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Does Mesut Ozil only perform well when Arsenal face smaller teams?

Arsenal totally over-ran Everton on Sunday with a record amount of shots on target for this season, and Mesut Ozil himself was sublime with an assist and a goal and creating 8 chances for his team-mates, sending Everton into the relegation zone and putting the final nail into Ronald Koeman’s coffin.

But according to the Gunners legend Ian Wright it is easy for the German to perform against smaller teams but he has developed a reputation for going missing in the bigger games against the top sides. Wrighty was asked what he thought of Ozil’s record of 43 assists in 123 games and he replied: “It’s a fantastic statistic,”

“The thing that’s going to happen with Mesut is this.

“As long as he doesn’t do it in the so-called bigger games, then whenever he does it against an Everton side that are trying to find their form, people are going to point their finger at the fact Everton aren’t playing well.”

“I am desperate for him to do that in those bigger games,”

“I’m desperate for Mesut to stay at the club and continue in this way against everybody.”

So the question is: Is this true? Or do Arsenal fans just use Ozil as a scapegoat when the whole team plays badly against the bigger sides?


12 thoughts on “Does Mesut Ozil only perform well when Arsenal face smaller teams?

  1. neil

    The really great players can alwaya turn it on… Sanchez had great stats last year but seems Ozil needs other great players or cant perdorn2 to hia potential…

  2. True gunner

    Ozil is a luxury player. He needs good players around him, so he’s not someone you can rely on.

  3. RSH

    and he doesnt even always do it against smaller teams. he’s far too inconsistent to earn a new contract. Get rid in January and save up for somebody else.

  4. Arsenal_Girl

    Let’s see how the trio of Ozil, Alexis and Lacazette play against Swansea. If they have the same amount of success then it will risky to drop Ozil for Man City.

    That’s really the question. Should we drop Ozil against City and other top teams? If so, who do we replace him with. Wilshere? Iwobi? Nelson?

    I think we should play Wilshere behind Ozil. Ozil benefited from having Cazorla behind him. Wilshere is not as good as Cazorla but he is a hard worker and works hard to get the ball to players. Ozil is a bit lazy. He doesn’t like to defend or work hard to get the ball. He prefers to do work when he has possession and others to give him the ball. Cazorla worked hard and was a little creative genius. He used to get the ball to him

    Wenger should have got another Top central midfielder. We are week this season in Central midfield.

  5. Adam Criniti

    Ozil might be a “luxury” player but it isnt a coincidence that he pulled all the strings against Everton with Sanchez and Laca at his disposable.

    The mercurial German hasn’t always put in the necessary shift and deserves the criticism at times but imo he is more often the scapegoat for Kroenke, Ivan and Gadzis failing miserably to build a team of WC players around him.

    Sorry but Walcott, Giroud, Ramsey, Iwobi, El Neny, Xhaka, Welbeck, etc. aren’t on the same technical futboling planet as the WC winner. They may all possess different, positive attributes that at times contribute to the clubs middling success but AFC will NEVER seriously contend for any serious titles with there collective talent providing the majority of the club’s starting 11.

    Feel free to disagree but Ozil, Sanchez and Laca hopefully playing the remainder of the fixtures is the ONLY chance AFC have of grabbing a top four spot by years end.

    1. Waal2waal

      … i share your sentiments completely. òzil deserves to be surrounded by top draw performers who will bring out the best in him. however, he should also appreciate his responsibility at arsenal is to lead by example and inspire his team mates on what it takes to avoid defeat – quite simply he can do better in our shirt.

    2. Paul

      Yea, cause he played against Everton when they are low on morale, Everton that are playing very poorly due to the high no of players signed.the problem is he has never played well against technically strong and physical teams like Stoke, Chelsea, bayern…… simply put, he doesn’t have the balls …………….Everton are just not good now to be a standard for how good ozil his

  6. Jerry

    If seems that many arsenal fans want Ozil to leave and not happy with his “missing” in big game (that what our legend told us). Well just let Ozil leave us and go any club he likes. Then we FANS are happy and he is happy. that is it.

    There are more Ozil outside there. what we need just more money .

    Bye Ozil and thank you for your service.

  7. Yossarian

    1. If you’re one of the richest & most supported football clubs in the world, then most games are against “Smaller” teams, so having somebody that can rip them apart is very useful for winning the league.

    2. As Adam Criniti (Above) alludes to, maybe he would perform well against “Big” teams with world-class players around him, like he did at Real Madrid and when playing for his national team.

    Ozil is totally a scapegoat for when Arsenal are poorly set-up, unmotivated, and badly staffed on the pitch. We don’t need 11 players running around shouting at everyone. It’s about having a mix of qualities, and Ozil certainly has a great contribution to offer, but it needs to be complimented by the right team & set-up around him.

  8. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

    Totally agree with posters above. Ozil performed against Everton because of the intelligent running of Lacazette and Sanchez into the channels creating spaces and committing defenders, allowing Ozil to make the pass.
    Ozil’s goal again came from running from deep and heading a sublime cross from Sanchez.
    Let’s reserve judgement until we see how the combination of Ozil, Lacazette and Sanchez developes (especially the Man City and Spurs games); that’s provided Wenger deigns to play them together!

  9. Ack77

    Mesut is inconsistent as hell, makes our blood boil but to say he never perform against top teams is bullshit. Disappointed in Wright following the anti – arsenal bias. Did he watch the 3-0 against utd and Chelsea, the fa final or the games he did bring his cojones and other didnt and he just gave up. Its always they didnt play well or were weak that day, newflash we made them look weak, that’s what happens when we bring our A game.
    The correct statement will be ozil doesn’t perform consistently against big teams which slso applies to our whole team manager included. To expect him to lead us is like expecting Messi to bang in headers like Ronaldo, leading is for players like alexis with ozil as lieutenant plus a cm like Ramsey was supposed to develop.

  10. the barrel

    Let the guy leave as soon as possible. Really tired when people try to justify that Ozil is a great player. Great players can rise above all odds. If he was that good, then tell me only one game that he performed good against the big five teams since his arrival.
    Walcott, Sanchez, and Carzola can do it against the big five opponents. Ozil is just overrated

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