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Do Arsenal now have to be considered title challengers?

Stan Collymore has claimed that Arsenal are amongst the teams who could challenge for the Premier League title this term. The Gunners earned a well-fought and well-deserved 2-0 victory over high-flying rivals Tottenham this weekend, pulling themselves to within a point of the top four.

Arsenal started the season in varied form, but are now firing on all cylinders and seriously put Spurs to the sword at the weekend, a team who nowadays have to be taken seriously in all competitions, as Real Madrid found out only last month.

Stan Collymore has now called for them to push on and create a four-way dogfight for the Premier League title, alongside Chelsea, Manchester United and current runaway leaders Man City.

The former striker claimed that United must be taken seriously with Pogba back in contention, before hinting that they may not be alone in challenging the leaders by Christmas.

Collymore said: “United were as free-scoring as any side at the start of the season but have been playing with the brakes on since French international Pogba got injured.

“With him back against the Toon, they looked rejuvenated.

“And by Christmas, when Pogba and Zlatan should really be back in the groove, the title race may have an altogether different complexion.

“Indeed, if Chelsea and Arsenal can build on their results from the weekend then we might even have the makings of a dogfight at the top of the Premier League table.

“I’m not saying any of them are going to leapfrog City but at least they might make things a bit more competitive than they promise to be right now.”

I personally think it is a little too early to be dragging our name into contention for the title, and would be more than happy for us to ignore such thoughts and concentrate on our form, and IF we did find ourselves near the leaders, then we can allow ourselves to aim higher.

Lacazette should only get better as his understanding grows with his team-mates, but there still remains the issues that will likely come with Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez as their futures remain uncertain.

Is it too early to look at challenging Man City? Will our form only get better?

Pat J

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10 thoughts on “Do Arsenal now have to be considered title challengers?

  1. McLovin


    Man City WILL drops points sure, but matters none since it is highly likely that we will struggle against Burnley this weekend.

  2. Salmonella

    Ozil to Barca for 20million. That’s too damn low for a player of his quality but it’s better than getting nothing & a PL aka Man U signing him
    As for Sanchez, he’s destined to end up at City. Whether he’s off in Jan is the big question

    1. jon fox

      Well, if it was instead of Walcott that would be fine by me. The actual wooden bench itself is more use than Walcott. At least it supports his team mates!

  3. jon fox

    Any fan who actually thinks – after just one Invincibles standard perf this season- that Arsenal are serious title contenders this season must be smoking something pungent! For that matter , any fan , who thinks any team, other than City, can win the title, clearly hates realism! I fully expect City to win the title by a record ever margin over all the others.

    1. Arsenal 007

      Totally agree with you.
      I however hope we protect Arsenal’s Invincible record. We lost the chance in the away match with Man City. As much as I hate to say it…I don’t see who’s going to stop them at the moment.

  4. Yossarian

    Burnley and Liverpool are equal on points with us, so are they “Title contenders?” too?

    No… I don’t think so… And neither are Arsenal.

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