Do Arsenal fans still have faith in Wenger?

Wenger Knows……What? by BN

After yesterday’s dire performance, yet another one this season, for me it’s time for change, I want Arsene out.

You must question his motivational skills for the team to continually start games as slow as we do . We need to get into teams from the first whistle put them under pressure make them scared to come to the Emirates, but we tap the ball around from side to side with no threat or penetration and allow visiting teams to settle their nerves and enjoy their surroundings.

His team selection proved to be wrong again and I struggle to see why Gervinho ever gets game time, he is not an Arsenal player. If you send a weaker side out you are sending a message out to your own players that you obviously don’t rate the opposition and your not taking them seriously.

As he has done to Arshavin and was close to doing with Theo, he seems to have completely wrecked The Ox’s confidence. When he first got here he was raw and scared the life out of the opposition running at them, now he looks scared to even try it.

Wenger acts like a clown on the touchline moaning continually at fourth officials about time wasting, when you could even say the Arsenal team wasted the first 45 minutes by the way they played!

The FA cup was our best hope for a trophy this year (after losing to BRADFORD in the League Cup!) and Arsene got it wrong again, and as the manager of the club it’s his fault. If you are a manager of a restaurant you don’t put the cleaners in charge of the kitchens on Wednesday night cause its quiet. But seeing as he interviewed and appointed Ivan Gazidis and is in charge of his own boss, we will all have to wait for Wenger to decide when he’s had enough, and on his wages that could be a while yet….

Thanks for the memories but time to say goodbye .

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55 thoughts on “Do Arsenal fans still have faith in Wenger?

  1. Always a gooner

    Yes …..but no other top manager will work with Kroenke,s shoestring budget

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  2. mr lean

    stick for now but want answers,why did we not spend in jan ? board not giving wenger cash or wenger not willing to spend.also wenger needs to stop showing faith in some players and get rid.what has eisfeld done to upset wenger as well ?

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  3. Laurentkboi

    NO simple, we see through all these lies and plastered cracks, no longer I don’t want wenger to leave or stay its not my target I want arsenal to grow or we will crumble.

    This season
    *unbeaten at home in cl for many years—- beat
    *unbeaten at home by any low order club In fa—- beat
    *never lost to a third division club—– beaten
    *worst start and infant season we have had

    *never lost out to fourth place—– (lost it to spuds???)

    Worrying times but a time of reckoning must happen now or never!

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  4. Gbengzz

    Wenger and some of the team players lack zeal and determination. Giroud, Gervinho and Diaby all seemed unconcerned. Wenger on the other hand made late changes.
    What I would say, let whom the cap fit wear it.

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  5. aggo

    The players that he played made the mistakes on the pitch not wenger, we need to keep faith in our club, team and coach. And wait for the summertransfer period, and than hope for some badass players. There is nothing else we can do.

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  6. james

    lose to bayern loss to spurs season over arsenal fans everywhere cry there hearts out. no cup no cl, wenger comes out and says its a great team with great spirit he can not buy any players to make the team better. next season we all belive it will be different but will be worse.

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  7. cin

    Just blame Arsenal club.

    Arsenal is not going to win anything with this attitude. Better they should exit early. Then they can try for forth place. Now that also looks like out of reach this time.

    People who expect Arsenal will win something are stupid.

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  8. Ergs

    Our squad players arnt good enough or hungry enough to fight to cement a 1st team place!
    That’s 2 new records set this season loosing in both cup competitions to lower league opposition!
    It’s time for Arsene to show some squad variation.
    There’s nothing wrong with having center halfs who just defend!!!
    Wenger will get another season for sure the only problem is if we don’t make top 4 I don’t expect big signings and changes to personel and if spurs keep spending will drop further behind them and never be able to get back in the top 4.
    When Wenger’s contract ends I think he will walk then still a legend regardless.

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  9. Sad gooner

    I find it hard to believe there have been any AKB’s for the last 5 yrs. After 2 failed seasons Wenger should have been out.
    I have been saying this on boards for a year now and strangely some of the fiercest opposition and most aggressive comments I received were on the 22nd of December 2012 the day after the AKB’s took off their tin foil hats, climbed out of their wardrobes and realised the world didn’t end after all.
    Maybe they will agree that he needs to go now but I doubt it; after all there is no known own cure for stupid…

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  10. ripple

    Wenger now makes so many and such childlike mistakes that I do not trust him no matter how much I want to.

    He lets Ramsey play every game but Rosicky, who is 10 times better than Ramsey, simply wastes away somewhere.

    He tries a tactic and it fails repeatedly so, in definance of his critics and doubters, he uses it even more repeatedly.

    How can you trust that kind of stupidity? No.

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  11. budgie

    What was the goalkeeper thinking of? he had one shot to save and pushes it back into play, anywhere but there! We got beat by a flukey goal, we have to suck it up and get on with it, top 4 beckons, no slip ups now boys!

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  12. ekow -stikka

    did not watch our heart breakers go worse. but diaby, i assume fcuked up as usuall. not interested in watching us play. cant argue with my chelsea and united fans anymore. The team is crap . PERIOD. we have idiots @ the helm of affairs “how do we win”?

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  13. hg

    I don’t trust him to get top three but I certainly don’t think he should leave. sack or resigned

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  14. Ergs

    @sad gooner
    7 years off brilliance then 2 seasons off nothing and Wenger gone laughable comment!!!!
    Next you will be telling us all on here that we should be competing financially with Man city Chelsea and Man Utd even if Wenger had gone in 2007 you think the next manager would off bin given a blank cheque????
    David moyes works under financial constraints at Everton they haven’t won a trophy since 1995!!
    I still think he’s a top manager!
    He doesn’t have the backing from board level and neither does Wenger!
    Bottom line FFP is the only way forward for our club and board Liverpool Tottenham even Man Utd want it in.
    Settle down and be patient.

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  15. ripple

    Let us not forget. Wenger not only does not care if the fans don’t trust him, he openly despises the fans and defies his critics.

    What he does care about is approval from his bosses in not spending money and the protection of his massive salary until he feels he has enough money.

    I have nothing against those so long as he does his job well.

    But so as he has the support of managment and a huge salary, the support of fans is a continued low priority – he thinks the fans are ignorant peons anyway.

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  16. Lawrence gf

    I dont know why there is all this talk of footballers needing a winter break. Thanks Mr Wenger Arsenals season has only lasted till february for the last 8 years. The man is a genius.

    Now seriously that fool and the clownish board honestly take the mick out of the paying Arsenal fans. Everyone in the football industry will tell you that Arsenal have a brilliant business plan and are well run. However they have no interest in winning trophies. Only the Arsene acolytes belief that lie.

    Arsenal should quit the prem and join the NHL or NBA then wenger can go on about stats all day long.

    Sack im.

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  17. Hafiz Rahman

    can someone name the clubs, playing in the Premiership that win something on a shoe string budgets….

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  18. snakeoil

    @Ergs: when I hear from fans that FFP will be good for Arsenal or football I want to cringe. How do you know that?

    1st: Those teams that have invested in inventory (purchased many high value players) will win out. They have the quality already in hand and when restrictions apply they have the player inventory already there and can more easily comply with restrictions and yet have a good team. Arsenal has the WORST pre-FFP policy for post-FFP successes.

    2nd: Many of the big clubs are publicly behind FFP and many more support it behind the scenes. If they did not support FFP it could never happen. So ask yourself who is going to win out? The clubs and their profits only. FFP provides no protection for the fans or restrictions on ticket prices or broadcast revenues etc.

    3rd: If the state passed a law entitled, “The law to improve the lives of everyone,” would that mean people’s lives would really improve. Despite the title, there is no proof that FFP will be fair in any way at all. We just hope it will and that it somehow validates the failed Arsenal transfer policies of recent years and the ongoing destruction of this great club.

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  19. Winnie

    Yet another monumental Wenger cock up. If he spent as much time encouraging his team from the side lines as he does berating the officials then he may, only may, get more out of his team. I’m afraid Wenger has not got a clue how to improve Arsenal

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  20. Hafiz Rahman

    Can someone please

    Take the russian money out of chelsea

    take the arab money out of City

    take the enormous Asia fan base out of man utd…

    where will they be?? mid or bottom table in the league..?

    and Arsenal will be champs many times…Problem solve…..

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  21. goonerT38

    Its a disgrace to beaten at home by Blackburn he should have played full strength side because if he thinks we have a chance of winning the champion’s league then he really dose live in a dream world. sorry but things need to change, I think Mr.Wenger has taken the club as far as he can time for him to go.

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  22. mohawk35

    I have never before felt embarrassed to be a gooner. The blackburn game changed all that.

    I can no longer justifiably defend Wenger or the recent Arsenal performances.

    When you combine the current lack of depth and quality with the horrible decision-making of the manager, it is difficult to remain optimistic at all.

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  23. Maher Eid

    I still have faith but he needs to buy, gervinho has got to go, he can’t compete at top level, when Wenger says he got 50 mill to spend I expect him to buy players above the age of 24. If he stays next season it will be do or die for him cuz many managers would love to manage arsenal.

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  24. Ergs

    @ snakeoil
    It’s bin so long now off transfer inactivity that we all know this situation will not change so I’m having to try and think FFP will help our situation.
    The board our not changing their stance.
    As for ticket prices if you don’t wanna pay to watch don’t!
    Off course our ticket policy is ridiculous but we have no control its a premier league issue.
    I’m not a believer that only money can win trophy s but at the moment I’m not convinced we can attract a top manager to the club based on the knowledge that who ever that guy is will have to work on our stringent budget.

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  25. youngold gunner

    our transfer windw resembles our season,our manager resembles our perfomances……….

    -(again)SAME OLD CYCLE

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  26. Moweis

    I wonder if Arsene feel disappointed as we fans cos am skeptical about his claim…he seem to be making the same mistake for 8yrs now, telling us we need to focus on the next game like he had any intention of winning the CL when the one we should be winning was yesterday’s game cos winning the FA cup sounds more realistic than the CL…However, he Wenger, have no f**king clue how we fans feel or what we’ve been going through for the past 8yrs, cos if he do then he would have resigned and stop cashing our hard earned money…Tiff!

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  27. Big Gun

    @Haviz I understand your point, but football has evolved to a different level it was 10 years ago. Wenger and Arsenal has failed to evolve with it and this is the problem which can only turn around if we start pumping more funds into transfers and wages. This is our primary issue, but at the same time Wenger has a ridiculous mindset. Before yesterdays game and even earlier on in the season, I knew Arsenal did not have what it took to win the league and the CL, the F.A cup maybe. Wenger should have played his strongest team yesterday and focused on the F.A. But he took a major chance and it backfired and he is the only one to blame. Some people say blame those players who did not make effort etc. Well who bought those players? Who plays them? WENGER! He is responsible, end of story.

    So sick and tired of fans kissing his butt for what he did 100 years ago. He makes terrible decisions every season like now in the transfer window we could have bought some decent players to help our campaign. But Wenger lied and said we would, then he did not AS USUAL. Song has not been replaced. RvP has not been replaced. Now we are facing consequences. I have always said Diaby, Ramsey and a few others are overrated. I have said Giroud is not the answer up front. But their are some fans who cannot see past their own nose and keep defending these mediocre, overpayed, overrrated players. Those players will never ever make it into teams like United, City, Chelsea, Madrid, Barca, Bayern etc. So why the heck must we keep persisting with them?

    I hope Arsenal do not make top 4 this season, and I hope Bayern give us an absolute thrashing never to forget, simply because I want this dictator Wenger out. Things need to get worse before they can better.

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  28. abdulazeez

    am so sick of these same problems wenger is just a flop i think he should go thanks for his effort and hopefully we will bounce back

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  29. Sydney_Gooner

    Looks like the knives have been sharpened and out for Wenger’s head!

    Last night’s performance was atrocious! Ineffective, clueless, awful passing…even from players that are normally consistent. I cant think of any player that played well.

    I am frustrated as any of Arsenal fans. But I am not sure blame on Wenger is justified.

    I ask you this?
    Was the team on the field good enough to beat a team in the Championship? MOST DEFINITELY….if they played to their ability! WE had 11 internationals against a championship side that obviously defended very well , and in numbers.

    On paper, we should have won easily! Unfortunately, the players did not deliver. Almost every player had one of the worst games I have seen this year!

    Many question the starting line up. But with Bayern game a few days away,it is logical to be cautious and rest some of the top players. I don’t think we fielded a weak side. They simply did not perform! So most of the blame I put on the players performance and not on Wenger!

    I hope we get a good result against Bayern and make up for the loss. But this can only happen if the players play to their potential.

    Lets go Gunners!

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  30. vyash

    all who critic wenger at stupid
    henry support wenger and he said we must sack the borad not wenger

    yesterday it was the fault of the team and not wenger

    70 per cent we had the pocession

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  31. ferro....

    Im tired of saying it and im tired of hearing it as are many im sure but we are supposedly on the up where finances are concerned and these ffp rules are supposedly in our favor… so if next seasons squad doesnt have a major bump in class steel and goals well then i believe Wenger is kidding himself. My own belief has been because of our money difficulties and player exodus that Wenger had to take allot more gambles than usual with having to lower his aim somewhat when targeting players, so for this reason we have some players in our side that just wouldnt have made the step up at Highbury. If Wenger begins next season like the many previous in mentioning how strong he believes this side is (while window closed i can understand) and only really buying if one of our best does leave and not making any rubber stamped pro signings well then in my opinion he has indeed lost his desire for winning and must go. I would like J Klopp to be his successor, i also believe that Moyes would be a good manager but not as good as Wenger so i wouldnt see the point… that said he would however buy mostly six footers who fight and are hard to beat.

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  32. maxi pimpi

    “our lives begin to end the day become silent about things the matter” fellow gonners, we must save our team. personally i’m sick and tired of wengers stupidity and hard heartedness. how can a world class coach not knw how to set priorities? swansea were in the league cup semifinals. they knw the league cup was more realistic than the fa cup, so they fielded a weaker team against arsenal bcos of their league cup game. that’s proactive coaching. wenger keeps making mistakes even a batch C coach won’t make.

    I don’t see any logic in taking rosicky out who was the only light in the match and playing ten times sloppy diaby out of the game.
    or why he keeps playing ramsey and diaby ahead of rosicky who is 20 times better than them.
    i’m tired of his fovoritism and romance with these medeocre players.
    he keeps buying crap players with no second hand value.thanks to wenger, we have more than six players we can’t sell.
    we had more chance of winning the fa cup compared to the champions league. why couldn’t he priorities?
    what in God’s name is gervinho still doing in our team?

    I just wish he leaves at the end of the season. thank God he didn’t spend in january cos i knw he would have bought crap.

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  33. abdulkarim mohammed

    no need of the fans opinion, our opinion don’t really matter, if it truely matters there will be changes from the board, the manager, big sing,good replacement, holding to our good players. sorry to take use back i reason with comment that arsenal have no ambition at first i was mad at him but noun i knew he is right. way forward the board & manager must go, & new manager & board must come outside the club so that we can have new system.

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  34. Frank

    I don’t even read Wengers comments after games anymore because they piss me off more then the score line. He is a lying old fool. He buys the rejects that cost us a fortune each week and we can’t sell. He plays the good players out of position (the Ox and Ramsey to name a couple) and kills their confidence. He hasn’t promoted any of the younger players this year like he has in the past (Eisfeld, Gnarby, etc). He has lost it and is killing our club. I don’t think we are good enough to get 4th this year so what are we going to do about it. Seriously, I have had enough. 8 years of nothing is not exceptable. What are you Wengernites going to say if we don’t make champions league next year? F this shiite, let’s protest anyway we can.

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  35. mudah

    (B)-Bayern munchen!!!!!!
    Am sorry to say, if you know what I mean…thanks for the memory arsene but its time to say good bye!

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  36. Lifeasagooner

    Knocked out of the league cup by Bradford City, knocked out of the FA cup by Blackburn – look how low we are sinking. Pathetic. Our entire team are probably on triple the salary of the blackburn players and yet once again we dont work hard enough to win. Kroenke has a big portion of blame for taking all the transfer profit and not giving it to Wenger for re-investing on good players. Our scouting team are also not performing – we used to get great players cheap but now its either average or low quality. Our season is over already.

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  37. Hademe P

    Roberto Mancini is being threathend despite winning three trophies in a short time. 8yrs without trophy? Only few managers in a top club will survive it,ask Mourihno, ask Ancelloti, Ask AVB, ask Di Mateo,ask pellegrini,ask Benitez and others.Wenger has lost it he has nothing more to offer.The more he stays the more he lose his little honour left.Arsenal can never move forward as long as he is there as a manager.

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  38. Muller

    Top top stupidity from him every now and then. Not an iota of faith in him anymore, before we destroy his statue, get F.Rijkard or D.Moyes in. In wenger we rot!!!!!!! COYG!!!

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  39. ferro....

    @BigGun… as i were reading along i thought you made some fair points… but then i read some fans cant see past the end of there nose which is your opinion and like you they have there own opinon, it sounded more like it were yourself you were talking about. Then i read further and you say i want us to get an unforgetful hammering from bayern and lose out on a CL place just so Wenger will get out, again yourself sounding like it is you who has dictatorship tendencies. As i said you did make fair points like when you say some of these players should not be playing but i can see how some might acknowledge room for error from the prof.

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  40. Brad

    Sydney goober , of the players are to blame as well , but do you think it’s wenger who has brought these players to the club and he picks the team (wrong one yesterday) and seems to be lacking motivational skills (nearly every first half of each game) when they be coming out all fired up

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  41. true goon

    of course not,that was his squad out there yesterday,they couldn’t hit a barn door,this is what you get when you don’t go out an buy a top,top,top quality striker or 2.Wengers chickens coming home to roost.

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  42. cosmos

    Only a fool still trust in Wenger. How on earth can a fan trust a manager who has no respect for you? -too sturbborn, deluded, stingy, arrogant admost of all a two-faced liar, C’mon!! Don’t insult my intelligence, I am not an AKB..

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  43. the king

    fair enough wenger goes……but who comes in
    theres no big managers out there let alone ones that will be able to stay and not have a budget only buying from selling…..the board all need to be sacked….the perfect way would be wenger staying and usmanove coming in and giving wenger money to spend on big player not buying from the pound shop……but i cant see krokie leaving his making millions in profits.

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  44. robbie

    wenger is still searching for that top top player

    SACK HIM before he wastes all our money on more gervinhos and sanitises whilst selling every asset we have

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  45. okifre

    tactically wenger cannot copy with the modern game. for me i don,t rate arterta and diaby so highly. the guys are so slow. when these guys are in team they slowly the team yet arsenal as been thriving on quick passing. we had started scoring many without arteta in the team but ever since he came back he has slowed down the team. he passes sideways instead of being direct, he can’t win balls in the middle of the pack. as i have always said francis conquiline is the best option in that position. trust me play arteta and diaby in the midfield against bayern the result will be obvious. we need a midfilde which fast and dynamic. play ramsey, conquiline, wilshere and cazola in midfield and bayern will crable at the emirates. why a doubt wengers tactatics is that he has failed to select the right team for the right games, he subs are automatic and the time he makes subs is also constant. any good coach cannot sub are more direct attacking player and better passer in a game were yo playing a team which has packed a bus and leave on diaby and arteta for 90 min. in such game u can even play without defensive midfielders or shift conquiline in the midfield and play with three defenders coz there was no threat to our defense and even more so when where suching for the equalizer

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  46. WTF

    I still do have faith in AW (in the football view he has)…but how it is possible to lie to us and to don’t have the real value of our squad ? Is there anyone here believe that any players on the market cant improve our team ??? Stop being so polite and protest against the people in charge, they’re ruining the club !

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