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Do Arsenal need to wise up as Gibbs to Watford transfer OFF

Of course it would be nice for Arsenal to be able to get as much money as possible for any players that we sell during the transfer window, but I do think that some of the mega money deals going on in football at the minute may have gone to the heads of Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board.

So with Man City having spent more money this summer on full backs than most clubs in Europe or even the cash rich English Premier League have spent on players in total, perhaps the Gunners think that our England international left back Kieran Gibbs should be worth a pretty penny, but the fact is that if we need to sell him to trim down the Arsenal squad it might be a good idea not to price him too high.

Is £16 million too high? I would say not for a player of Gibbs’ ability, even though he has not played too much first team football for us in the last year or so and has dropped out of the reckoning for the England national team, but it seems to be too much for Watford, who the Daily Mail is reporting have given up on the transfer of Gibbs because of the price.

So does this mean that Arsenal will still have Gibbs in the squad this season, on wages that could be better used elsewhere? Is it time for the Gunners to wise up if we are to git rid of these players that Wenger will not use?


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16 thoughts on “Do Arsenal need to wise up as Gibbs to Watford transfer OFF

  1. Guneal

    The surest way to know a deadwood is when no club is willing to sign a player because of his wage demand and the player is not interested in taking a wage cut.

    1. muff d

      gibbs an theo are amazing
      10 years here an never gd enough

      heres to another te..bleurrghhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. muff d

    ffs 16 million . get him off the wage bill
    take 12 an say thank u . rub someones crotch if need be dicky law(see what i did there)

    again we go into new season needing reinforcements
    swear arsenes lucky im a keyboard warrior that couldnt give his 6 year old niece a decent fight

    or else i’d…sigh….i’d do nothing

  3. Taiwo

    Tough realities staring us in the face. On one hand, the home grown quota policy plays a big part in pricing this sort of players high, in another news our fringe players are not likely to command so high transfer fees because of relatively high wage demands.

    Arsene and the entire management need to find a good balance in pricing the fringe players and not price them off the market. Arsenal remains the loser, overblown wage, too large squad size and indeed continued depletion of same players value as time pass by while contract winds down with possibility of leaving for nothing eventually.

    Sanogo anyone?! Arsenal never seems to learn ????

  4. muff d

    in times of stress and confusion i look to the writings of tony montana
    to help me find inner peace

    hope wenger learns about him

    1. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

      Someone needs to tell Wenger:

      Don’t go chasing waterfalls

      Just stick to the rivers and the lakes you’re used to

  5. Viera Lyn

    All of Wenger’s disastrous plans when it comes to transfers, both incoming and outgoing, are coming home to roost…why would anyone pay a significant fee for a player that was hardly used, is overpaid and has a spotty injury record; not to mention the fact that Wenger nickels & dimes everyone when it comes to transfers so it only makes sense that other teams would do likewise when dealing with us…the fact is I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger does this so that players won’t be moved thereby giving him a ready-made excuse not to spend more money on transfers; there’s a reason why the latest headlines regarding Arsenal transfers seem to suggest that we aren’t bringing anyone in until some players are sold or moved elsewhere on loan…we know this club knows how to utilize press coverage to further their questionable agendas, it’s the very reason why the Sanchez situation has become such a nightmare

  6. Eddy Hoyte

    This is our mistake. We paid them too much when they were doing nothing. Now they prefer to sit all season as long as they’re getting that ?? It’s a shame clubs are not bidding for our deadwoods. That’s how bad we’ve accommodated trash. I wonder how some our deadwoods gets higher paycheck than some of the best players at Tottenham and yet they ain’t good enough.

    ? Match day tomorrow, I’m excited ??

  7. Arsenal_Girl

    The thing is that we don’t really need Gibbs, as we have Kolsanic and Monreal who are both better.

    Also Kolsanic is getting around £150,000 per week and Lacazette £200,000 per week. So don’t we need Gibbs salary used elsewhere?

    Also we could use the £16 million to help offset the cost of our summer signings.

    Also, Gibbs won’t get a lot of starts with us having Monreal and Kolsanic. It’s in his best interests to leave really.

    I think if Watford who won’t be challenging for the title are willing to pay between £12-£16 million for Gibbs, I say take it.

  8. waal2waal

    we supposed to have put buying players on hold while we go into selling the dead wood mode and far as thats going we appear to be amateurs struggling with how to offload “duds”.

    so much faffing about the only serious expressions of interest may be before “the window” closes by clubs needing to remain in the premiership – by which time our primary targets could well have signed for other clubs.

  9. COYG_CA

    Really, not much more to add here, really poor management regarding deadwood movement. Sometimes you just need to cut the price and move the eff on!!!!

  10. Quantic Dream

    Getting rid of the deadwood is not what will determine whether we buy more players or not. As far as Wenger is concerned, we are ready to compete for whatever it is he thinks we normally compete for. Dropping points before the close of the transfer window is what will make Wenger buy…

  11. gooner4life

    Wenger is so stubborn he will probably NOT buy anyone whether we drop points or not because he believes his squad is good enough.

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