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Does Wenger only have eyes for Benzema this summer?

How many of Arsenal supporters will be enticed by the prospect of signing a new striker? How many of these supporters will be happy if the striker being signed is Karim Benzema?

It is public knowledge that the French striker Benzema is a long term target of Arsenal and manager Arsene Wenger. Even before joining Real Madrid and through his tenure at the Los Blancos, Benzema is tracked with sincerity and anticipation.

Even this transfer window, the anticipation is that Benzema could be available for transfer. At the first sign of any such event, Wenger wants to pounce. That explains the reason for looking at the new reign of Rafa Benitez with eagerness.

The former Liverpool manager Benitez has been appointed the latest Real Madrid coach. And one of the first things he mentioned is his desire to see Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale play in more central roles. This could mean early trouble and less game time for Benzema.

The club has categorically denied that the Frenchman is available for any transfer. But, reports coming from Spain indicate that Benzema may not be receptive to the idea of sitting on the bench in the early part of the season. He is a favourite of Madrid president Florentino Perez. But, Arsenal still hope to clinch a deal similar to the coup they managed with Mesut Ozil. The German midfielder was a deadline day signing in 2013 from Real Madrid.

Wenger is a long term admirer of Benzema and is also looking to add a top quality forward to his squad. It is not every day that a striker of the pedigree of Benzema is available. And so, the moment he becomes available, there would be a rush for his signature. Definitely Manchester United will try to compete with Arsenal.

Wenger is more or less certain that Benzema could be the missing link to his puzzle as he pushes for Premier League glory. Could he wait till the last day of the transfer window for him? Possibly yes, because there are not many quality options available in the market.

Gonzalo Higuain of Napoli is another option for Wenger but he hopes silently that Benzema becomes available in August. The unassuming striker is one of the success stories for Real Madrid. He has been scoring more than 20 goals in a season for the past 5 years at the Spanish capital city. Unfortunately, he rarely gets the credit that is due to him.

Could Arsenal be the place where he finally gets his credit? Possibly! Hopefully Wenger’s wish of landing Benzema succeeds this year.


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31 thoughts on “Does Wenger only have eyes for Benzema this summer?

  1. finbarr

    Arsenal are now trying to compete with the elite sides in Europe for players. They are struggling because as of yet they are still not as attractive as Bayern, Real, Barcelona even Juve. They cant compete with the wages of Man Utd, Shitty and Chelski. This has been proven by them losing out to Man Utd with Schnedlerien and now looks like Vidal is signing for Bayern. Wenger needs to be clever and calculated with transfers, bide his time as Arsenal are still not an elite prospect. We don’t want to do what Liverpool do and buy masses of crap, that does not attract further big names and only lowers the profile of the club. We need to buy top class players not squad players and they are highly sort after and don’t just drop in your lap. Be patient Arsenal fans

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    1. 26may1989

      Losing out on Schneiderlin and Vidal? We don’t know Wenger was ever interested in those players, or if the club made a bid for either of them.

      The Vidal rumour never made much sense: we have everything he would offer already (esp in the form of Ramsey, who is superior to and younger than Vidal). There just isn’t a need for a player like him.

      Schneiderlin is a good player, and exactly what Man U needed (I think he will be more important for them than Schweinsteiger). But for us? Difficult call; Coquelin was bloody good last year, and on that form is at least as good as Schneiderlin (will be interesting to see that competition play out for Les Bleus). I’ve not been convinced that we’ll be signing a defensive midfielder at all, and in that context not competing for Schneiderlin makes sense.

      So, I don’t accept the idea that Arsenal are “struggling” in the transfer marker, or have missed out on anyone we know Wenger wants. It’s all just transfer rumour gossip and tabloid chatter.

      What would really improve the squad is one dynamic attacker, someone whose game is built around movement and technique. Perhaps Walcott will really assume a striker’s role (and stay fit), but assuming not, I would like to see us go for someone in that mould. And Benzema would definitely fit that bill. No idea if it’s a realistic possibility, but if it is, I’d be delighted.

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    2. trophyhungry gooner

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    3. KickAssFan

      Ok, I agree with u to some extent. See, Morgan is hardly the kind of guy we need (not outrightly defensive), Vidal too has been said to be much of an attacking midfielder and also hardly what we need.

      I remember something Wilshere said, that Coquelin is doing exceedingly well mainly becuz he’s been able to identify what’s solely his responsibility in midfield and has stuck to it: DEFENDING. I call it “the Makelele mindset. That’s what we need; a midfielder with such mindset.

      Then we need a striker. Benzema? Oh, hell yeah!!! Lewandowki??? Sh*t!!! That will be orgasmic. La Cassette??? Mmm, would luv that.

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    4. invisible

      As long as Higuain don’t come, i’m happy. Benzema, okayish. Lewa, yes please.

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  2. Gunner

    as eager as i am to get in new players-I’d have to say u do have a very valid point…We get class or no one…dont want another Flamini

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  3. Jazlon

    anyone else notice that the no 9 is vacant?

    Giroud said his happty with 12, Welbeck hasn’t taken it neither akpom.

    MmmmMMM, Wenger told the player’s hands off, iv got some one in mind to wear it?

    I honestly think we have a strong squad,covered in defense,mid strikerfore mmmm?

    BUT, we need a back up for coq, thing is?how many world class options are out there to sit bench, as Coq aint no pushover? mmmm I think Wenger will either get an experienced older player, oorrr an average player in there. if Vidal moves to Bayern, why not move for jazi Martinez?”i see no reason why not?

    I think wenger wants to go for a mecurial, marquee attacker it might just be between, Gotze, Lawendoski, Benzema, Lacazette.

    Anyway, cant wait for the season to start.

    Proud South African Gooner!!

    #Ya Gunners Ya#

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  4. Durand

    If Wenger buy a striker at all it will be at the end of the window because player is surplus and suddenly available. Big If. More likely we get a Goetz type AM tho than a Benzema type striker IMO.
    Read Arteta injured again; center for obvious research also reports sky is indeed blue and grass is green. Perhaps if Arteta and Wilshire were conjoined Arsenal could get a full season. Hey good news Flamini for cover; Bad news is he could play.

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    1. Budd

      Singapore. You will see him play against Everton. Cech as well.

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  5. leo

    arsenal are still interested in signing david alaba from Bayern but looks difficult javi Martinez though could leave if vidal joins them he or lars bender would be perfect for us

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    1. napersie

      Alaba? Leo if it happens I’ll buy you a Goober top with name “ALABA”

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      1. leo

        @napersie dude it looks tough alaba is a fan favorite at bayer but he is also a arsenal fan still doubt pep would sell him

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        1. Gigi2

          Bayer? Leverkusen?
          haha jokin dude.
          Good to read you, you have been absent for a while,

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    2. Bigvalbowski

      Would love to see Alaba in a Gunners shirt, one of the best young players on the planet. Maybe a 1% chance. Lol. Sadly I see JM spending a Diaby amount of time in the Bayern treatment center. A fantastic player when healthy, just never that.

      Personally Im down with this lineup

      Le Coq…..Ramsey

      As much as I love Santi and hate to see him go, if AM is willing to shell out the cash AW should let him return to Spain. We all know that Ramsey and Wilshere will NEVER be sold and Arsenal is far to predictable and toothless offensively with Ramsey or Jack on the wings. Take the $15-20M and buy Le Coq some cover or a young CB who can also play anywhere along the back line.

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  6. Cathyman

    Wenger has lost his eyesight for ages already.

    No CF, no CDM backup…….

    Everyone knows the weakness of the team, he doesn’t. So isn’t he blind? Haha

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  7. leo

    Benitez tried the 4-2-3-1 for the first time with Cristiano (LW), Benzema (ST), Bale behind him & Isco (RW) in training . so not sure if Madrid will let benz leave can happen if they get llorente + morata Madrid keen on both strikers

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  8. leo

    Arteta is not yet ready for a return to action. The 33 yr-old had ankle surgery in Jan & is still troubled by an ongoing calf problem

    imagine arteta injured + say coq gets injured we will be left with flamini !!!!!!!!

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  9. leo

    Arsenal are looking at Juventus Rugani and Roma’s Romagnali for CB which could either chambers could be loaned out or play as cdm

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  10. optimisticgooner

    Its funny how Wenger always said that he will only buy players that are better then what’s already at the club and he still ended up signing the likes of Andre Santos, Mikel Silvestre, almunia etc etc. Wenger should cut these filmy dialogues and actually buy players who are better then flamini and Arteta.

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    1. Gigi2

      I think actually that it is because of those signings that he is more reluctant and cautious.

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      1. optimisticgooner

        Mayb but dat does not mean he will simply not buy or wait till d very last minute of the transfer window to provide cover for a position wich seems 100%obvious. Rumours say he is willing to wait for benzema till d last day. The question here is will Madrid actually sell benzema on d last day without having found a replacement? But if Wenger tries and forces Madrid to sell now they may actually consider it since it will leave Dem wid of lot of time to replace Benz.

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