionally careless in possession..
    Wanyama moves the ball efficiently and has the strength to hold off players when under pressure..

    Capoue and Wanyama can both fill in at CB whereas M’vila can not and is noticeably shorter than the other 2 players..

    Capoue and Wanyama are a physical presence and posses the strength which the use to easily disposes opposition when shoulder to shoulder, M’vila although a strong tackler, is not much of a physical presence on the field..

    Rennes are allegedly holding out for £15m for M’Vila while Capoue would probably cost just over £10m and Wanyama would most probably be available for just under £10m although Celtic would be reluctant to sell as they just sold Ki Sung Yeung to QPR…

    To conclude my verdict… GET WANYAMA!!!!

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  34. Navin

    M’vila will not be coming to Arsenal…Wenger is not interested in him….he mentioned if Song leaves Sahin will be signed….

    Lots of rumours about M’vila Capoue etc….

    Theres still Coquelin Frimpong and Diaby available…..signing another young player will definitely hinder their progresss…..

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  35. Sammy

    In my honest opinion, i would really like to see Mvila in the Arsenal jersey. The guy is a true DCM.
    While on the other hand, Sahin deal is just a season long Loan deal.
    I personally think that signing Mvila would be a better choice.
    Better than Song!!

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  36. Michael Senior

    It’s clear that Sahin doesn’t even want to come to England if he is prepared to play for Liverpool for a full season,doesn’t really show any ambition to me so we’re best off without him,as for M’Villa i think Wenger is gonna make a DM signing on the last day but as usual us Gunners fans have no sodding idea who it will be,frustrating!!

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  37. Bergkampglory

    Wenger is definitely going to buy a Defensive Midfielder. The question is who? We have three likely possibilities:

    1. M’Vila
    2. Biglia
    3. Capoue

    MVILA is a very good footballer but he is very arrogant and although sharp, he is not very consistant and he is a very cautious tckler in the sense that he tackles rarely although he tackles efficiently. He is not worth more than 15 Mln EUR but Rennes want 22 Mln. It would be mad business for Arsenal…Unless Rennes accepts a bid at 15 Mln, we are not going to land M’Vila.

    BIGLIA is not very good with the ball but he would bring real discipline and hardness to our midfield. He has a good long shot but above all, he just runs after the ball and tackles like no one’s business. He is the kind of player that can break opponents’ plays but also distill a bit of fear. The issue is that he is not proven at the continental nor international level. The EPL might be a step too quick for him…If we get him for 8 Mln EUR, it would be a good bet but more than that, I would not pay.

    CAPOUE is the player that I believe should join us. He is a very committed anchor midfielder with an under-rated passing game. He is a bit too aggressive sometimes on the field but he is physically ready for the EPL and he can still improve a lot with his passing game. He tends to go with through long balls but he will learn quickly under Wenger. At 10 Mln to 12 Mln EUR, he is a real bargain. He is 24 and he is physically ready and strong.

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  38. Bergkampglory

    Defensive Mids available now:

    Diaby, who is more of a “box to box midfielder” than a defensive midfielder

    Coquelin and Frimpong – Exciting young players but clearly not good enough to be starters yet.

    At the moment, Arteta is playing defensive mid and we are missing his passing skills in our offensive game…

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  39. pt

    Should be quite simple to clinch the deal, offer a swap deal- M’Vila plus 5m squid for the Squid- I’m sure Rennes would go for that.

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  40. jaydub

    M’Villa is the man for arsenal… don’t fancy Sahin at all he’s more of a creative player and we have plenty of them already…this Sahin deal is making me sick why would Wenger loan him???????? Buy M’Villa and stop playin around before SPURS do….

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  41. jaydub

    forget coquelin and Frimpong their just not ready yet. we have no DM…M’Villa has to be signed…. Sahin has too much baggage with him… he’s lazy and on £100k per week and he’s not defensive minded plus its only a LOAN DEAL…

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  42. Henryesk

    Wait till Wanyama hits the Prem you’ll all be saying “Arsenal shoould have got him” Remember Henryesk told you first.

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  43. moriarty 34

    How many different articles are on this site regarding m villa and sahin this rubbish has got to stop I for one am fed up with the so called experts informing us that they are on there way or have no intention of coming pls can we just have real facts and nothing else.

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  44. Luke H

    Been looking and comparing so many different websites about transfers over the last week..tbh i hope the sahin deal goes through with the option to buy, i think wenger will hold out to the last moments for m’vila to enable a lower buying price, if walcott goes we should bring in navas which i would prefer as walcott is good but inconsistent, hopefully we get another defender to but not mexes..but if thats one way of getting shot of bendtner then bial means lol

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  45. ahmed

    i think we need one striker ore defensive middfile becoose you have to see your game last march against sundeland we controled the game but every body was khowing the game was with out centre midfiler although we have arteta who can play deffensive side we need to bringf mr M,VILA THANKS

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