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Does this mean Arsenal set for CUT PRICE Schneiderlin transfer?

I guess that Arsenal fans will soon find out whether Arsene Wenger really does think that another quality central midfielder is needed for our Premier League title push, or whether the boss feels that he has enough quality and cover in the shape of Francis Coquelin, Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini.

All summer there have been various Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with the France international star Morgan Schneiderlin and unless Chelsea or Man City get involved, the path for Arsenal to sign him from Southampton is now clear, as the Daily Mail reports that Man United are on the point of completing the transfer of Bastian Schweinsteiger and that comes from the Bayern Munich chief Karl-Heinz Rummenigge himself.

Man United seemed to be our main rivals, if not our only ones, because of the player’s desire to stay in the Premier League and also play in the Champions League. Once United sign the Bayern midfielder, Southampton will then have the choice of whether to hold out for their full valuation of Schneiderlin, assuming that Arsenal want him of course, or whether to make a deal and accept a lower offer after promising not to stand in the way of the Frenchman’s progress.

You can bet that Wenger will be aware of the situation and will not want to pay top dollar, but will that mean we get him on the cheap?

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23 thoughts on “Does this mean Arsenal set for CUT PRICE Schneiderlin transfer?

  1. Sank89

    I think Wenger does not want Schendelain or he would have gone for him till now.

    With Coquilan performing this good and arteta signing new contract, i feel schenderlain will not be signed.

    Wenger please go for Rues.

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    1. jonestown1

      Agree, but can you imagine saying that 18 months ago!! I think Nacho has been great for us but if he wants to return to Spain and AW has his eye on a hot-prospect LB then that’s cool with me. Haven’t seen much of this Ghoulah we have been linked with – although Mourinho was sniffing around him a month ago so must be OK.

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  2. jonestown1

    All the signs are United still want him and look favourites to get him. Not sure whether United will look quite so attractive to MS now – probably didn’t anticipate BS’s massive frame being there before him. Looks like LvG is going back to what he is familiar with, Depay from national set-up, Schweinsteiger from his Bayern days. What with Mourinho always raiding Atletico and anyone connected to Mendes and Brendan Rodgers repeatedly shopping at St Marys – he must have a customer loyalty card by now – there appears to be distinct lack of imagination from these so-called top managers in their transfer ventures. All very cosy and safe.

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  3. frank

    Offer Southampton Flamini plus £15 million and the opportunity to loan Campbell. I think that is a fair deal.

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    1. Hafiz Rahman

      The questions is do they want Flamini and do they need Campbell??


      do we just force them to accept what we offer????

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    2. jermaineBryan

      They would need jenkinson on loan they just lost clyne

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  4. Aussie Jack

    When talking of defenders for the new season and the challenges ahead there`s a name rarely mentioned….Mertesacker. Yes! he`s a Wenger favourite but we`re talking about winning the League and Europe. The game gets faster, Per gets older, and never was a spring heeled jack.
    However, we did sign a centre back towards the end of last season (damned if remember his name) it`s an age thing. So, maybe that`s enough?

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  5. davidnz

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  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    I think Schneiderlin should thank God if Arsenal does eventually signed him. Because he had made a loyalty preference mistake last season preferring joining Spurs over Arsenal. He wanted to rejoin his former manager of the Saints now at Spurs. I don’t blame Schneiderlin, because that’s what his heart told him then. The Boss should not blame him too. But what is Schneiderlin’s heart telling him now? He said, he wants to join a Champions League club, but not particularly Arsenal. Any club might be okay for him. We have 3 DMs of Arteta, Coquelin & Flamini. Cazorla & Ramsey can be adapted as DMs. So, if the Boss signed Schneiderlin, 1 out of our 3 main DMs will be surplus to requirement. I don’t want to say this, but in the intreast of Arsenal, I have to. Schneiderlin should be an upgrade to Flamini, I suppose. Can the Boss trade £15m plus Flamini for Schneiderlin to Southampton? If possible, I think the Boss can consider this as a good business. And the Saints should not play any hard ball on the Boss’ offer.

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    1. Champagne Charlie

      Show me when Schneiderlin came out and said he wanted to move to Spurs, you’re reading newspapers and making judgements based off of that.

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  7. Afc 92

    Why are our fans the only fans that love to speak on cheap skate deals. Is it because we know when it comes to transfers our club only look to sign most players on a cheap.
    If we like a quality to player I believe we should pay the asking price and leave out the cheap skate offers of whatever million and one pound offers.

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    1. YingYang69

      You make a good point, I think to a certain degree we have been a little brain washed. Not like how some say we are but more like how we keep the managers and boards principles in mind when theorising on future transfer activities.

      Instead of just saying pay whatever it takes to make us champions, we ourselves do say no the player is not worth 50m as hes a 40m tops even though the player could propel us upward. Or when we hear a group of players supposedly in mind for Wenger, we think are they French, how much do they cost, are they similar to players our boss once signed, are they Gooners. We do try to aline our opinions in how we perceive Wenger might behave or act.

      We have the same process on team lineups. We all have our own ideas but we say this is what I would do however I believe Wenger will go with this lineup.

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  8. Kotte

    Arsenal fans dont lyk players above 29yrs old but when rivals sign them we start to get worried…we called J.martinez too old now man u hv signed a 31yr old schweinsteiger we start to get worried and saying we are not signing quality players…what was wrong with J.martinez?

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    1. jt

      schweinsteiger has captained the german national side has won basically every domestic trophy as well as the cl and central midfielders tend to play at their peak longer than strikers as their game is not based around attributes such as pace. Jackson martinez is still playing in the portuguese league at 28 and couldn’t displace an out of form falcao from the national side, in fact I think he’s third choice behind bacca as well.

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  9. optimisticgooner

    I will go absolutely mad if manutd and Chelsea sign schneiderlein and Pedro respectively. Somehow the success of our 2nd part of the season has once again overshadowed the failures of the 1st part for AW. Must get Pedro and schniderlein!

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  10. chris_Masters

    Its as simple as this….we won’t get sneiderin…not unless we plan to use the 4-2-3-1 formation and play with 2 DM…which I don’t see happening cause its gonna affect the progress of wilshere and ramsey…so unless we plan on benching coquelin for sneiderin…we won’t be getting him!!…frankly,we don’t need him…coquelin nd arteta as backup is okay by me.

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  11. Afc 92

    Suarez 55 mill we offer 40 mill 1 pound to be told what are we smoking.
    higuain 27 mill we offer 24 mill for him to then go to napoli.
    We had our eyes on hazard and mata long before chelsea came in and spent the required money.
    Now we hoping on that we get morgan on a cheap when we all know the asking price is 27 mill. We needed a cf long before this season so went and spent 16 mill on reject welbeck yes I said it reject welbeck with some of our fans saying that was a good buy and even attending Emirates stadium on deadline day celebrating in front of live TV cameras
    on the Messiah welbeck. Every real football fan knew that was a garbage and over price signing. No different than chamak and Sanogo who we bought on a cheap.

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    1. Made in 71

      As much as I hated suarez at Liverpool he is a top quality player. Looking back, pretty embarrassing at the +£1bid. Easy worth £50m + and we should have done it. As for Higuain, not a fan & £24m was a fair bid. He isn’t that much different to Giroud, def don’t need 2 of the same type strong but slow strikers. I was unsure about welbeck but liked what I’ve seen of him, his tracking back, pace and energy is good for the team, he should score more goals and will do I’m sure of it. He out scored his replacement falcao 3fold. Think we got a better deal @ 16m than utd did for £40m +
      Mata and hazard where when we had financial shakkles on the AFC wallet. Since out of debt £35m Sanchez & £42m ozil have been acquired. Id expect a canvani or Vidal purchase of the same £ stature very shortly. It will be either quality or future prospect buys as its pointless in replacing same statured players we have who will bring nothing to the team but disruption.

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  12. Afc 92

    However I do admire welbeck work rate on the field but for the same reason United sold him to Arsenal I and many know that signing was not what we needed.

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