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Doesn’t Wenger get that Arsenal fans don’t care about transfer prices?

At the end of the day, nobody likes to get ripped off, so if Arsenal can get a bargain or two in the transfer market then all well and good. In fact we are all very happy with the fact that Arsene Wenger managed to get what looks like a very good player in Sead Kolasinac to sign for us this summer on a free transfer.

However, we all know that these deals are few and far between and that you cannot expect to do all of your transfer business like that. I will go further and say that football fans, especially those of big Premier League clubs like Arsenal, know that the prices have gone through the roof and that big English clubs are probably going to have to pay way over the odds to sign the players they want.

One person who does not seem to appreciate this harsh reality is our long serving boss Arsene Wenger. As reported by Metro, the boss has been speaking about transfers and it seems clear that he knows that us fans are desperate for him to add more quality after a worrying start to the new campaign.

Instead of giving us hope, though, he gives excuses and talks about the over inflated prices of players. Does the guy not understand that we do not care? Arsenal fans have to pay over the odds to watch our team or buy some merchandise otr have a drink or something to eat in the ground, so why should we be happy that all our money is just going to sit there because Wenger wants value for money?


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34 thoughts on “Doesn’t Wenger get that Arsenal fans don’t care about transfer prices?

  1. Mulugunner

    This is what happens when your mind is stuck some 10 years ago. Wenger has lost it a long long time ago and I can’t believe we have that man as a manager at this time.

    1. Remember Resource?

      OT: Guys as departures take place, we will sign movement in the lemar deal. The deal is still possible! if we get some players out in time we should be able to conclude the deal. Chamberlain has one final meeting for his contract, gazidis will be personally attending it. If they cannot agree then club will be ready to sell. Annoying part is if he has huge wage demands it might be an issue. I think anything around 100-110k shouldn’t be an issue..

      1. Me

        Nice optimism but I don’t think so.
        The old fool coming out and saying he is pleased with the “activity” is him effectively saying that is it for signings.
        No one including Ivan Gazidis himself knows what Ivan Gazidis does for Arsenal so his attendance at anything is pretty meaningless.
        If players like Sanchez or Ozil sign or not it doesn’t really matter because Arsenal are dead on the floor – another kick or two is not going to make much difference.
        Arsenal used to be great but now all that was good has been replaced by incompetence and mediocrity – and it is all down to Wenger and Kroenke.

        1. chris

          Gazidis was brought in mainly to drive non footballing revenue (merchandise etc.) and this he has been doing. Wenger has the support of Kroenke. Wenger is the complete political tactician ….. but NOT a football tactician. Hence his selections, substitutions etc are laughable and nobody else dares to say jack xxxx.

          1. Midkemma

            Gazidis was bought in to make £££, he was hired as the CEO, the CEO also deals with transfers. Funnily enough the AFC website talked about looking for a DoF and Gazidis was hired and made CEO.

            He wis hired by the old board as they was looking to drive up share prices, at the time of him being hired AFC had both Usmanov and Silent Stan as shareholders, both wanting more shares.

            The old board came out with the BS about not being sold to a single foreign owner and made that promise… broken once payday was large enough.

            Also we can see Gazidis effect on transfers when looking at the timeline. 1st full season after he joins and we spend less than 1/3 of the season before which Wenger had no Dein as Dein had left.

            Wenger has his faults but to pass over Gazidis is a bigger flaw, Gazidis has his job and he isn’t doing a good job at it, can you imagine Gazidis working for say… City? City wouldn’t touch him as they would want someone with experience… So they got the guy who worked at Barca and the guy who worked on TH14 moving to Barca!

            Also the non football side, we agree that he does that and I would say he does that very poorly as well, we get a deal and 2 weeks later another EPL team gets a deal which eclipses ours.

            Gazidis undervalues EPL football and it shows in not only transfers but the sponsorship deals we get.

      2. Nothing changed

        So nice of Gazidas to attend this (supposed) meeting personally. Did he have to interupt his round of golf?

    2. Thomasina Akpan

      Wenger is still living in the past believing that all transactions must be at the right price and for this reason we have missed several quality players. I’m beginning to believe that he doesn’t recognize quality any more and , hence Arsenal appears like feeder teams when the seasons is on and that accounts for our 10_2 loss last season

  2. Nick

    I Blame that full upstairs,he does not put enough preshire on wenger . When the club gets sold to the African we will start to dominate again …If you are reading this wenger your stubborness and to soft will end your legacy remember this day on the23/08/2017……start spending the dosh if you don’t you will never achieve your goals

    1. Josh

      Mr Wenger is already achieving his goal which is to make arsenal cannon to run out of ammo… To make arsenal look non threatening and become one of the most inconsistent mid-table super average club in the world. He only gets worse.

  3. Badenglish

    Arsenal don’t need Mesut Özil. He is the worst Defense player in football history and 28 years old. Let him go

    1. Me

      He is not meant to be a defensive player.
      And, as with all of his signings Wenger fails to play him in his natural position.
      There are so many reasons why Arsenal are poor and all of them are caused by Wenger..

    2. Spectrum

      This is the same manager whose poor judgment has just resulted in him saying he is willing to keep Wilshere because he still feels he can “reach his potential” ! Wilshere is 25, F.F.S. !!!!

  4. Tony

    The board is fully responsible for the mess we are in right now. AW has only 2 yrs if contract left and you guys really think that he cares about saving money. The only reason AW is not spending is that he does not the full backing from the board. This have been going on for years, AW came out several times saying he has money to spent where in reality no money were available. The board is happy to make profit by selling our best players, still qualifying for CL every year with second rate players and having a manager who will take the blame for them. Bringing in a new manager would have exposed the club’s real intention that is favoring financial gains over sporting gains.

    1. chris

      I could not disagree more. Inside the club Wenger is infamous for taking an age, agonising over decisions – unable to make his mind up till it is too late. Twice in 3 years Directors came out publicly to issue statements urging Wenger to invest. That much is fact. Moreover I suspect that he has no confidence in transfer activities – having got it so obviously wrong on so many occasions in the past. He lost David Dein holding his hand a long time ago.

      1. Tony

        How can the board be so incompetent and unambitious then if they allowed such a manager to rule over more than 20 years ? AW must be doing the right thing satisfying the board vision for all these years. The worst decision was to give him a further 2 years extension after such a poor season. I am not defending AW, he’s just being paid to do what is considered good enough by the board and this is a fact.

      2. Me

        Wenger is an employee who is given objectives by his employers – the Arsenal Board of Directors who can mandate him to sign players.
        Obviously this has not happened so it leads you to wonder what exactly the point of having Ivan Gazidis and Chips Keswick at Arsenal is.
        And it also makes you wonder what the objectives of the board are considering that success on the field is not a priority to them.
        The only way for change is to impact on what the board really care about which is profits – falls in attendances, drops in merchandise purchases and match protests will bring that. If nothing is done this will continue forever..

        1. chris

          The objective of the other Directors hardly matters. The objective of the controlling shareholder, Kroenke, is what counts. He does not even understand ”soccer’ but does understand cash flow. Meanwhile Wenger has cleverly cultivated Kroenke and has his support.

          1. Tony

            Nothing is going to change until a new owner takes over the club. Even last year protests did not persuade the club to change thier way of doing things. Boycotting matches and merchandise is easier said than done. Emirates stadium has one of the highest percentage of attendance in EPL and there are thousands of Arsenal fans are in the season ticket waiting list. The amount of money the club will make by not spending big largely outweight the small impact it is going to have on matchday revenue and merchandise.

        2. Manverick

          Very well said, shame I couldn’t thumb you up twice. Arsenal fans can complain all they want about the state of the club but things will never change when they still spend top dollar on tickets and merchandise making those greedy pigs board money if you want change you have to act.

  5. PV4

    Don’t believe all this ‘get some players out first’ shit. We’ve spent a miserly £26m after recouping other fees, so something STINKS at the club. Besides, you need desire and ambition to be the best, and under the senile one we don’t have that. Same old rhetoric and excuses. He has turned Arsenal in to a predictable laughing stock.

  6. AllDwayfromAfriCa

    no we care, we get that the market is crazy.but we are not asking for neymar or that pogba kinda transfer. thats why we have been hammering on names like seri, goretzcha, calvahol, mahrez even lemar.. two of these guys we really improve our team and they are within our budget. Pls don’t give the old man more excuses he already has enough

    1. chris

      Unfortunately, it does not matter whether or not attackers are acquired. Not as long as we are so poor when out of possession. And that will never change while Wenger is there. The team would do better with Wenger standing back and leaving team matters to Steve Bould – who does know how to defend. But no – like Pat Rice before him – Bould is paid to sit there and keep his mouth shut. Remaining Wenger luvvers … are you able to deny this ???

    2. Shark

      We already got the best LB in Bundesliga and one of the best ST in Ligue 1 and Wenger plays them as a CB and LW. If Goretzka’s dream is to play as a RWB, he will join us.

  7. Lowereast

    We could have had Higuain for around 35 mill a few years ago,, we would not pay
    we could have had Suarez ,, we would not pay
    and there are many many more examples.

    Wenger wants a Ferrari for a fiat 500 price
    If you had paid up last year and the year before you would have a squad in teh champions league, but yes you know best , except any half wit could undertstand that the new tv deal would ramp up prices except wenger and gazedis

  8. Me

    I don’t see anything about Arsenal that gives me hope that we might have a good season.
    Our best players want out.
    We are not signing players.
    No motivation.
    An incompetent old fool putting his ego before everything.
    And a board who put profits before performance.
    Let the protests, banners, flyovers, booing and drop in attendances begin. Its the only way for change..

    1. Me

      Obviously there are still people out there who believe Wenger can change things at Arsenal.
      The last twelve years must have been a vague blur to them..

      1. chris

        I think the remaining Wenger fans are living in the past as much as Wenger is. They cannot know much about football. The evidence has been and still is there for all to see.

    2. chris

      It is NOT ” The Board ” …. it is the controlling shareholder and he supports Wenger. Not much else matters.

  9. Nothing changed

    You can cry all you want about the seemingly crazy prices but if the rest of the football world accept what is and get on with their business you will be left behind like we have.

  10. Terry Garratt

    Wenger is utterly delusional, autocratic, arrogant. His statements bear little reality to what he actually does. As an Arsenal fan for 61 years I seethe with anger that he and some equally deluded fans seem to believe that AFC did not exist before him. We are one of the vey richest clubs in the world. Price or worth is only what somebody will pay for something. There is no external “correct” or ” true” value. Grow up and re-enter the real world. Wenger is destroying OUR club (and incidentally the confidence of a large number of Enlish players). THE ONLY THING LEFT TO FANS IS TO BOYCOTT LIVE MATCHES, MERCHANDISE, TELEVISED MATCHES. INUNDATE THE BOARD AND THE MEDIA WITH OUR CONCERNS AND DISSATISFACTION. RECRUIT EX-ARSENAL STARS TO SPEAK OUT. GET RID OF WENGER AND KROENKE. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. REASON AND CALM DISCUSSION DOES NOT WORK WITH THEM.

  11. Marty

    Wenger is right about the crazy prices for players but the reason the transfer prices have gone crazy is the amount of money available to clubs from the latest TV deal…of which Arsenal are quite happy to receive. Therefore you either pay or not and get left behind. As someone previously said we are not asking for Neymar type deals but deals for the likes of Lemar etc if Wenger thinks these players will make the team better should be within our remit. Unfortunately Wenger is so stubborn it won’t happen.

  12. Midkemma

    I honestly see this as Wenger singing from the same song sheet as the board, showing unity within AFC, Wenger is paid enough to be told what to say.

    Wenger didn’t seem to care about spending when Dein was doing it, we competed with the best and wasn’t a joke in doing so, I will point towards Pires as an example.

    After Dein left, Wenger didn’t seem to care about spending more for Nasri as Nasri had signed a new contract a short while before.

    Wenger wanted Arshavin and although Gazidis had arrived, it was part way through the season and not hard to see Wenger getting the Jan sale his way with a new employee learning the club. Record transfer while stadium debt.

    It was only the summer after Gazidis arrived that we became tight fisted up till Ozil transfer, not going over £10 million by much… didn’t compete with Arshavin transfer fee for years.

    Those are the facts, makes little sense to blame Wenger when the obvious change was Gazidis arriving during the period of boosting share value prepping for payday.

    1. Durand

      Dude wenger runs Arsenal NOT Gadizis! Gadizis was calling for DoF and who killed that idea? Wenger did remember?
      How about the senile muppet sir chips; remember his famous quote couple years ago
      “If wenger has a plan we go along, if he doesn’t we still support him”

      You still think Gadizis has more power or control than wenger? Facts bro

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