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Double delight when Real Madrid buy Kane as Arsenal sign Benzema

There are some new Arsenal transfer rumours going around the football media about our long term transfer target Karim Benzema, who Arsene Wenger has apparently had his beady eye on ever since the French striker was making a name for himself in Ligue 1 with Olympique Lyonnais.

According to The Mirror the often talked about transfer of Benzema to north London could finally be about to happen, with the paper reporting the news from Spain that the Gunners may already have made an offer to Madrid for the centre forward.

The report also claims that the 29-year old is up for the switch to Arsenal to try his hand in the English Premier League and that is probably because he knows that his playing opportunities could soon be seriously curtailed, with rumours growing that the Tottenham and England star Harry Kane is top of the Spanish La Liga champions transfer wish list.

This would all be great for Arsenal as we saw our local rivals lose their talisman while we were able to sign a top class striker in Benzema. We are not that lucky usually, so is this latest Gunners transfer talk a bit too good to be true?


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22 thoughts on “Double delight when Real Madrid buy Kane as Arsenal sign Benzema

  1. arsenal4life

    Benzema has been coming
    to Arsenal for the last 6 years
    But yes we need to the Benz asap.
    Benzema 29 Perez 29 Giroud 31
    Sanchez 29 Ozil 29 Wellbeck 25 Walcott 28
    The more old age pensioners in the team the better.
    Big wages and no pressure to win anything.
    Then we can sell all our young up and coming local lads.
    Makes sense to me.

    1. Bond 007

      I can’t believe rumours about Benzema are still doing the rounds.
      Arsenal…my beloved Arsenal, wake up and smell the proverbial COFFEE.

    2. Mark

      Would this be too good to be true? Obviously it’s pointless talking about it because it’s not going to happen ……. but if it did Tottenham would get £200m and Arsenal would get a striker way past his best. Not sure how that’s too good to be true

  2. Will

    Do keep hoping and I hope you realize just how desperate it all seems as Benzema is overpaid, overrated and not yet over there by a long shot.

  3. Break-on-through

    I reckon Freddie Ljungberg’s no1 fan will be leaving fairly soon, definitely within two seasons. Will he be leaving empty handed, most certainly. Will he be leaving for greener pastures, well it’d be more than hard not to. Will he ever return, not before Sol Campbell. Kane will experience great thing’s when he leaves, just like Sol he could not imagine what it was like to be a winner.

    Benzema, would he replace Alexis, I’d take him over Ozil. It would be another goal threat added to our front three, and he’s a grafter so it could work. To play with Real for this long, with their quick passing game, he might suit us.

  4. Frank

    Benzema? Hahahaha why? Arsenal need a world class centre back, defensive midfielder and attacking midfielder (a whole new spine) and you are talking about Benzema! He plays off the bench behind Giroud for France hahaha.
    I shouldn’t laugh because Wenger would be stupid enough to buy him.

    1. Simon says

      It’s been a mediocre start to the season, fans are restless, the Arsenal PR machine goes into over drive, like every year. Not happening

  5. ThirdManJW

    Benzema again! Haha That means we’re already dumping Lacazette then, because Wenger only plays one up front.

  6. don gorgon

    The trouble is…when you get desperate, you’ll believe anything. Spurs have left us behind and we are in danger of CONTINUING to focus on them while they are LAUGHING at us.
    How the tables have turned…
    Sol was 20 years ago !!

  7. Marty

    Not Benzema rumours again, how many years are we supposedly been signing him for.. If you believe anything the Daily Mirror says then you really are getting desperate…..

  8. Twig

    _________Insigne Wilshere Welbeck
    ___________Coquelin Cazorla
    _____Kolasinac Monreal Koscielny Bellerin

    Coquelin and Cazorla is a proven combination. Hope we switch back to it once Cazorla is back to full fitness.

  9. OlaJoe

    Abeg allow us to rest with dis Benzema stuff d guy is just over rated and not consistent besides he is going past his peak already

  10. Turbo

    IMO seems like Lacazette signing and retaining Giroud also makes this relatively moot and pointless. There are other far more pressing needs re. player acquisitions.

  11. jod

    According to the journalists Harry Kane was being sold for the last three seasons, Man United, Real Madrid, etc etc. But he’s still at Spurs. Harry gives the impression of someone who knows his own mind and doesn’t pay much attention to agents. He also seems to be more interested in what he achieves in the game (like trying to break Shearer’s goalscoring record) than how much he earns. So he will only leave Spurs if and when when he decides to and then it will be for footballing reasons not financial.

  12. GB

    BBC saying Benzema has been offered to spurs as part of the proposed Kane deal, if it happens, unlikely imho!

  13. Arsenal1Again

    Never rated Benzema. In the last season of Sanchez at Barcelona he was the third highest goalscorer on La Liga, only Ronaldo and Messi above him and Sanchez was on the right wing for Barcelona … Benezema was a striker at the time for Real Madrid like he is now and he was behind a midfielder.

    So in the Premiership Benzema is going to flop. Deschamps didn’t even pick Benzema for France in Euro 2016 – didn’t rate him either.

    1. Nothing changed

      Let’s no go overboard the only reason Benzema missed Euro 2016 was because of the ongoing Valbuena blackmail scandal. That is why is not involved with France. The guy is good player and you don’t get to play for Real as often as he has if you don’t have something to offer. Does anyone believe for one second Giroud would ever have started for Real?

      But most importantly the guy is too old and would not want to come to Arsenal either and we do not need him. We should give Laca a chance and start playing him for 90 minutes and stop taking him off after 70 minutes can’t do wonders for his confidence.

  14. Jeremy

    It’s not likely to happen in Jan. bec AW hates Jan transfer window.

    It will also not happen in Jun 2018 bec AW will be busy making money from TV from the WC.

    Before you even realise… transfer window closes. Ivan sends another email to congratulate everyone for another ‘successful’ transfer window without spending a single cent. Kroenke and AW rejoice.

  15. the barrel

    Benzema is overrated like Pique. They are just in winning teams. They just take the ride from winners. Stop this Benzema roumers

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