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Do Arsenal need to step up these keeper transfer plans?

It is, of course, always good news for a football club, a manager and the fans when you get a player back from injury. Perhaps that is even more true of an Arsenal player than most because of the annual problems that we seem to have with the amount of players missing over the course of a season.

Having said that, I am not sure that there is all that much excitement or relief flowing through the Arsenal fans about the imminent return from the treatment room of David Ospina. Not only has the Colombian international failed to offer up a serious challenge to the club’s regular number one Petr Cech, Ospina seems to have gone backwards.

Maybe the double blooper he made to gift Paraguay two late goals that almost cost his country a place at the World Cup in Russia next summer affected the keeper’s confidence and maybe it does not help that he is still firmly behind Cech in the Arsenal pecking order, but he has certainly looked shaky this season.

So it is hardly a surprise to see an Arsenal transfer rumour reported by Metro saying that the Gunners have eyes on a keeper. The keeper in question is Peter Gulasci who currently plays in the German Bundesliga for Red Bull Leipzig.

With other clubs said to be interested, though, and with 36-year old Cech one injury away from causing Arsenal a huge problem, should Arsenal step up our interest and make this keeper or another a prime transfer target for January?


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21 thoughts on “Do Arsenal need to step up these keeper transfer plans?

  1. Sue

    Please buy another keeper! Cech is not as good as he used to be. Ospina is ok for a back up keeper but does make some stupid mistakes. Got to stop conceding soft goals

  2. Roachie

    The goalkeeper situation will need to be addressed, but its not a priority. However a team like Arsenal should be able to buy a keeper like Butland from Stoke easily. It would be a safer bet than bringing in a young keeper from abroad.

  3. Vlad

    Ospina was, is, and will always be an average keeper. He’s short, he’s injury prone, and he’s prone to silly mistakes. Cech was one of the best, but it seems that those days are behind him now. So I say Yes, we need a new keeper. Someone in the mold of Lloris preferably. Aggressive, commanding, fast, etc…

    1. Jonm

      In his first season with us Ospina played the second half of the season in the PL. His stats were awsome, for every rwo goals he conceded the likes of de gea, hart, courtois conceded three. All his other stats were better as well. Wenger said he had the best stats in the PL, i checked them and he was correct. The next season we bought cech. Some of his saves for columbia have been out of this world. Messi rates him highly, judging by his comments after one international match.

      If he is now as bad as people on here say then it is another top player who has come to arsenal and gone backwards, like arshavin.

    1. Carlos Da Silva

      ah feck off thats bs. they’re maybe ever so slightly better than us right now. our team 11 years ago was better. our team with van persie, fabregas, nasri was better.


    Let me see those AKB’s come and give their 99 reasons why we can not (should not expect to)/beat top teams.

  5. Turbo

    We should certainly consider options. But I’m not ready to give up on Ospina, he was awesome at times during past few years both for club and country. Macey looks very promising, and there is also Martinez. I don’t think it’s as crucial as other needs.

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