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Does this mean Wenger was right not to sell Alexis this summer?

There has been much speculation that Arsenal should have cashed in on Alexis Sanchez this summer, considering his disinterested and lacklustre performances since he came back late for the beginning of the season, but according to rumours this morning it could have been the right thing to do after all.

If Arsenal had managed to snare Thomas Lemar on deadline day, it looks like we would have been forced to sell Alexis to Manchester City, and that would have made Pep Guardiola’s team even hotter favourites to win the Premier League, and they are looking pretty strong without him at the moment. Can you imagine what Arsenal fans would have been calling Wenger if that had happened, in the light of recent performances from the oil-rich Citizens?

But right now it looks obvious that Alexis is unhappy on missing out on the chance to win the title, so it would make sense that we recoup some of our cash by selling the Chilean in January instead, and it would now appear that City is not the only team willing to pay big bucks for our contract rebel. PSG are even more likely to be keen to do a deal after Neymar and Edison Cavani are at loggerheads, but with the new investment from China, AC Milan are also apparently willing to pay £75m (€85m) to head off bids from their rivals.

If this happens that will represent excellent business for the Gunners, and we can use that cash to bring Lemar in as well! Perhaps Wenger is not such an idiot after all….


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19 thoughts on “Does this mean Wenger was right not to sell Alexis this summer?

  1. Bond 007

    The only reason Alexis is still with Arsenal is because Wenger couldn’t get Lemar on deadline day. That’s after assuring every Gooner and their dog that he won’t be sold under any circumstance.
    I’m actually tired of the whole debacle. Wenger in..Wenger out…Kronke in…Kronke out…Gazidis in…Gazidis out…Alexis in…Alexis out.
    One thing I know and stand by is that all’s not going well at Arsenal, and hasn’t been for a while. And the longer we take to fix whatever the problem is, the harder it gets for us to climb back to the summit where we belong.

    1. Jerick

      So the manager said he would not be sold at any cost and the media said that he will be sold if we get Lemar and u believe the media? What if Lemar was an improvement on what we had rather than a replacement? I agree that Arsene lied to us on numerous occasions but so does the media and because of the media, we are quick to jump to conclusions when it comes to Arsenal.

      Besides that, bring on Brighton in a few minutes. Hope Laca bangs a few goals in.

  2. Nick Williams

    Excellent business would mean we are title contenders but in fact after watching Spurs, City and UTD yesterday it was apparent just how far off we are. No good keep getting money and spending it on second rate talent.

      1. Tony

        Laccazatte is 2nd rate admit it. we got him without any competition. AT madrid was supposed to be in for Laccazatte but they choose costa instead. aguero,lukaku,morata,costa,dybala were available as 1st rate players.
        Kolasinac is top class no doubt

        1. Admin Post author

          Lacazette didn’t go to Madrid because they had s transfer ban! And Costa was there second choice…..

  3. Quantic Dream

    AC Milan? But they are even worse off in Serie A than we are in the premier league! Given that Juventus has been winning Serie A for like 6 years in a row I don’t see any chance of trophies for Alexis at AC Milan. I still think we should have sold Alexis and Ozil during the transfer window…now they don’t give anything above 50% in games and at the end we will still lose them for nothing.

  4. Stephan Larose

    No matter what Wenger does, the negative fans are here to ruin the season and sabotage the team. Only by ensuring Arsenal lose can they get what they want–their faces in the press. From the Commentatorist article on Sanchez and the negatives:

    Self-Hating Arsenal Fans Boo Alexis for… Being their Best Player?
    September 13, 2017
    The Commentatorist

    Photo credit: Getty Images

    Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    After all the stupidity the nihilistic collection of vainglorious brain farts that call themselves Arsenal “fans” have displayed over the last couple years, it’s no longer surprising when Arsenal’s “supporters” collectively fire cannon-shot at their own testes. Honestly, what the fuck are you people trying to accomplish?

    Arsenal fans have one talent and one talent only: shooting themselves in the foot.

    Though Alexis could prove absolutely critical in the fight to get back into Champion’s League places and Arsenal need him playing at his best, the fans boo a player who is coming back from injury and not yet at match fitness.

    Well that’ll teach him! All Sanchez has to do to avoid being booed is be invulnerable to injury and inhumanely durable…..

    See the rest here:

  5. Krish

    lol at the start of the transfer window most on here were saying that if wenger keeps sanchez that they would like it, they would see it as a statement and now most on here seem to be criticizing it/him

    1. neil

      But most on here are not really true fans… they are johnny come latelys who dont understand economics or the fact that you support your team no matter what !

  6. Nothing changed

    I find it hard to believe anyone would pay anything near the 60 million that was quoted this summer. If Sanchez wants to go to City and if they still want him he will agree on a pre-contract in January when he is free to talk to any club and he will turn down any other club. Arsenal has lost control of the process they cannot force Sanchez to go anywhere. He knows three months later he can choose.

    1. Krish

      I think you are wrong, a pre-contract is only possible to clubs outside the premier league, well thats what i think

    2. stubill

      He’s only free to talk to, and sign a pre-contract with teams outside the Premier League in January. Any team in the PL has to wait until July unless Arsenal give permission.

      According to some reports in France, PSG are going to offer him a £10 million signing on fee in January as part of his pre-contract.

  7. Mr pat

    Sometimes I just despair arsenal fans wanting the team to get beat just to get to the manager, you can’t get to the owner because the business is doing well which is the main priority for krone so please get behind the team 3points is all that matters today how we get it I don’t give o toss only 3 points that’s it. Come on you gooooooners!!!!!

  8. Ian wrights bruva

    Hate and frustration has blinded some fans. Both Ozil and Sanchez have been offered new contracts to make them some of the biggest earners in the league.

    The offer have been turned down.

    So if Wenger sold this summer the fans would have a field day an the transfer would have reinforced the negative attitude towards the clubs management team and owners.

    So the players were kept and ask to honour their contracts only to be booed and critiqued by the same fans.

    So basically a no win situation to some fans.

    The honest appraisal is the team will do better with out support.

    The issue with some fans attitude towards our players is bigger than the Ozil and Sanchez situation.

    Take welbeck and Ramsey, welbeck considered a Man U reject and the other no better than a one season wonder or in some quarters a Sunday league player. Let alone mentioning about Theo and Giroud.

    The team and club are no perfect but trying to poison something you love to try and make it better is a very strange way to go about things

    1. Segun

      I am guessing you meant t say “…will do better with OUR support.

      It’s a source of confusion for me too: fans say we have average players, yet demand quality performance/wins each game. The irony.

      For me, I like what we have and know this team can beat any team on its day.

  9. CHRIS

    Not selling alexis and ozil is morale boosting. Their lethargic performance is good for the morale of other players that will have chance to replace them before they leave. If they decide to Stay the debacle of their transfer saga will make them to play among motivated players that have the chance to prove that AFC is not about a single player but the TEAM. Cheer up.

  10. the barrel

    Really i dont understand human beings. If Wenger could have sold Sanchez and Ozil, fans will complain saying Arsenal is selling its best players to make money for Kronke. If you keep them, they complain Arsenal could have recouped the money by selling them. So, really what do you want to be done?
    The fact is any man makes business to make profit. Wenger as an economist knows that, that is the reason Arsenal is making profit, and he does not get fired. How can you fire someone who is making profit you? Ozil and Sanchez do not deserve the money that they are looking for, especially Ozil. Ozil should be realistic as no team made a bid for him

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