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Do Arsenal fans care more about the Tottenham game than the players?

Tottenham may be above Arsenal in the League right now, but the Gunners are still hot favourites to win, which is backed up by the betting signals from Stratabet. The reason for this is obvious when you find that Tottenham have won only once in their last 24 visits to Arsenal.

This could be due to the highly-charged atmosphere from the fans when Spurs come to visit, as Saturday’s North London derby is THE big game for most London Arsenal fans, with the bragging rights over your Spurs-supporting friends being one of the highlights of every season. Not to mention the rivalry epitomised by the St. Totteringhams Day banter at the end of every season, except for that awful last campaign of course!

But this rivalry was created in the days when the players for the respective teams were local lads that had been taught to loathe our much-less-noisy neighbours as much a part of their upbringing in their area. But nowadays, with the majority of our players now coming from overseas, they don’t have the same desire to beat to beat our local rivals as much as the fans do.

According to the Gunners legend Lee Dixon, we just have to admit that the derby is not so vital to the players any more. “Do they still have them up against the wall? I don’t think that happens any more,” Dixon moaned.

“The intensity of the fixture has died away in the dressing room a little bit. It’s important that someone rekindles that.

“There’s no doubt in my mind, there’s been teams in the past, which have had players who had more desire to win a game. No doubt about that.

“I think pretty much Arsene would say the same. I don’t care what he says publicly.

“That is obvious. Now whether that’s the modern game, other teams have got players with more desire in other teams.

“It’s not a foreign thing.

“We had players like Patrick Vieira. He’s foreign. He had desire. It’s not about the foreign players in the game.

“It’s difficult to put your finger on it. You’ve got to find the players out there who have that desire in them.

“It’s becoming more and more difficult for everybody, because the modern player is a little bit softer than the player in the past, because hunger and desire go hand-in-hand.

“Will the Tottenham players on Saturday have the same intensity of the Tottenham players that we played against? It’s just the way the game has gone. The Tottenham-Arsenal rivalry is different.

“The foreign player ­influence makes a difference in that respect — if I played for Inter Milan against AC Milan, then I wouldn’t have the same feeling for it if I was a north London boy, playing for Arsenal against Tottenham.”

Well perhaps Arsenal do have some players that would have that feeling. The first obvious ones are Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott, who have both been at the club for over 10 years and have both been reprimanded for Anti-Spurs comments in the past. The problem is that neither of those are likely to even start the game on Saturday as they have been moved down the pecking order.

Perhaps Wenger will realise this and play them at some point in the game, but otherwise we will have to rely on the passionate supporters to give the encouragement to whichever players are on the pitch, but it is hardly going to have the same intensity for the players….


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4 thoughts on “Do Arsenal fans care more about the Tottenham game than the players?

  1. Break-on-through

    Of course it’s not the same, not just because of the rule changes minimizing the contact but also because of the wealth and lifestyles they live. You get treated a certain way when you have money like they have it. Pampered is another way of putting it. There is fewer and fewer of them (scrappers) because it gets into them too young. How many rich people do you know of that remind you of those old tough as nails type that you see in pubs among other places, the ones who look like they’ve been in a few scrapes and are straight talking no bull types with a quick temper?.

  2. gotanidea

    I don’t know about the other fans and the players, but I really care about this match. Because if Arsenal lose again, it would give Arsenal board more justification to fire Wenger or move him to a directorial position.

    From this match, we would know how big the managerial level gap is, between Wenger and young managers like Pochettino. Like what Merson said, Wenger should leave if he cannot make Arsenal dominate Tottenham in this match.

    Wenger and Mourinho never experienced success in major European clubs as a player, unlike Pochettino and Guardiola, and it is reflected on their managerial style. Results are their number one priority and they did not care much for the entertainment aspect of the game (Wenger is trying to achieve higher fooball level, but he did not get that experience as a player).

    The next Arsenal manager should be someone that could set a better foundation for the club. Wenger revolutionized English football with his French football philosophy twenty one years ago, but now there are younger and hungrier managers come with different styles.

  3. barryglik

    Its game 12 of 38 PL games.
    Game 19 of 50+ including cup games.
    or 60+ for International players.
    Its early doors nothing is won or lost in November.
    Please no penalties, red cards or off side goals.
    Home win 4-3

  4. l

    Yeah, the team list is out. We are starting with the same team that started against Everton.
    Hmmmn Tottenham fans are ranting against the inclusion of Sisoko in their starting 11. Interesting.
    Mustafi – Koscielny – Monreal
    Bellerin – Xhaka – Ramsey – Kolasinac
    Ozil – Sanchez

    Let’s go guys.

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