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Do Arsenal fans want Alexis Sanchez and Chile NOT at World Cup?

There is a strong possibility that the Arsenal and Chile international star Alexis Sanchez could finally be set for a summer off, which the striker has not been able to do for years with Copa America tournaments, a World Cup and a Confederates Cup keeping him busy on international duty.

Even if Alexis and his Chilean teammates can win their final two World Cup qualifying games over the next few days, they are not certain to be in Russia next summer as they are currently sixth in the table with only the top four going through.

They are by no means certain to win their two games either, especially the way they have been playing, because the second of the two is away to Brazil, who may have already qualified but will want to win anyway. In some ways I would like to see Sanchez inspire his national team to qualify for the World Cup, as it would show he is back to his best and also put him in a good mood.

On the other hand, though, Chile being out of the World Cup might just benefit Arsenal if it meant that Alexis was more determined than ever to win a trophy at club level this season. He would not have one eye on the summer towards the end of the season and may even be excused some of the pesky international games he normally goes on leaving us sweating on his fitness.

What do you think Gooners_ Do you want Alexis Sanchez at the World Cup or not?

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9 thoughts on “Do Arsenal fans want Alexis Sanchez and Chile NOT at World Cup?

  1. Turbo

    I would like to see both Chile & Argentina make it just from a sporting perspective as I enjoy the quality of the players on those teams. From an Arsenal perspective, Alexis will probably not be with as past May so am not worried about delays to his club fitness after Russia.

  2. gotanidea

    Make sense, he could be more focused on Arsenal if Chile do not qualify. But I wish Chile and him the best, because he is a great footballer that should get the most prestigious trophies and he has done so much for Arsenal.

    I still expect him to increase his level and bring Arsenal back to their glory. I wish he could be an Arsenal legend like Henry and Vieira one day.

  3. sarsfieldNY

    Speaking of internationals, the Ox just had another lame performance on the wing vs Slovenia and was replaced by J. Lingaard who then had an immediate impact….

    1. Kenny Rolfe

      Was he that bad? I turned it off after 15 minutes and went out for a drink, watching the likes the Ox, Henderson, Sterling and all those Spuds was like watching paint dry.

  4. Sue

    Ox has been poor especially after he left us. I don’t know about Sanchez…. He loves to play yes but I’m not sure if his heart is in for playing for us anymore ?

  5. Marty

    Not bothered whether Chile make the World Cup, don’t think it will make any diffence to Sanchez’s performance anyway, he looks as if he is just waiting to go. So far he’s produced the odd flash of skill in very ordinary performances.

  6. Nothing changed

    I want him to go to the WC. The guy has played so many games season after season and summer after summer he is bound to burn out early. So as selfish as it sounds let him burn himself out before he goes to City.

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