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Do Ozil and Sanchez mess up the Arsenal ‘dynamics’?

Ian Wright has claimed that Arsenal should consider playing without both Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez.

The Gunners earned a hard-fought draw away to Chelsea this weekend, in a match they very-well could have won, and the intriguing part is that neither of our so-called key men started the match.

Aaron Ramsey put in a dogged performance in central midfield, while Danny Welbeck and Alex Iwobi took up the advanced roles generally occupied by the German and Chilean superstars,

Ian Wright has now claimed that the pair should stay out of the team if they cannot work within the team’s togetherness, after watching an impressive display on Sunday v Chelsea.

“If I had that team fit against, what Ramsey said resonated with me,” Wright said.

“I think that team looks together.

“Ozil and Sanchez will mess up the dynamics with what we saw the other day.”

Alexis did come off the bench to cause Chelsea problems in the second-half, although it wasn’t enough to walk away with all three points, but we did look a composed team before he entered the pitch.

Both players in question were linked with moves away from the club in the previous transfer window, with both currently looking at possible free transfers come the end of the season, and you would expect both to fight to play especially considering the World Cup will take place next summer.

Forcing the duo to sit and watch others start ahead of them may well force them to work harder, although I’m not sure Alexis is able to work harder than he always does.

I think Sanchez is one who always gives his all, and does bring that team work ethic into the side, and have to disagree with Wright on that one.

Do they deserve to be benched? Are they too good to leave out? Is the team more together without them?

Pat J

11 thoughts on “Do Ozil and Sanchez mess up the Arsenal ‘dynamics’?

  1. Frank

    Özil is overrated. I have been saying for about a year that Arsenal would be better off without him. I think the TEAM performance against Chelsea shows that Özil is a passenger.
    Watch all the Özilities try and defend him hahaha.

    1. gotanidea

      Yes, I also think Sanchez is not the one that messes Arsenal’s dynamics, but Ozil does, like what Ian Wright said. Sanchez always tries to pressurize the opponent and be creative in the field.

      Sanchez’s adventurous actions look irresponsible sometimes, but he always chases and pressurizes the opponent’s defender back, after he loses the ball. Messi also does this in Barcelona, because this is like playing chess with the opponent’s defender, they play mind games to make the defender do some mistakes.

      Ozil on the other hand, cannot develop his game if he is pressurized by the opponents. He often creates predictable passes that can easily be read by the opponents. He also likes to play safe, because he often got robbed in the field.

      Arsenal should stop creating these predictable “chances” and play as a teamwork. Everybody should work hard to retrieve the ball under ten seconds and help the defense to build the attack from back.

  2. arsenal4life

    Ozil and Sanchez do unbalance
    the side because they are vastly
    superior to the other attackers.
    The last 3 years have seen 5 players carry Arsenal.
    At the attack end scoring comes through Ozil’s assists
    and Sanchez’s and Girouds goals.
    In the defensive end Cech and Koscielny have
    been the best defenders by far.
    But why do we keep so many unreliable and often injured players.
    Why can’t we find quality players to compliment the top 5?

  3. The barrel

    Don’t be fooled by the media, Sanchez is a good player who can attack and defend very well. But Ozil is just overrated, he is lazy and he walks around the pitch as if he owns it. I would let Ozil leave even for 10million in January. Buy Draxler, and bring back Joel Campbell.

    1. Ted

      Ozil doesn’t walk around d pitch. He covers more distance than more than half the team. I agree he lacks the strength to make tackles but that doesn’t mean he strolls around the pitch. Ozil has never been known to be a ball winner. One day he ll leave and make another team better. Arsenal needs to work harder and smarter for ozil to shine. Ozil critics are getting really annoying. Am happy he is leaving soon. Watch how big teams will happily sign him for free and become better with him. You don’t know what you ve got till its gone. These useless pundits will praise Ozil and criticize Arsenal for not getting the best out of him.

  4. Waal2waal

    Ozil is meant to have quality players around him if we sense hes not performing then a manager can bench him but swapping him is a solution too. who do you buy of this guys quality? a swap for philip courtinho is what i would consider but how many options are out there. whoever comes in will only be berated and for what? for not being mesut ozil.

  5. AyParjoule

    I dnt hv any problem with Sanchez buh playing OZIL IN a team we’ll be playing Ramsey is like d combination of Gerrard and Lampard in dt England team for almost decade which Neva produce a result. Wenger shld get a very strong defensive midfielder to replace Ramsey in midfield if he wants to be using OZIL. #myopinion#

  6. Andre

    Sanchez does in no way. Maybe Ozil might be unwilling to defend and so this is easily noticeable when replaced with a much willing attacker. I think most big away games that does not feature Ozil will do arsenal a lotta good cos am always relieved if i dont see him in the starting line up. But for smaller teams pls have Ozil there. As for the real missing puzzle i think Ramsey was what really changed for arsenal and maybe Ozil’s absence. Ramsey has never played with such discipline for quite a while and i doubt if he will even replicate it in the next game.

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