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Does Xhaka have a good point about Arsenal catching Man City?

As long as Arsenal do not slip back in our performance levels from the north London derby win over Tottenham last weekend, we should be able to return from Burnley on Sunday with all three points in the bag, and we could well do without another dodgy decision from the referee thank you very much.

A rare win on the road for Arsenal could be the end of our poor away record in the league so far, and Arsene Wenger had good reason to defend that record because of the penalty incidents at Stoke, Watford and Man City and the offside goal there as well.

The Gunners have only been well beaten in the road once, at Liverpool and even that had extenuating circumstances with the transfer deadline distractions. However, after losing at the Etihad gave the leaders a gap of 12 points over us and the way that Guardiola has Man City playing it does not seem likely that Arsenal will be able to close it.

Does that mean we should give up? Not according to Granit Xhaka, who was reported by the Evening Standard talking in quite optimistic terms about the title race.

The Swiss midfielder said, “I think in football everything is possible.

“Manchester City, at the moment, are on a very good run, they’re doing very well and others have dropped points – which they haven’t done – but it’s conceivable that they could drop points as well.

“They might not continue as they have been.

“But our aim is just to focus on ourselves. We know we need to work and we’re convinced that we can compete at the top.

“Everything’s possible, I’m a person who thinks realistically but has dreams and fantasies as well. In football, everything is always possible.”

Do you agree, or is this just a pipe dream from Xhaka? I tell you one thing, though, if City do slip up then someone needs to be ready to take advantage. Surely if the rest of the Arsenal squad follow Xhaka’s way of thinking it makes it more likely it will be us.

Sam P.

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12 thoughts on “Does Xhaka have a good point about Arsenal catching Man City?

  1. Jack

    “and we could well do without another dodgy decision from the referee thank you very much.”
    Take it you mean when the arsenal player punched the ball into Burnley’s net for the late winner and the ref let it stand?

  2. tag

    Deluded – all those away losses due to poor referring (mention of penalty incident at City which one , no mention of the other one which should have been given, grant you Silva was offside for the third but you were played off the pitch … then we come to Spurs where all Arsenal’s goals were dubious of which there is no mention and the fact that Harry Kane was carrying an injury and Spurs were well under par ! Arsenal will do well to get in the top 4 never mind catch and beat City. Course if they can always blame the refs if they don’t manage to get in the top 4

  3. Jeremy

    He probably needs to study Man C current form before he said these.

    And he should also focused on his own performance instead. Talk but no show on pitch, will not win us over.

  4. Mitch Connor

    We are NOT going to catch Man City or win the PL. I am realistic. If you think we can then you are setting yourself up for a huge let down.

    We have arguably the worst Central Midfield of the top 6 teams. I don’t have anything against Xhaka but he isn’t worth £35 million. Also Ramsey, Coquelin, Eleney aren’t as good as Pogba, Matic, Kante, Wanyama, Gundogan, Toure, Fernandinho, Dembele, Sissoko, Can, Henderson. Our defense is bang average too.

    You need to have the best CM to win the PL. City has it with Fernandinho, DeBruyne and D’Silva. So does United with Pogba, Matic and Mata

  5. Guneal

    Coming from a dude that has already cost Us 6points with his careless passes and giving away possessions in dangerous areas. He will be the major reason we won’t catch Man city.

  6. SaraScott

    Arsenal losses seems to always be attributed to dodgy refereeing, penalties and tranfer distractions. I suppose Wengerism has been finally been accepted as the norm and beliefs for the team.

  7. Gelz

    Another Arsenal player who should stop talking and just concentrate on what they do on the pitch. We are far more likely to slip up than them and come the end of the season that 12 point gap could easily be in the 20s. The whole team are going to need to fight hard just to get top 4 this season.

  8. Nothing changed

    Laughable windup article. We were never in the PL race this season and we will never be in the PL race as long as the current manager, owner and board remain in place.

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