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Double boost for Arsenal as Alexis’ Chile side beat Brazil

Arsenal’s energy-filled striker Alexis Sanchez had a brilliant summer as he helped Chile to win the Copa America, and he helped his team pass another milestone in Santiago last night by beating the Brazilians for the first time in 15 years.

After seeing Alexis get substituted towards the end of the Gunners fantastic win over Man United on Sunday, it looked like our star man would be out of action for some time, but as usual our star man bounced back in style. He lasted the full 90 minutes and even scored the Chilean’s second goal in the dying minutes. The former QPR man Eduardo Vargas had opened the scoring in the 72nd minute with a well taken half volley.

So not only has Sanchez continued his scoring run but has also proven his fitness for his club and country. In an interesting night Argentina were also shocked by losing at home to Ecuador, and their star striker Sergio Aguero, who scored five goals for Man City last week, was stretchered off with a hamstring injury after just 22 minutes of the match.

Alexis and Chile will now play Paraguay on Tuesday, who were soundly beaten 2-0 by Columbia last night, and another win will give them a great start to their race for the World Cup Finals. The Qualifiers in South America have a completely different format to the European Groups, and all ten teams are in one group with the Top Four all automatically Qualifying for the 2018 finals in Russia.

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27 thoughts on “Double boost for Arsenal as Alexis’ Chile side beat Brazil

  1. Daniel Tekena

    If Alexis stays fit, we win the league. its as simple as that… COYG

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      1. awesome gunners

        I know Alexis has been Excellent. But sometimes I feel there is one person that doesnt get the credit he deserves. COQUELIN. If you sit and watch every game arsenal played and when they scored, COQUELIN was involved in 80% of the goals. He is actually the one that Starts the move with and execellent tackle or interception.

        This is the sequence…. Coquelin intercepts and ball is picked up by OZIL/CARZOLA…. PASSES to WALCOTT/SANCHEZ they SCOREEEEEEEEE!!!!.

        So all im saying. That guy COQUELIN is for me just as important as OZIL/SANCHEZ staying FIT.

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        1. GoonerLad

          Coquelin is as important as RVP was in his last season, without him we crumble.

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          1. GoonerLad

            I don’t get the thumbs down, it’s a fact without Coquelin we’re not the same team

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  2. ziol

    also if aguero doesn’t get fit we might win the league( not that i want to)

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  3. G-Rude

    Time to do a double. Arsenal to win the League and Chile to win the South America Qualifying Group!
    Go Go Alexis.
    May as well make it a treble on Player-of-The-Year while we are at it.

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  4. Uzi Ozil

    Alexis is a hardworker. I love His ‘never die attitude’..

    We need to check out His background’, Maybe he had a poor background so it took him time to get to where He is now and dude has really come so far. Welldone Alexis. You encourage most of us ‘with that never die attitude’ in our various careers in life.

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    1. ziol

      what do you mean poor? if it means what i think it means, such uncool thing to say.

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      1. Gunner

        maybe he means not having all the facilities…watched a doc on Suarez, he learnt football
        Playing without shoes on the street, making balls out of paper…

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    2. Renoosenal

      Sanchez grew up in Tocopilla, rural Chile, and earned money from age of six.

      His father abandoned him as a toddler and his mother worked several jobs.

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  5. SUNNY13

    Yes Sanchez remaining fit is a must for our title challenge.
    And being honest, Auguro if injured will be definitely weaken city who are favorites to win the title. I keep on saying that we have to first leapfrog City from top spot and take as cushioned lead at the top as our players are not as experienced as City players in title push. If there is very tight at the top, it would not be good for us because of our less experience and injury record. Also our penultimate game is city away which would be very difficult.
    Look what happened to Liverpool 2 seasons ago. they could not sustain the pressure.
    Need to take the top spot ASAP and then increase the lead. Janauary we may get welbeck and wilshire back and wenger . Not sure if wenger will add or not. But if we enter new year with substantial lead , I think we will not flounder this time


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  6. Gunner

    Glad he scored but wish he didn’t have to play the full 90 mins…

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  7. Classygunner

    O.T. Why is it that when Arsenal or Germany have a bad game, Ozil is the only player singled out for criticism by the media, especially

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    1. ziol

      exactly. he is not the captain or anything. in a team with reus, muller,gundugan, hummles the title reads ‘it’s ozil’s fault.’

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    2. Kotte

      I was just toking about this with a frnd…i noticd long tym ago you myt think he z the only player in Germany…they r trying to put him down olwys its so sad!

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  8. Uzi Ozil

    @ Ziol, Don’t over think things bro… My ‘Poor’ comment was only to encourage ‘me’. You background may have affect who you’re but you’re responsible for who you become. I mean no harm bro’. Don’t over think it ok.

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    1. ziol

      @uzi so i guess you mean it performance wise. and if so it’s cool. so no bigge. sorry for miss reading it.

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    I don’t mean to be cynical or anything, but it seems a lot of the “Top” players playing for our rivals are getting injured. Aguero got stretchered off last night, Ivanovic and Matic both got knocks with their respective countries, and Schweinsteiger also got a knock and our players are fine thus far. I don’t know maybe we might get lucky and have a fully fit squad, barring the long-term absentees, after the break and can put in a good run together.


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    1. DennisTheMenace

      Ivanovich and Matic getting injured is very bad news cause without them chel$hit might start playing better

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  10. Robertthegooner

    Alexis will come home happy. Having scored and beaten Brazil

    As long as he is happy, I’m happy. A happy Alexis is a scoring Alexis

    Only way we have a chance of winning League is with a healthy Alexis

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