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Do Arsenal really need to fear just Man City and United?

You can tell that the confidence is returning to those concerned with Arsenal Football Club, and although it could hardly have been any worse for us Gooners going into the last international break, the turnaround on the pitch has been remarkable, but I am not sure that it has been quite good enough to get us dreaming of a Premier League title triumph just yet.

However, there are not too many EPL clubs looking stronger than Arsenal at the minute, especially after the reigning champions Chelsea have faltered of late and have also just lost their summer signing and top scorer Alvaro Morata for a lengthy injury lay-off.

So with Arsenal having moved level on points with his former club, our keeper Petr Cech is looking at the title race and thinking we are right back in the hunt, The Mirror reports, despite there still being a six point gap to the two Manchester clubs.

With Liverpool struggling at both ends and with Tottenham clearly not happy with Wembley Stadium as their home ground, Arsenal could be feeling pretty optimistic, but until Man City and/or United start to wobble then we are still only playing catch-up and may have to win our upcoming games against them to challenge for the top.

Cech said, “We have joined the group of leaders – that is important.

“We play them both, so those will be the games where we have the opportunity to close the gap. At this time, we need to make sure we win all our games and let’s see what will happen.

“On Saturday we were monitoring all the games and the result and every team ahead of us won their games, so we needed to make sure we continued our run and kept winning in order to keep the gap the way it is.

“Unfortunately we have to be chasing so we need to make sure we win our games and if the teams ahead of us drop some points we can close the gap or get ahead of them.

“As a team, the cohesion is there. The defensive attitude, the offensive work as well. This is the way to go forward.”

Arsenal face Man City on November 5th and with a bit of luck that could be a top two battle, as United face Tottenham and Liverpool before then and they face Chelsea that same week. Are Man City the team to beat for any club with title ambitions. Is it just the two Manchester clubs that are the ones for Arsenal to fear?

Sam P.

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18 thoughts on “Do Arsenal really need to fear just Man City and United?

  1. Arsenal_Girl

    No. Not just those 2, but 5 teams
    Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool
    Its going to be a very tough season

    We need to play every match like it’s the FA Cup final.
    We also should play every Europa League match like it’s a final in case we do not finish in the top 4

      1. Arsenal_Girl

        If Barca came here? LoL. Good question

        If Barca came here, I would just focus on Europa and FA Cups lol

        I guess technically we could still make top 4 but makes sense to play our best players in Europa because a trophy is better than Top 4 and you get into Champions League anyway if you win Europa

  2. ThirdManJW

    I fear Wenger much more than the Manchester clubs. I fear the simplistic mistakes he makes EVERY season, will resurface…actually, they already have! Just look how he made a conscious decision to really weaken us before two really tough away games (Stoke, and especially Liverpool). Here we are in October, and I am still awaiting an explanation for his team selections for those two games.

    There a lot of fans that refuse to even acknowledge that Wenger is a HUGE problem, but until that problem, amongst others, is resolved, how does one expect us to compete with the top clubs in England, and in Europe?

    I’m sure I’ll get bashed again for speaking about facts, but a quick factual reminder for those who will probably claim how great we’re doing at the moment: So far we’ve won all of our easy games. Given the strength of our of squad, these are games I’d expect us to win even if we had a gorilla managing us! If we had Allardyce, or Bruce in charge, we should still be winning these games. We haven’t won any of our tough games, or even scored in them! Does Wenger deserve credit then?

  3. kristoman

    Agreed 100%%
    We’ve turn a new leaf they say, we said exactly this last season after beating the minnows, but when the real show started, we ran for the hills to take cover only to come back showcase ourselves when the war has been won and lost. God don’t they get tired of this repeating cycle. Personally I’m done trusting this charade

    1. satanK

      Can’t agree more with you, and yet people aren’t happy with your completely accurate assessment.

  4. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Last year was Mustafi’s first season so he was clumsy sometimes. Now he is acclimated fully to the league and showing what a world class acquisition he has been.

    Cech is on top form and a true leader. Kolasinac has hit the ground running.

    We have acquired a world class striker in Laca. With Welbeck, Giroud and Walcott all hitting top form and Iwobi going from strength to strength we are a true world class attacking outfit that will be much more efficient than last season.

    Add to this Monreal’s continuing great form, Holding improving and the unearthing of yet another gem in Nelson and it is hard to see for me how people can keep on going on about last season. This team might be the same as last season but the evolution of it makes it a force to be reckoned with.

    With Ozil now out we are a team of 11 fighters. Power, ability and aggression is all throughout the team.

    Things are looking up!

  5. AB

    As always getting carried away. This is what I have see many arsenal players comment as well rather than focusing on winning the next game. Let’s get our first away win against Watford and then some wins against the big teams before writing such arrogant articles.

    1. AndersS

      Yes, the author of the article should get real. So far we have only beaten second rate teams, drawn against one of our direct opponents (hopefully) and got heavily beat by another direct opponent. We are lying fifth for God’s sake! That is hardly satisfying at all.

  6. Vlad

    I recall us sitting at the top of the table a couple of years ago on New Year’s day, and then it all fell apart. So let’s just take it one game at a time, please.

  7. Simon

    My honest opinion at this very moment only 3 teams are playing better football, Manure, ManShity, and (hate to admit it) Spuds.

    We might be best of the test for now- but we need to improve a chunk to be better than those 3

  8. satanK

    Arsenal should fear only Liverpool, as they’re the ones that can take the fifth spot away from them.
    Forget manchesters and spuds and even chavs, we’re not going to top them with the players we’ve got and Wenger’s frequent brain farts.

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