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Do Arsenal need Pepe Reina to give Szczesny some competition?

The Reina Rumour Returns by AH

The whispers that Arsenal are looking to sign Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina has plagued the Arsenal transfer rumour mil for the last two weeks and they always say there’s no smoke without fire. There may be some truth in this story, as I believe Arsenal is looking to sign a new goalkeeper despite already having 5 goalkeepers in the first team squad.

However I expect 3 of those 5 goalkeepers to leave either during the January transfer window or the summer. Polish goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski is out of contract this summer and so he will surely be on his way out, whilst Vito Mannone is also likely to leave at his own request. James Shea is the other first team goalkeeper I expect to leave. His opportunities have been limited at the club and this season has seen Argentine goalkeeper Damien Martinez overtaken Shea in the pecking order. This leaves us with just Wojciech Szczesny and Damien Martinez. From this we can be certain, that Arsenal will definitely be on the lookout for a new goalkeeper, however will the player brought in be number 1 choice or a backup to Szczesny?

Szczesny has been criticized a lot lately and admittedly he hasn’t improved much since his debut against Manchester United 2 years ago. He has become a good goalkeeper however he hasn’t improved at the rate he was expected after looking so talented and promising at such a young age. He is a good goalkeeper with notable talent and no doubted he will be Arsenal’s number 1 goalkeeper in years to come, especially after showing his desire to stay at the club. But could Wenger make a move for another goalkeeper in the meantime?

Pepe Reina is a player Arsene Wenger tried to sign back in 2010, before the discovery of Szczesny as Arsenal’s number one goalkeeper. However it’s known Wenger is still a fan of the Spaniard and so a move could be on the cards.

In response to the Reina rumour, comments display that he isn’t everyone’s favourite choice, saying; “He’s past it”, “makes too many errors”, “we have better goalkeepers”. I personally don’t know if I think we should try and sign Pepe Reina. His signing would strengthen us in defence with his experience and on his day he can be a world class goalkeeper. His wages are a problem and a commanding £10 million fee may put people off further but if we are to challenge for trophies like some people consistently think we should be doing then adding a player such as Reina to our squad would only strengthen us.

At the age of 30, he can give valuable experience to Szczesny before the polish international takes full stage as Arsenal’s number one goalkeeper. Do you think we should sign Pepe Reina for the short term? He and Szczesny would be admiral competitors for the position and I think it would bring out the best in both players, however it’s important to remember this is only a rumour. But it’s a rumour that I wouldn’t be surprised to see turn into strong interest considering that Arsenal have made a bid for him in the past.


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15 thoughts on “Do Arsenal need Pepe Reina to give Szczesny some competition?

  1. Saton81

    We would have 2 class keepers but do we really want to ruin Szenzhys development? We should have got Cesar in the summer.

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  2. sKeeza

    Yes without a doubt, it’ll push him into becoming the finished article as his youth has no experience.
    Also great cover for when szcezny is out

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  3. ErkSon

    I agree, adding a keeper like Reina would probably have a very positive inpact on both the defence and on Szczesny’s development aswell. We need experience back there.

    As long as Wallcott not goes the other way, I’ll say Reina is more than welcome..

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  4. synsix

    No, God, Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, we don’t want that pathetic piece idontknowwhat, he is soo Bald, Eh I meant Bad. Did u see the match against the Spuds and Bale’s free kick…? It was hilarious/would have been a top American comedy soap every weekends

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  5. nicky

    I just do not go along with the theory that goalies need competition from within their clubs. They will try their best under any circumstances, without thinking of the colleague on the bench.
    If they fail then the positions are simply reversed.End of.

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  6. Meks

    I don’t rate Reina. I think he’s lucky to be Liverpools no.1. Another few seasons for Shezza and he’ll be the premier leagues finest!

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  7. Gunnerineverylife

    Reina will give Mannone some competition for the number 2 choice rather than Szczesny.

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  8. Charlie

    Hahaha, why would Reina leave Liverpool as their number one to be backup for Arsenal at 30 ? I may be an Arsenal fan but i’m not delusional and this is utter nonsense. Stop wasting our time. What next, Bale as understudy to Gervinho ?

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  9. wayne

    Reina is a flop, he might have been a classy some few years back but right now I think we can do better(he’s giving us cheap goals lately, van pu**y vs Reina, Chamakh vs Reina)

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  10. jj

    reina is needed at the right price he is a member of the great international side and will be able to pass his xp on szez is way to comfortable at arsenal which could slow his development

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  11. matt

    no way we will sell him to you. we rate him far too highly to sell to a rival. not to mention the mans love for liverpool would prevent him from ever playing with you.
    if he leaves, which he won’t (notice the lack of quotes everywhere? have you seen how long he is tied down to us?) then he’ll go over the channel to the continent.

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