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Do Watford results show Arsenal are weaker than Chelsea?

So while it looked like Arsenal having a lead and then losing to Watford was about to be repeated by our Premier League title rivals Chelsea today, it did not turn out that way and the Blues of Antonio Conte turned the game around again and ended up winning 4-2. I can already see all those hacks ion the football media typing away and claiming that this proves the theory that Arsenal do not have the same sort of fighting spirit as the likes of Chelsea.

It is a thing that we need to consider, to be fair, but I am not sure that everything is quite as black and white at it seems at first. For one thing, Chelsea were at home today while Arsenal were away and the home crowed last weekend certainly played their part.

I do not want to keep banging on about it but it was a dodgy penalty from the referee that turned our game and if you factor in the lift it gave to home fans and therefore the Watford players you cannot brush away the importance of that incident.

I would have to say also that Watford were more clinical against us. They did not miss a host of chances before that extra time winner but they should have scored at least three today at Stamford Bridge and the fact it was our tormentor Richarlison that missed two gilt edged chances makes me think about luck being against us once again.

Yes Arsenal should have responded better to our bad luck at Watford, but it was bad luck and Chelsea had some good luck today to avoid the same result Arsenal got against an impressive team. That is my opinion anyway, but what do you guys think?


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10 thoughts on “Do Watford results show Arsenal are weaker than Chelsea?

  1. Mogunna

    No, absolutely not, we lost, they won but it doesn’t make us weaker and 3 points they make and us zero makes us more points. Does that responds to question, and reassures you, clears your doubts? Yeah and they were champion in EPL, we are not cuz the best. So, don’t you worry kido, i buy you a gun for Xmas, yep, with real bullet to, you can shoot yourself and you still be alive, just make believe, you be fine..

  2. Eddy Hoyte

    Is this supposed to be an excuse or supposes to cover the fact that truly we don’t have any fight in us not to mention having the fight Chelsea has.
    Please we always mess up when we should win.
    Before their game, I was a 100% sure Chelsea would win after we messed up against Watford.
    You know why?
    Chelsea wouldn’t want to be embarrassed like us.
    That’s if the team even felt embarrassment.

    We’re very far from the likes of City, Utd and Chelsea. Spurs is gradually joining that list.
    Tell me Would Arsenal have gotten a draw at Santiago Bernabeu? I doubt it. We lack hunger an fight.
    And it all leads to one Stingy and clueless owner and one delusional stubborn Coach.

    you guys should just stop trying to protect the team.
    they’ve been protected enough for years.
    kick em out!!
    kick the lazy ones out!!.
    these players might not have the club at heart. but we the fans do have the club very close to our heart. Nuf Said

  3. Mogunna

    sorry, yes they won EPL, buti mean’t they in Champions League and we not; we will have much more fun than them… Lunatic!

  4. Arsenal_Girl

    We haven’t performed well so far.
    4 away matches without a win
    4 home wins but very tight wins against teams from the bottom half of the table bournemouth, Brighton, west bromwich and I forgot the 4th win sorry.

    Now, I agree a win is a win. Any type of win is 3 points. That’s the main thing

    However, we need to look at the general performance as well. Again we lost big to Liverpool away, haven’t won any of our away matches and all our home wins are tight wins against lower half teams. This worries me because I don’t feel comfortable against the top teams away or home and if we are a top team we should be win at least 1 or 2 matches big. We aren’t coming close to that

    The top teams have won at least 1 big win look at these wins this season so far ie
    Liverpool beat us 4-0
    City beat Pool 5-0
    City beat Watford 6-0
    City beat CP 5-0
    City beat Stoke 7-2…. YES 7-2
    United beat Swansea 4-0
    United beat west ham 4-0
    United beat Everton 4-0
    United beat Crystal Palace 4-1
    Spurs beat Everton 3-0
    Spurs beat huddersfield 4-0

    EVERTON has been a whipping boy this season away and home. If we don’t win it will be really bad not just because it means 5 away games without a win but not to beat other teams are beating by more than a hattrick will be very demoralizing. Even winning by 1 goal will make me think what will happen when City and United come here? Or worse, when we go there?

    Again, I agree a win is a win. I am happy whenever we win but we need to improve considerably before the big teams come because we could have another 4-0 loss or worse.

    I will say that injuries, Ozil’s lackadaisical performance, Wenger starting wrong players in wrong positions, Alexis poor fitness has all contributed

    Away at Everton needs to be the start of a increasing quality performances. We must win 1st and foremost but would love a dominating performance too

  5. Arsenal_Girl

    We have played well against Chelsea
    1. Won FA Cup
    2. Won Community Shield
    3. Drew away. Our best away performance and maybe better than any of our home wins

  6. Anko

    They learned from our lost. It usually happens when a small team beats a big team they usually lose their next game to another big team. We too benefits from other teams.

  7. Ack77

    Chelsea are as bad as we are, maybe worse considering their pool of talent and transfer power is greater than us. Their centre midfield is as bad as ours even kante is having a mediocre season. If we are having a bad start, so are Chelsea and Liverpool and if we win today so are man u being only 4 pts ahead despite playing only 1 team from top 9.

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