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Does Ostersund away win prove that Arsenal can win Europa League?

Arsenal have had an awful away record this season but we went to Sweden this week in freezing cold weather, with a makeshift team, but we still managed to put the tie beyond doubt by winning with a three-goal margin and are now certain to go through to the next round.

Our midfielder Mohamed Elneny, who played in the game, thinks that this is a good omen.  “To win away from home by a three-goal margin sends out a strong message to other teams in this competition,” Elneny told beIN Sports. 

“We hope to win the Europa League title in order to qualify for next season’s Champions League. That’s only in case we don’t get a top-four spot in the league this season.

“One of the main reasons we are really focused on winning the Europa League title is to make up for the Premier League title if we’re not able to win it.”

It is a fact that Arsenal desperately needed to win an away game after a ridiculous amount of failures this season. Just to throw this in for debate, I have to tell you that in the Premier League Arsenal’s first team have won three away games out of 13, but in the Europa League our reserves have won three out of four!

So maybe we really do have more confidence with our reserve team?

Sam P

21 thoughts on “Does Ostersund away win prove that Arsenal can win Europa League?

  1. John Wick

    Let’s not get carried away we beat Ostersund not Barcelona and we had a pretty decent team not full strength but decent and certainly not a reserve team. Before this season I never even heard of the Swedes so not thinking because we beat them we have a good chance of winning the Europa league, we’ll certainly have tougher tests ahead and will be even tougher without Lacazette! The proof taken from the Ostersund game was that Danny Welbeck is not good enough to lead the line, his goal return is very poor and lacks composure in front of goal so hopefully we get a good draw in the next round to give us time to get Lacazette back because if we’re to win this competition we need quality up front.

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

      John, good valid points. The only positive I would add is that Ostersund have beaten some solid teams, so could not be taken lightly, particularly at home and in freezing conditions. As I sit here with a temperature of 30 deg C, I take my hat off to the travelling Arsenal fans!

  2. Eddy Hoyte

    “We hope to win the Europa League title in order to qualify for next season’s Champions League. That’s only in case we don’t get a top-four spot in the league this season.”

    This is what I hate and find annoying. So eventually if we end up in the top 4, we’ll dump the race for Europa like its not important??
    why is everything so different at Arsenal? Why for Pete’s sake?!!!
    An European competition we’ve never won before and we’ll only go all in for it if we fail to make top 4??

    We don’t see Silva, Sane or any City players prioritizing one competition over another, they want to win it all.

    I tell you, after sacking Wenger we need to ship off few of our players .
    May God save us

    1. Quantic Dream

      City have enough quality players for 2 starting elevens…we only have enough quality for 1 starting eleven..that is why eventually, we will have to choose between Europa or the league route.. in my opinion top 4 is already gone. Liverpool are a class ahead of us and so are Tottenham. Chelsea is debatable..I’d say we are level with them except they did win the league last season while we won it nearly a decade and a half ago. Europa is the most viable route but Lacazette’s injury and Aubameyang being cup tied complicates matters. All in all I think the chances of us succeeding with either route are limited. Not that it matters, even if we made it into the champions league with Wenger last 16 would have been the end of the road for us anyway.

  3. ThirdManJW

    Haha, we’ve just beaten a pub side, and you’re talking of winning the competition, and we’ve not even won tie yet either!

    These type of articles should be vetted first. I can understand this type of debate in the wake of knocking out (not winning one leg) a quality team, but a pub side…seriously?

    1. dragunov762mm

      Simeone is rather like young Mou. We have a chance to get wreck when we meet their kind of fotball.

  4. GB

    What a rediculous headline, my old hometown team Boreham Wood, who play in the Conference Premier of the National League could beat Ostersund! As Thirdman says, basically a pub team. Ospina and our defence had to keep them at bay in the second half.

  5. Nothing changed

    Typical Sam P still holding on to an Arsenal that only exists in his head. Our defense was still horendous against Ostersund and they are minnows who probabaly would not even win the Championship. Good result for sure but not the dawn of a new era by any stretch of the imagination.

    Arsenal will, most likely not win the Europa league simply because we are not consistent enough and don’t have the winners DNA left in our system. There are a number of teams left that would have no problem with us particularly over two gaems.

    To win the Europa league we need a kind draw and a ton of luck because we all know on skill alone we won’t win it.

  6. Phil

    The bigger tests are coming soon in the EL and we will see how Wenger will prioritise this competition after we have played Citeh at Wembley and the Emirates 4 days at Wembley and he has a Trophy.Lose and the Europa League is the only one left as well as CL qualification.Beat Citeh at the Emirates and he may feel we could still get Top 4.
    Lose to Citeh at Wembley and the Emirates and there is the answer.Full out first choice 11 for the Europa League as it’s last chance saloon.
    What a state to be in.As someone once famously said “There used to be a football club there”

  7. AndersS

    In theory we can of course both win the EL and finish in the top 4 in the PL.
    However, the reality is, we are generally playing so bad and on a regular basis getting beat by bottom teams in the PL, that I really don’t think any of 2 will happen.
    In the EL, we stil could face teams like Napoli, Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, who are all real top teams in some of the best leagues, while we are nothing more than a mid-table team in England.

    1. Kenny Rolfe

      In theory we can win the Europa League and finish in the top four? Followed, I suppose by the Premier League and Champions League, in theory, all under Arsene Wenger. Sorry AndersS, dream on mate.

  8. Kenny Rolfe

    Sorry Admin, to me that’s a ridiculous question, now that we beat Ostersund, WHO? are you serious, what does that prove. Why not, now that we beat Railway Rovers, does that mean we can win the FA Cup

  9. bran911

    Hahaha now this is too much, beating the Ostriches makes us already the title contenders?? Do these fans ever think straight or they are just deluded as their master?

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