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Do Arsenal fans and Wilshere need more patience?

I must admit to being a bit fed up this week to hear that the Arsenal and England midfielder Jack Wilshere had been left out of the latest squad named by Gareth Southgate for the upcoming international break, and that is because I think the three lions are crying out for some of the creative spark that Jack can bring as well as down to club loyalty and all that.

I am almost certainly biased though and it is easy to forget that not everyone keeps tabs on Jack in the same way that I and most other Gooners do. He certainly did not put in a performance against Red Star Belgrade that made Southgate’s decision look daft.

I am not saying he was poor, because at times he was still a cut above the rest on the pitch and was only denied a winner by an amazing clearance, but it was a bit patchy and as John Hartson said in commentary, he is just not quite ready.

It may not be long but for now I think Wenger knows what he is doing and so the player and the fans need to be more patient. I still think that England having qualified gave Southgate the freedom to bring back in and give him a chance, but what do I know?

Sam P.

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10 thoughts on “Do Arsenal fans and Wilshere need more patience?

  1. Budd

    Don’t really care about England squad as they have no chance whatsoever in even coming close to the trophy at stake. And that’s for many reasons people here outlined already (FA, manager, setup, selection etc.)
    I feel that Jack owes first to Arsenal for sticking with him for so long. So, first do it for us and then, why not, lead England to glory. A healthy Jack is a good Jack. For us, it would be perfect. I am sure he’s itching to get a spot in the England squad for the World Cup but, again I have to repeat what I have said last season, he made his own bed by asking for a loan at Bournemouth. Who know where Arsenal (and Jack Wilshere) would have been at the end of the season if he have stayed and fight for a place (which wasn’t even hard with both Cazorla and Coquelin sidelined for so long). I said it was a mistake and time proved I was right. Nevertheless, what’s important now is to look ahead and what is right ahead of us is a scary prospect of a City team scoring for fun. Well, I’ve been at the 2-8 at the Old Toilet and at the 1-5 in Munchen 2 seasons ago. I guess I have seen worse.

    1. Eat Pie

      The loan seems to have worked for his fitness tough, but time will tell.

      I’ve noticed he is avoiding those bone braking tackles, so maybe the loan has taught him how to get out the way. But then again we haven’t played against thugs yet.

      1. Budd

        It worked in the sense that he barely played after Howe realized he can’t fit Wilshere in the middle . That didn’t stopped Wilshere to get injured again at the end of the season without playing any minute for the Arsenal.

  2. Eat Pie

    Honestly I would love to see Jack start against City, I really think it is the type of game he would thrive in.

    He can only be better than Granit tbh, I expect a high pressing and tempo game, Granit is not cut out for that.

    1. Budd

      Is not Ramsey I am worried about, is Xhaka simply because Wenger tells him to defend when his strengths are clearly not being a holding midfielder. Ramsey does a better job at defending when he can be ar$ed to do it but you all heard Wenger that he likes seeing Ramsey in the box. It is not like he think himself as Modric but the manager is encouraging this.
      As it stands today we have no holding midfielder (Coquelin does not count) not even a deep lying playmaker.

    2. gotanidea

      Both Xhaka and Wilshere often produced bad first touches under heavy pressures. If Arsenal want to win any major trophy, they have to get more skillful and more hardworking midfielder than those two.

  3. gotanidea

    Let’s put aside all nostalgic feeling towards Wilshere. He is a good attacking midfielder, but Arsenal and England need better attacking midfielder than him, if they want to win a major trophy.

    Wilshere’s development has been hindered by injuries, his bad habits and the lack of good guidance in the previous years. He had better focus on Arsenal and try to play more with more experienced skillful players like Sanchez, Ozil, Cazorla, etc.

  4. Incarnate

    Wilshere has no business playing in the EPL games for at least this season and the next. He should only play in Europe and for England in the meanwhile. He certainly has the pedigree to play at the highest level just not the fitness yet.

  5. Yossarian

    Jack Wilshere is in his 10th year at Arsenal FC, and has achieved next-to-nothing in that time.

    Therefore accusing anybody of being impatient with Wilshere is ridiculous. It’s almost as ridiculous as accusing people of being impatient with Arsene Wenger.

  6. Turbo

    If England manager I wouldn’t think he was ready yet. But he’s showing some flashes recently. Let’s see what he can do when given that chance. Maybe just maybe it could still come good. And we don’t have currently great abundance of options when Ozil is having an indifferent match or being rested. Iwobi and Ramsey do well at times. Ramsel/Xhaka partnership always scares me in terms of defensive counterattacks. We could really use a healthy Cazorla plus a fully committed Ozil with a consistent fire finally under his ass OR dip into the market for serious quality AND a badass defensive midfielder who can dominate. Coquelin is capable of the latter sometimes, at least sort of or nearly…

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