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Does Liverpool result make Arsenal fans feel better?

As well as being able to have a good old laugh at our Premier League rivals, Arsenal fans can, I think, take a lot of heart from the result of today´s early kick off in the Premier League, as Liverpool who have once again been saying that this is their year, were held to a draw by the unfancied Watford.

Just like Arsenal, the scousers main problems were at the back as they also conceded three goals and went behind twice, but the main difference was the outcome,as the Gunners managed to score four while they could only manage three.

Jurgen Klopp had seen his side bounce back from an early free header from Okaka through Mane, but minutes later they were behind again and unlike us went into the break trailing. After finally getting the attacking side of their game going they scored a quick double but could not hold on and conceded an injury time leveller to stun Klopp and the Anfield mob.

The fact is that Arsenal, while also making defensive errors, did manage to lock out the game once ahead and while all of our main centre backs were out of action Liverpool had a full squad of fit defenders to choose from. These things can happen, especially early in a season, so does this Liverpool draw make you Arsenal fans feel better about our own struggle to beat Leicester?

Sam P.

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36 thoughts on “Does Liverpool result make Arsenal fans feel better?

  1. Anko

    I thought Arsenal had a tough start, but Liverpool and Chelsea would take our result any day! I think every team is starting with the mind of giving themselves a good chance of doing great.

  2. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Not really. Arsenal were a shambles last night and it was clear that Wenger has addressed none of the real issues.

    It feels like more of the same again

      1. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

        Defence was still pathetic. That means nothing actually changes.

        No point in being happy about LFC when AFC are in no position to gain any momentum on them

  3. Otunba007

    Even Chelsea’s result is making me feel MUCH MUCH BETTER !!!Buying the whole player in the world doesn’t mean they will hit the ground running but if we sign a a very good midfielder quickly, this could be our year COYG

    1. Break-on-through

      Chelsea made more signings than us, so what happened. Tott made none, they’ll prob win it now.

      On a serious note, it’s a huge adrenaline rush when you come back late like that. Players and pundits even say how much more of a rush it is than if you comfortably won the game. Then today’s results just tops it perfectly.

  4. Uzi Ozil

    Chelsea score at this time gives me all kinds of JOY. I know it’s just the first game but please allow me to be joyous. Burnley to score a 4th goal. Lol

  5. Arsenal_Girl

    I’m always feeling better after a win.
    In fact I am always happy after a win
    Even Premier League champions have bad matches, but it’s about how hard you fight to pull out. win. Somehow we pulled out a win and that’s what champions do. Getting a win when you aren’t playing well

    I don’t get fans who are down, depressed, pessimistic. We WON. Save the depression for when we have a bad result lol

    Yes we had defensive problems but I’d personally rather bask in the glow of victory than focus too much on the problems last night

    Let’s hope Wenger makes a couple more signings and fixes our defensive problems

    1. HA559

      They would finished outside the top 4 with or without him. Remember Wenger gave Liverpool top 4 last season. In both games Wenger was directly responsible for the losses. No CB first game, 2nd game Sanchez on bench.

      1. Break-on-through

        Fans made things difficult for the team too. Bellerin had to be taken out of the firing line. Jenkinson must have been close to tears. Don’t get me wrong, I understood the anger, but I also understand what type of effect that could have had on the players.

  6. Janssen

    I am happy with our win but I don’t care at this stage of the season about the weakness of our opponents. I want to do well on our own merits not because Liverpool are about to lose their best player, Chelsea are in a bad energy spell, Spurs players are not happy etc. Probably good for us over a season but I want to us to do well on our own merits not because our competition shoot themselves in the foot or have critical injuries.

  7. Kofi?

    No no no for me. Let’s focus on solving our own defensive issues and picking up our weekly three points. At this time you look forward, not backward at what’s happening to our rivals. Yes it’s good to know that our foes are struggling and that gives us the edge but how about settle our own issues at home? Get a DM, and CB. I just can’t fathom why Wenger is not going in for Van Dijk. None of the teams seems to be approaching him. We could do ourselves a big favor by moving fast to sign him before liverpool does.
    Van Dijk and Carvalho/Seri and no Lemar if Sanchez is staying. COYG

  8. COYG_CA

    What a crazy start, all around! 60 minutes into the Arsenal game I was screaming at the TV, today, after watching Chelsemen and Liverspew, I am a bit more happy. Yes, our D was poor, but missing the core D players was a huge impact. I won’t say we are going to win the title, but I will say, we COULD win the title. COYG!

  9. ZA_Gunner

    Let’s not be gullible, the season is long and anything could happen. Focus on ourselves and be realistic than expecting favours from others.

  10. Arsenalman

    Let’s not get carried away with our rivals results today, last year Chelsea started the season in bad shape and ended up winning the league. We should strengthen our squad where possible and prepare for a long season.

    1. Break-on-through

      People are right to enjoy it, if that was us today we would be shredded in here. We won and look, I include myself, I know Ive been a bit too critical. I also know exactly what the fans in here would be saying if we were in Liv or Che shoes. Everyone almost would dine on it, except for a few like Krish and Mkdemma who would try to find something positive to focus on.

  11. HA559

    Jamie Redknapp is a disgrace. A stat shows up after the Liverpool game showing the top 6 and how many they conceded from set piece last season.

    Liverpool 27
    Mancity 20
    Man u 18
    Arsenal 16
    Tottenham 14
    Chelsea 13

    Jamie Redknapp goes ‘ I think Arsenal were the second after Liverpool, is anyone surprised by that’

    It’s only two more than Tottenham, but he praises Tottenham because they got big physical players that want to head the ball.

    Carra was right bringing in Van Dijk wont change Liverpool it’s more than just bringing in a defender.

  12. killamch89

    I said it yesterday and I will say this again – there are no easy games in premier league. If you don’t come with your best you will get destroyed – just ask Chelsea. Some of you fans who put our team down after having the grit and determination to grind out a win are not true Arsenal fans. Yes we had defensive frailties yesterday and our first choice back 3 is out so we weren’t quite as solid but the lads got the 3 points and that is what matters. Some of you moan wehn we lose and moan when we win – then why do you support Arsenal?

    1. HA559

      Realize how no pundit even mentions Arsenal are without 4 CB and criticising the defence yesterday.

      Take even 2 main CB from any other big team and they too will struggle.

      1. Break-on-through

        At the same time, people have to be honest about what they saw. If that’s the topic which is up for discussion, how can you not be critical. No one is knocking Kos Mustafi or whoever, but these guys who played are apart of our team too. But yeah, I agree that there was plenty to be genuinely positive about. And we will obv be better when everyone is fit.

        1. HA559

          Yeah I agree you have to criticize, but the pundits don’t even acknowledge that the main CBs are missing in their analaysis.

          The criticism that would be fair for yesterday would be GK for first goal. And Manager not realizing that our right was really weak and not plugging the holes there. Bellerin kept leaving Holding, then Holding gets out of position because of it. Monreal also not a main CB he shouldn’t be in the middle of the back 3.

          To be honest it’s not just the CB’s missing its more than that. You can have all CBs fit and still play the same way, it comes down from management and coaching.Not enough emphasis is placed on defending by them by the looks of things for many seasons.

          1. killamch89

            but you also need to take into consideration that bellerin and holding just came back into the team 2 weeks ago and aren’t fully fit yet like ox and others who had a whole pre-season so i will give them a bit of leeway with that. The defending was atrocious which I will not deny but when the starting 11 is back then I will make a fair assessment.

  13. HA559

    Pep is a disgrace also. The man got a GK of his choice last season in Bravo, and he already disposed of him as no.1 to give it to Ederson.

    He spent over £350m in 13 months, now that really is a disgrace.

  14. Vlad

    Pool’s result was good. Chelsea’s was even better. And, of course, the fact that we won our own game yesterday makes it even sweeter. Now Come On You Brighton! 🙂

  15. Arsenogenic

    @Killamch89, good pertinent question. I wonder why some people bother. In their book, it’s heads you lose, tails you lose as far as Arsenal is concerned.

    There has to be something to moan about, no matter how brilliant the result. That team needs some slack and space to allow them gel.

  16. ruelando

    First games can be a bitch, but we did ok, not great, but ok. The nerves were all over the place, both for fans and players, but we still escape with 3 points. Everyone has started on even ground so far, so therefore we need to look at our own issues, the selling and buying of players, the organisation of our defence and the reduction in individual errors.

    But even it is for one game i do enjoy Liverpool and Chelsea losing points.

  17. mark

    It’s a tough league, and teams have a point to prove against the big teams. We did well to come back against a ruthless Leicester.

    That should not be underestimated. Leicester player very well and took their chances. Difficult to win, so credit where it is due.

  18. Break-on-through

    People go mad a bit with the word negative. Negative just means to negate something. It’s an opposing opinion. Someone saying – I’m not happy with the negativity – Is like saying – I’m not happy with people not agreeing with me.

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