Do Arsenal not value Theo Walcott as a player?

Do Arsenal not value Walcott as a player? by KJ

At this time of turmoil, Wenger is adamant that he can get this club back on top and he plans to do so by making sure he signs all of our British players on long contracts. The reliable David Ornstein tweeted yesterday the news:
Wilshere close to new Arsenal deal, Ramsey & Jenkinson done & likely to be announced with Ox & Gibbs as #afc build British core#bbcfootball

This is great news personally. We’ve struggled a lot to keep our key players and there is no doubt that all 5 players have the potential to be Arsenal legends.

However, this does raise a few questions about a certain Englishman who is on course to leave the club that made him. That man is of course, Theo Walcott. These contracts were offered to the 5 mentioned by Ornstein very recently and yet, Walcott has been dawdling over his contract talks since the summer.

It personally proves to me how little Arsenal value Walcott. They are ready to immediately meet the demands of other players whilst have struggled with Walcott. I can understand why. Walcott doesn’t even have close to the ability, the potential of those 5 aforementioned players. Is it worth paying him £100k when Wilshere is willing to accept £75k?
It’s an interesting debate. I personally feel like Walcott is entitled to ask for £100k when the likes of Milner and Young are on more. He’s been at this club for 8 years now and it wouldn’t be unrealistic for someone who’s been a starter to expect a significant jump in his wages. There are also questions over how well this current Arsenal team functions without the pace and instinctive finishing of our best winger.

I’m not really sure what Arsenal are planning but you can only hope that they have someone lined up to replace Walcott if they are so happy to let him leave. Who it is still remains to be seen…..

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50 thoughts on “Do Arsenal not value Theo Walcott as a player?

  1. Rick Rocket

    I think we should offer him 80k a week, but also say that if he wants to steal any of Gervinho’s wages, or give him a wedgey, then we’ll turn a blind eye!

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  2. woody

    ive always liked him as a player and he has not reached his potential. Hes playing better this year, its only last season he was being called names on this website probably by the same fickle people hoping he now stays. If he does decide to go its vital hes replaced with a quality player ready to go and not a potential star

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  3. Gunnerineverylife

    He may have been overrated as a player but his contribuitions are underrated.He is still just 23,if Chamakh and Squid deserve so much wage then why does he not deserve 100k?wage structure are in a big mess at Arsenal.I personally love him as a player,good luck to him,hope he goes to other leagues rather than stay in EPL because watching him score for another epl pain will be painful just like Rvp.

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  4. GoonerF

    A clause in his contract if he gets over 25 goals in the league he can get his 100k a year, he had a great start to the season 2 years ago go injured and was back to being Walcott, we will see in 2 months see if hes still the same…

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  5. artillery1

    We Must…… he deserves 100k!

    Wenger keep players whn thy r ametuar n whn thy become professional, he sells them!

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  6. Gunnerineverylife

    Our youth project is a failure,they are all sold when they reach their potential.Its all about the profit.

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  7. artillery1

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahhaaa :D :D :D

    Wenger is Worried that he vl have shortage of Players(strikers) whn GERVINHO will Leave For AFRICAN CUP :D :D :D

    Now, If Wenger Is Wise, he must B worried About Wallcot Contract Situation… Mark my Words, Wenger will say “WE LET WALCOT GO BECOX WE HAVE GERVINHO, AS WINGER N STRIKER” :D :D :D



    Its not Board FAULT!



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  8. stalwartgunner

    It appears to be so. Arsenal FC have had a culture of not respecting players in the long run. I think Wenger, is planning to bring in a French player.

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  9. artillery1

    If Gervinho OR ramsey STARTS????

    Thumbs Up to kick Out Wenger…

    Thumb Down to keep WEnger…..

    Team selection is not board matter!

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  10. OhMyGunner

    I agree with the article, imagine for example, the Ox with 23 years… By that age we expect him to have done a lot more than Walcott by now. I think Walcott will leave, because he is giving too much value to himself, but there are plenty of talented wingers that could replace him well. I think Taraabt would be class at Arsenal, he is a gifted player.

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  11. leo

    theo walcott has already agreed terms with chelski acc to certain sources he is off arsenal needs to move wenger need to get ruthless & sell the deadwood he can’t keep bieng lenient & needs to invest in the squad

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  12. leo

    Abou Diaby: I would like to play for Barcelona or Real Madrid [10 Feb, 2011]” Another one who would have gone if uninjured

    why is he still at emirates is beyond me as for the board get out now time to protest bring in banners that say usmanov in stan out

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  13. Gunnerineverylife

    @leo It was Wenger’s decision to keep Diaby,Galatasaray had bid 10m for him but Wenger rejected the bid.SANTA GIVE DIABY NEW LEGS IN THIS CHRISTMAS!!

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  14. leo

    @ginnerineverylife lol dude yeah spot on & did you see that pep guardiola has turned down chelski for arsenal & chelski now are in talks with klopp he could join them while theo too is off + no henry coming if wenger doesn’t spend in jan he should leave pep in no more lans( like a new signing) i may have written negative about pep but still the guys deserves credit

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  15. Wasat

    Let him go… We don’t need people who moan over wage even do they didn’t proof anything. He never played 3 good games in a row.

    and don’t compare him with other players I don’t think he showed that he is a great player… Playing 10 games good in a season doesn’t tell anything… plus he has always been better when he comes off the Bench. So that should say enough…

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  16. KC

    Some of the statements in this article are “fan”-tastical.

    Wilshere, Gibbs, and Ox do appear to have the potential to become Arsenal legends, but Jenkinson…? I think the youngster has done extremely well but technically he still leaves a lot to be desired, and at times his passing is shocking. I love the kid and the way he’s stepped up to the opportunity he’s been given, but it’s early for me to be imagining him an Arsenal legend. Let’s just see if he can become an Arsenal starter in the next few seasons.

    And, Ramsey…a legend? Aaron Ramsey is currently in an incredibly hotly contested battle for the title of the worst player currently in the Arsenal starting rotation. He’s been absolutely terrible for at least the last 12 months. As a result, any talk of him becoming an Arsenal legend must surely be qualified with the statement, “if he can rediscover his pre-injury form”. If Ramsey can’t find his old form soon, forget talk of him becoming an Arsenal legend, and start talking of him becoming a Bolton legend or a Crystal Palace legend because he will definitely not make it at Arseal playing like this.

    Re. Walcott, to say that he, “doesn’t even have close to the ability of Jenkinson, Ox, Gibbs, and Ramsey” is quite stupid really.

    And, yes, it is strange to me that a player who’s been in the starting rotation for 6 years, who’s been an England international since he was 17, and who currently leads the team in both goals and assists while doing most of that damage as a substitue would be offered far less than other wingers in the league. (By the way, Young does happen o be significantly ahead of Walcott and deserves more money, IMO. But not so Milner, who just happens to be playing at a club where all finances are skewed toward the absurd).

    Walcott is an essential part of the English base that Wenger claims he wants to build. In fact, on current form, he is far more essential to the team than either Jenkinson and, especially, Ramsey.

    If it’s only a matter of 10-15K per week to keep him than I think we are continuing the policy of needlessly and stupidly letting our best young players go just when they reach maturity. It’ s rediculous and it will keep us in our new identitiy as “4th place cowboys” indefinitlely.

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  17. leo

    we need to sort out the wage cap/bill seriously spuds have wage list 50m less than us while bayern have a wage bill 20m more than us(afc 143m ,bayern 165m) yet they have quality players better than us stop overpayin kids there should be grading system like grade top players like cazorla should be on 80-150 a week b grade for avg players 20-30 a week & kids should be on grade c 5-20 a week isco at malaga is on 6/week while denilson is on 50/week speaks the differnce

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  18. Henry

    Personally I would like to keep him. At the moment he is one of a few players we have that has any pace. When he doesn’t play we look very slow and teams can player higher and higher up the field as they aren’t concerned about a counter-attack!

    Having said all this he really worth 100k a week?! Yes he has improved and is a bit more consistent but is this down to the rest of our players being inconsistent? I think he has illusions of grandeur and it really is a sorry state of affaris if players like Walcott, Milner etc… are expecting to get paid 100k! I suppose we can thank Chelski and City for how times have changed in football!

    Bottom line though he has been one of our best players and the fact we are going to be getting rid of him is another indication of how our board see this club! Money, money,money! Disgraceful!

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  19. leo

    the quad is still on fa/cl/pl & 4th place come on wenger sort it out
    we need 4 signings with no henry hope we get top player no more kids

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  20. leo

    theo will leave it’s either chelski or lfc depends who pays how much i for one second will not buy his nonsense of him wanting 2 play as a striker it’s all about money i hope usmanov takes over so that for once the likes of chelski/city/manure/uefalona knows what it is like when the boot is on the other boot these clubs have ruined us wenger’s hard work efforts + a delluded board

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  21. dude

    Ramsey offered a farking new contract ???!! This should be on ‘ripley’s believe it or not’ !!!

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  22. vp

    Come on guys, how anyone can think Walcott is world class is beyond belief. Poor first touch made worse by the fact of no upper body strength. No awareness what so ever, and don’t get me started on the technique. The boy can finish from time -i’ll give him that, but he’s too lacking in the other areas to demand a role up front. Think he makes a good super sub as his pace can bring a much needed change to matches at times.

    Just as most of you were a couple months ago, I’m still not too fussed if he stays or goes. Yes, he’s had a few good games in the capital cup, but come on, lets not get carried away. Lets be real, if he was that good, he would have been snapped by someone by now, and we would have banked the proceeds quicker then the guy does the 100 meters.

    I will say this,if he does go, then he must be replaced with a quality player like Ben Arthur. Otherwise it would be a mistake to let him go, as he still fills a void in the team. Should he be earning 100k a week, probably as market forces would suggest so. Should he be Arsenal’s highest earner, probably not.

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  23. lifeasagooner

    Theo is an asset to the club both on and off the pitch.
    He is worth keeping. On his day he can trouble any team in the world.
    I can see him being utilised better by another manager somewhere else and doing well.
    I cannot understand why the club is not learning the lesson when it comes to stability.
    We keep losing our better players:
    RVP, Clichy, Song, Nasri, Fabregas etc.
    And at the same time we fail to sell the crap ones like Squillaci.
    The club is in sleep mode these days and has been for several years now.

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  24. ArsenalZeus

    I reckon Wenger is looking for some consistency, Walcott gets injured ALOT, so if he is smart he should wait and see if Walcott can last for more than 2 games. Wenger wants him to sign da ting first before he moves him into the CF position.

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  25. lifeasagooner

    The thing with theo is that he needs the right pass. If the ball is played through the defence in front of his run he’ll beat anyone to the ball and has proven he can finish well. Its no good playing it into his feet on the wing and telling him to run the channel and cross it. He cant run with it at his feet – it needs to be played through for him to run on to at speed.
    If his next club use him that way then he’ll score 20 a season as long as he stays free from injury.

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  26. lifeasagooner

    Many footballers these days do not conduct themselves well off the pitch. Theo is not only a great player but he’s a top quality representative of the club. He’s polite and articulate and he’s also adored by all the female fans around the world. He isnt a trouble maker like Nasri etc. I can’t see the sense in letting him go – especially to a premier league club. He’d rip our current defence apart with ease if he signs for another club. Arsenal just arent using him to his potential.

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  27. dzoya

    Walcott can be replaced easily in my opinion.He is in Arsenal for 6 years now,he scored 10 goals and thats good,but he simply isn’t class that was expected to be…He was like “new Henry” and if this is 1/8 of Henry then I’m Messi…He is good as a wing,and you guys think that players perform for 2 months and immediately get 100 000 p/w wage,you must show consistency and commitment to get the money,what about Wilshere? He should be asking for 150 000 p/w? Guys,dont be foolish,we can get 2x better player than Walcott in January,and with Walcott we need to sell all of our deadwood players and replace them,as simple as that…

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  28. lifeasagooner

    the trouble is we cant get 2 players better than him in january.
    Players who are that good are wanted by other teams who are willing to pay more than us.
    Thats why we have been buying only mediocre players who top teams arent interested in, like Giroud, Podolski, Gervinho, Jenkinson, Beneyoun, etc none of them are top quality players.

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  29. Doc

    I think Arsenal has more love for Theo than he has for the Arsenal. I would give him around 80 k but if he don’t want to sign that then take money for him while we can and get a replacement before it’s too late.

    We don’t want to be in a situation where we sign a Cf / Dm and maybe a Lb and then loose him last minute like Song. Just do it Wenger and bring in a winger or two one to replace Arshavin as well it’s clear his long term future is not with us as well.
    Pity about both as they are good players. But look at Berbatov sometimes you need to go for both your sake and the clubs sake. Doesn’t mean they are bad players but we need to learn to acccept sometimes our future is with someone else.

    I think Zaha and another winger maybe who could do wing or give another attacking option either behind a striker or beside one like Lopez maybe.

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  30. dzoya


    If we can get Cazorla,we can easily get Zaha,Sissoko and Willems and one striker,it can be cheap striker,we dont need falcao,cavani or guys like that,we can score goals without cavani in attack,trust me…It was just the case arsenal didn’t do nothing to sign players,and it is almost definitely that arsenal will spend money in january

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  31. sperez

    That’s exactly what Wenger has been doing for year. Instead of using the money available to buy good players he just uses it to increase the wage bill. Ramsey, Gibbs, Wilshere and Chamberlain are already being overpaid but Wenger just offered them a new contract with improved terms.
    Ok some of these players might become very good (especially Wilshere) but you cannot start to overpay them, especially when they are so young. No wonder Walcott thinks he is worth 100k/week.
    We always complain about the money bags City and Chelsea ruining the game but then Wenger’s policy is just as bad. He rewards unproven young players with big money. Arsenal are corrupting the game too.
    Wenger is nothing more than a clown. That’s why we still have the likes of Djourou and Diaby at the club wasting valuable resources. If Ramsey and Gibbs won’t come good, for example, we are just stuck with more overpaid shite players. That’s why our wage bill has been increasing massively and the quality of our squad has been deteriorating. Wenger’s policy is pure rubbish. What will take to Wenger be accountable for this shit?

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  32. Dan

    The guy shouldn’t be offered 100k a week. He’s too inconsistent, and this really shows the guy’s arrogance. He’s 23 years old and in his prime. If Wenger isn’t prepared to play him as a striker then let him go. I can think of 20 other right wingers i’d rather give that kind of money.

    How the hell did Wenger let a French player like Ben Arfa go to Newcastle. Ten years ago Wenger would have spotted him and snapped him up. Debuchy is the next one, Newcastle will snap him up and we’ll regret not doing so when Sagna leaves for silverware.

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  33. RASD KY

    In Arsene Wenger’s mind we’ve got the best wingers in the world in the names of Ramsey and Gervinho…..

    Someone is gotta give Arsene some much needed dose. ANd we Arsenal fans should also come up with banners insisting on a compulsory eye check for Wenger because honestly it could be that this guy normally doesn’t see what we see.

    I just don’t seem to get any reason as to why he keeps starting with GervinNOOO and RamseyNOO.

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  34. Ozzy AFC


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  35. Uche

    I am surprised that the writer of this blog thinks that Walcot is our least talented British player. What nonsense. I am even more surprised when people on this blog say that walcot is not talented. What are you guys smoking? Have you not been watching arsenal this season? Walcot has improved immensely! Who has been our best player this season? That is Theo walcot. How many games have we won without walcot? How many assists has walcot had all season inspite of injuries and being benched? How many goals has Giroud scored this season? How many goals has Giroud created all by himself? You mean to say that if you were to choose between Giroud and Walcot, you will choose Giroud? Why? Because he scored 20 goals in ligue un? Theo will score 40 goals in Ligue un and so will podolski.

    Walcot is the only arsenal striker who takes the game to the opponents. He is the only arsenal striker who turbo charges our attack and knows how to cross a ball. Ox cannot even cross a ball. Yes Ox can dribble. How useful was his dribbling at Bradford? I have to say that a lot of people in this blog are really poor at sporting Talent. I will pay Walcot 100k per week any time of the day. It is cheaper to pay him what he wants than to get a premier league striker who is as good as him. If Demba ba comes, we will cough up 90k in weekly wages to sign him and his release clause is 7.5mil and he is 27 years old. Walcot is just 23.

    If you guys don’t realize yet that walcot is the only current arsenal player who has survived being played out of position, then you don’t know what you have got in your hands. Ramsey, Gervinho, Arshavin and Podsolki are all suffering from being played out of position in Arsenal. Walcot is the ONLY one who survived it and is banging in the the goals for us regularly. Imagine what he can do when played centrally, his strongest position. I am sorry for arsenal. We are just clueless. Ramsey gets a new contract but not walcot? Why do you think wenger is recalling walcot for tonight’s game after claiming that he is injured? Wenger knows that walcot is the ONLY arsenal player that will win us this game tonight. No wonder van persie left. Wenger and the board are incapable of valuing its best players because they want all the money for themselves. Wenger gets 7.5 million a year and Gazidis gets 2 mil for doing what?

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  36. Invincibles nice (1)

    We have been trying to tie Walcott in for over a year now, we thought it would be finalised in the summer.

    He is asking for demands that he knows wont be acceptable, break our wage structure concerning players of a certain age, and to get the nod up front at a time we play one there who must have holding/link play skills.

    I read on here that playing in a three man attack doesnt stop Ronaldo from out scoring almost eveyone almost always.
    Henry done most of his work hugging the touchline before baring in on goal, he looked more like how two of a three man attack should play, so whats stopped Theo.

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  37. true goon

    i think your a bit deluded Admin,those young players really love Arsenal and they are totally committed to the club.While walcott says”i enjoy playing for this club” he doesn’t seem to have the same commitment and love as the others.It looks like he’s had his head turned,we all know that things aren’t right at Arsenal,but Theo is part of the problem think about the 6 or 7 years he’s been at Arsenal and his goal scoring raatio is so poor,yet he wants to demand to be played as a striker.
    I think its pretty clear that Arsenal do value Theo but not as much as his enflated head values himself.What milner and Young earns hasn’t got anything to do with Arsenal.Young and Milner tend to start games for England when they are fit,Walcott doesn’t he’s on the bench even the Ox starts ahead of him.! of the reasons being that Walcott doesn’t like tracking back.
    Something tells me its his dislike of tracking back that has lead him to demand to be played upfront

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  38. moussa

    There is no doubt that Theo is a good player, but not necessarily the best one. In most of the goals he has scored, he has done so from the wide attacking position and not the centre; the wide attacking position is where he belongs. His demands to play in the central attacking position shows that he does not know his strength(s).

    I think Arsene should just let him go where he wants, he is becoming a distraction to other issues.

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  39. Popeye

    He absolutely deserves 100k.
    Wake up guys we r in the 21st century, & prices have shot up significantly. The way I see it, Arsenal FC charge the highest in probably Europe for season& ticket & yet cry over such minor amounts. When players in today’s date get more than 300k, Walcott is very right on his own to ask for his share from the greedy board & arrogant manager.

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  40. Ben10

    How many times will the word deadwood get used on this site? Change the record n get behind the team, oh n by the way we’d be mad not to want theo to stay at club we’re just about to see the best of him n i for one want that to be in an arsenal shirt! Coyg

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