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Does the Arsenal boss need some help in the transfer market?

Wenger and Indecision by Jon G

Mr Wenger has found some absolute gems in the transfer market in the past, but they were mostly all when he had David Dein at his elbow. You have to wonder if this is more than just a coincidence.

Mr Dein left the ship acrimoniously, never to return and Mr Gazidis has slipped into his place.

However, David Dein did make sure that Mr. Wengers prevarication over decisions on the transfer front were kept to a minimum, and is it a coincidence that since Mr. Dein has left the club we seem to miss out on certain transfers?

This thought of mine was confirmed by no other than Shaun Custis of the Sun newspaper, who remarked that Mr Wenger sometimes cannot make up his mind and players fall through the net.

Saying all of the above, this present set of players are very close to being championship challengers in my opinion. Tweaking with the set up, style of play and positional changes, which sometimes happen by mistake, a player gets injured and another player takes his chance, and the jigsaw pieces can fall into place.

The absence of Gervinho due to the African Cup of Nations could give opportunities to Arshavin, Rosicky and Oxlade-Chamberlain that makes Wenger realise that he should not stick so rigidly to one formation. Gervinho might even come back with a new lease of life.

We definitely need some new players, though, and Wenger maybe needs someone next to him saying `go on then, Arsene`.

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50 thoughts on “Does the Arsenal boss need some help in the transfer market?

  1. hanenyo

    I don’t know the reason why my Arsenal fans are troubled. Wenger is not new to all of us. He is buying time, on the 1st of February he will come out to tell us about Diaby, probrably Walcot signing a new contract and how big the squad is, of course he was looking for players who can add qualities to the team but he couldn’t find any.

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  2. emirikk

    Yes,absolutely, he is total useless by himself!!!!Idiot!! He fools the fans every time. Get rid of this old french lady asap!

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  3. Alex

    Lets the him an ultimatium buy or piss off. Not McCarthy either quality players who can spot straight in the side

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  4. Ankit

    Jst a artical frm my side 🙁 It says hw much a arsenal fan s doing as compared to others n wat r we rewarded with in bk)

    City were given a 3000 ticket allocation for the match, but have returned 912, leading some to bemoan the “out of touch” relationship between clubs and supporters.

    The general secretary of the Manchester City Supporters Club, Kevin Parker told The Guardian: “It’s the most expensive amount I can ever remember paying for a ticket in my life, for a Sunday afternoon game which is live on satellite television.

    “And it’s not as if finding a television to watch the game on is difficult nowadays. Even if the game wasn’t live, to charge £62 to watch it is ridiculous, but to charge that amount when people can see it live on TV is crazy.

    “It just shows that football clubs are out of touch with reality. If City supporters are travelling on a supporters’ club coach it will cost £30 per person. That’s £92 before they have even done anything; add in a programme, food, drink and you are looking at £125-£130 per person.

    “There are a combination of things at play here. Some people cannot afford the price, especially as it is just after Christmas, and there are some who just refuse to pay £62. This is also the first time in a long while that I remember City fans saying to me they could pay the money but are refusing to do so.

    “That is a brave decision to take. Soon, though, fans will vote more strongly with their feet and clubs like Arsenal will have to decide what to do about ticket prices.”

    The Manchester side have not won a league game at Arsenal in 27 attempts and will attempt to claim three points for the first time since 1975.

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  5. wazz gunner

    v r linked vit every players in d world but end up signing only very few…v need 2 sign best players but v only sign good players(big diff between good & best)..its frustating..oh god plz help ARSENAL FC 2 pay off loan wic has been taken 4 d emirates stadium so dat v can roar back 2 bcum grtst 1ce again..

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  6. mighty

    Defo and we gooners are trying to help him but you know wenger very stubborn!

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  7. PatLloyd

    Think its good we’re charging city fans loads, dont turn up and their team gets no support, they pay and the club get more to reinvest in buying the board a christmas present!

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    get that defence sorted out put players in there natural positions and things with a bit of luck just might fall into place.but we still need a bit of fresh blood to bolster up the sqaud.

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  9. Scott

    He defiantly needs help when he doesn’t snap up demba ba and mvilla for a combined total of about 15mil which is less than we paid for arshavin! I just get fed up of us being linked to decent players and never getting any of them!

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  10. Gunnerineverylife

    @Mediaman For your info we have 30 m to spend in January,De Rossi alone will cost more than 30m,end of your”you heard it here first”.

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  11. GoonerF

    Would Wenger not have wanted to bring in a quality signing for the next few games AKA City, Chelsea ?

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  12. rodeye

    Hi been a gunner for 41yrs, in the last 3yrs i have lost all faith in wenger…. he will never match fergie or out
    last him in loyalty to a club. wenger is in it for himself
    showing the board how to watch the money grow and the club
    diminished. ARSENAL FANS STICK TOGETHER AND GET RID OF WENGER..once and for all.

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  13. craig2500

    The reason why Spurs are overtaking us in buying top talent is because Levy has a vision and passion for the club and buys players the manager wants no questions. These days Wenger is tripping over himself and needs Dein who would of bought Belhanda before it reached the papers he was available he would of also pushed to wrap the Walcott saga much earlier, all this delay over £10k is embarrassing specialy now the deal is nearly done why drag it out like this?. WE NEED DAVID DEIN TO SAVE OUR CLUB and take weight off Wenger so he can get back to being a manager not a manager/part time director.

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  14. Henry

    @ GoonerF…totally agree! Can’t believe we haven’t brought anyone in before these big couple of weeks. I appreciate that the David Villa deal wasn’t Wengers fault (even though some people will say it is) but what’s to say we can only handle one deal at a time?! I know there is plenty of time for new signings but I’m starting to get rather frustrated and worried (like most of us) that the two major signings will be Walcotts contrat and the return of Diaby!

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  15. kamal

    Get over the fact dein is not coming back…Arsene needs to make his choices,take risks,we’ve made lots of money so what if we lose some…atleast there is an effort to bring Arsenal forward

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  16. David

    My Dear Arsenal Fans, this is the time to get our Arsenal back… Don’t pay for Sunday ticket to watch Arsenal VS City.. let us as Arsene Wnger and Board our Arsenal back… Gunners for life.

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  17. vyash

    who bring wilshere ,henry,pires, patrick veira

    the one who need help is the board not wenger
    it will be a time when wenger will leave the club and go to PsG

    u will regret it because he will build a team of his like and will f**k chelsea and city with only 50m spend

    i will always support wenger and he is doing all to stay walcott

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  18. Vishrutgooner

    Ridiculous!!!! now media is linking us with Mainz striker Adam Szalai.
    Do they have anything
    personal with arsenal fans

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  19. micro

    This is a very myopic analysis, if I can call it one. Dein was in Arsenal between 1983 and 2007, meaning that Wenger came when he had been there for 13 years, and they worked together for 11 year. If what you believe was true Wenger would have found those gems of yours in Arsenal. I think some times these blogs offer a space for people with very limited ability to analyze an opportunity to write anything that comes to their minds, possibly when they are drunk, without giving it a thought.

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  20. whispers

    I am having a hard time believing that AW has lost all competitiveness & refuses to sign the players we need. Can anyone tell me if there is evidence to prove that he is doing anything more than taking the wrap for Gazidis&Kroenkes lack of spending? I was under the impression that Gazidis had the final decision if and who we signed?

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  22. craig2500

    Gazidis is a Wenger yes man he takes orders from the manager when it comes to players which is why Dein was the genius because he would take that responsibility away from the manager and the financial side did not matter as much as it does now. “You want that player i will get him whatever the cost” is what Dein would do.

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  23. tissiam

    i am worried that we wont buy anyone this january,am i the only one?what do you think,are we going to sign someone??

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  24. Tim

    Didnt Wenger say recently that if he goes to the board and ask for extra (regarding Walcott) that they will give it to him ? he has a lot of say and power with the board members as it is him who makes them the money .
    I would bet that if he was getting 10% of transfer fees for players coming IN i bet he would of brought someone by now.
    No top team sells thier best players to rivals so we sit here and Watch RVP at united now .
    Also Wenger keeps banging his drum about clubs living beyound thier means (city)but he is more then happy to sell to them , why would he incourage them to do this if he is so high and mighty about it , 10% on player sells thats why .

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  25. Don Ndubuka

    My worries are from the fact the fans and bye-standers know better areas of weaknesses from arsenal present squad than the team coach Arsene Wenger. l guess we had better fold alms and pray for his exist from the club before we can smell silver wares again. The team, Wenger inherited in 1998 had quality in the attack, med-field and defense. The team became invisible s later a “record yet to be equaled by any team in EPL……Has anybody seen the strength in the present team Wenger has assembled and believes the team can end up at the top 4? Having a natural defensive med-field player would have stopped Swansea second goal as l saw Arteta reaction was after the ball had gone into his net…..He was not proactive otherwise, he would have stopped the goal……we have no quality in attack, no quality in med-field and no quality in defense. Can somebody correct me!

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  26. diego

    We dont have to help him on the transfer market but with our formation. Gervinho is leaving for the africa cup and ramsey is playing winger and everybody is talking about that gervinho is away. Why? Is he playing well or our top player? No.. is it because we aint got other options? Yes. Why do we still play with wingers if we dont got them, yes a gervinho and walcott (who wants to be central) and OX, who i think can play CAM too. Just play in a 4-1-2-1-2 or a 4-3-1-2 formation and we can actually rotate with GOOD players. Oh no arteta has to get on the bench if we sign a CDM. Come ooon, you want to hold on to the substitutes we got right now? Everybody want the old arsenal back, then why are there people crying about arteta on the bench? Dont get me wrong he is good but, with him on the bench we can finally rotate and keep the players fit. We need a whole team with good players, not just only the starting 11. But wenger can do the transfers if he just get off this crappy highly overrated 4-5-1 formation and rotate between giroud, walcott and podolski to play in the cf position.

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  27. King Henrys Mate

    @Rodeye I’m with you mate I am 58 years old a season ticket holder for a decade and have been a gooner all my life. Until this month I was a “In Wenger we trust” But the uterings this month reveal it is Wengers Strategy and ridiculous Wage structure thats brouhgt us here. He is brave in the transfer market when selling our best players to the likes of MAN U and a coward at taking a risk on a proper player like FALCAO. If buying high priced players eventually leads to failure then MAN U, MAN C, Chelski Real Madrid would all be in the crapper. Wake up Arsenal Fans the Wenger has had it. Lets get someone like Moyes or Guardiola in ASAP.

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  28. DON PIZZa

    For the best of Wenger or what is so called.for the best for you please when this season is over kindly summit a letter of resignation after the match between Newcastle United vs Arsenal and from there board a flight and go back to France. you have frustrated the heart of the humble fans it is enough we are tried of various story and excuse. you are looking for quality player go and bid for cavani,and the rest shame on you old rat. you think you are wise . when someone what is called philosophy does not work you have to change…………. tomorrow you will be saying Arsenal are financial healthy today is 9th we have few days left shame on you wenger.

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  29. Invincibles nice (1)

    Yes he most certainly does, what fool would throw more responsibilities onto an already difficult job.

    I know that Wenger has in common what all great Generals did possess, unyielding loyalty upon his army unless undeserving whilst always respecting the chain of command, but i think on this one he could have climbed upstairs admitting the extra load to much of a burden. He is a proud man and has giving his best in plugging the hole in which Deins leaving surely did leave, he has done a reasonable job considering (players abandoning/low budget/not to mention he had a sqaud to manage).

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  30. sengsrang

    why is everyones always complaining and not doing anything to change for our beloved club if i was in england i would boycott a match and do anything to change the way the board is running the club

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  31. Chris

    Spending £12million on Gervinho and refusing to spend £8million on Mvilla, a player we need, just where is the logic?

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  32. Invincibles nice (1)

    People that think we never pulled the trigger on Mata Hazard and many more plus also think its just a matter of pulling the trigger on Cavani Neymar Falcao Fellaini are forgetting the biggest thing, the facts, they chose, and always will choose signing for ch£l$m£ll $hi££y p$g and the $pani$h.

    We went for Mata and Hazard but couldnt get a sniff.
    Please stop asking for a Falcao purchase as it gives the rest of your words no credit/water.

    Now that che and manc are here i believe that it is a blessing in desguise that we have made the very difficult move to our new home, atleast in time we can rival or at least closely match there spending compared to how it would be if we were at Highbury today. Back then we were still using the same wage structure we’re using today except maybe for todays pros getting a ten to twente grand bump, it held us in good stead tasting much success and having a squad full of top players playing the best football England had ever seen, but the arrival of these clubs spending a half a billion just on team players has put a giant spanner in the works. In time we are estimated to have an extra thirty to fifty mil on top of what we would have had at Highbury to this day, so like i said it maybe a blessing in desguise.

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  33. King Henrys Mate

    @ Invicibles nice (1)Your an apologist for The Misguided and confused Arsene! Were going to win F**k All by recruiting players like Gervinio and park. You think its a blessing in disguise that Man U and Chelski are trampling us into the dust on the way to signing up Mata and Ba and Fellani, robbing us of RVP, then winning all the silverware in sight. You might be as confused as the Wenger. Think again.

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  34. GP

    When David Dein was at the club he was Wenger’s boss
    and was responsible for bringing him to the club.
    Their roles were clearly defined.
    Dein was also ambitious and had a vision of where he wanted us to be which put pressure on Wenger to succeed as a manager.
    Dein helped build a great legacy with Wenger’s brilliance as a coach which the club should have been determined to build on.
    This is why i no longer believe in Wenger.
    After all he did to lift this club, i cannot believe he does not have the power and influence to demand more from the new ownership.
    In my opinion, the only way he could have remained at the club for so long after Dein without success is because his priority changed to suit the new regime.
    I have not forgotten the contribution of the other greats like Mr Fiszman and we never should, but the relationship between Dein and Wenger was crucial to that success.
    Wenger has to have pressure to succeed from someone above him because that has been missing for too long.
    I have said a million times that when it comes to football matters on the pitch he is a genius but only if that is where his focus remains.
    In recent years he has become too wrapped up in the board room to be as competitive as he should be.

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  35. kemp


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  36. jaydub

    I think we should give Wenger one last chance in the transfer market to prove he can deliver quality players ready to go and in the required positions. if he wont change now he never will. look for a new manager in the summer if he fails us again…

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