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Economics dictate that Arsenal must spend big in January

As Marx said – Hey lay off Arsene – football is all about economics by TB

Of course the game against Bradford was very disappointing but this needs to be seen as a problem which has been a long time in the making.

In a nutshell the causes of our problem are (i) the loss of and a failure to reinvest properly in the team following the loss of key players egs – Cesc, Nasri and RVP – set in a wider context of (ii) a recent history of a big decline in our status as a ‘financial player’ in the market place compared to the much bigger EPL fish of Chelsea, Man City and Man U (and other global big market distorting players outside London and Manchester in Spain, France, Russia and China); a decline which has been compounded by our strategy of financial prudence in a world of growing ‘austerity’ and (iii) the short term considerable financial handicap of a commitment to relocate to a world class stadium at the Ems.

Putting it simply if we now had a top quality centre forward (RVP) winger (Nasri) and mid fielder (Cesc) in our team as Arsene planned – then we could compete with anyone but we haven’t. And so at the moment we are left half baked – with good defence and mid field but woefully lacking in the final 3rd with the people we have at the moment – it is not a coincidence that this is where the most competition and expense is to be found for players at the sharp end/goal scoring part of the team and unfortunately is where we are least able to compete against the big boys. Decline therefore becomes self fulfilling – we can’t compete financially which leads to restricted top 4 ambitions at best so better players leave or can’t be signed so we can’t compete..

As I set out in my article last week to Just Arsenal, the Gunners have been falling behind the rest for some years (following the Bradford game the author of Arse2Mouse points to 07/08 as the last time we were a good team to watch) and now the chickens have come home to roost.

It is wholly simplistic, totally misguided and really unfair to put the blame for this decline solely onto Arsene. Undoubtedly he plays a part in all this – hopefully more good than bad – but it is the adverse financial context and its recent history in which he and the Club operates – that is the main explanatory variable to account for why we are where we are at the moment. Indeed you could argue with some authority that against all these considerable disadvantages he has done a great job to keep us up there to punch some way above our weight, as described in TheFootballosopher.

As Marx might have said – football like much of life is fundamentally about economics – and it is there where the main cause of our problems and hence the solutions are to be found. I (like to) believe Arsene and the key decision makers know this and now that the Club has some dosh available to invest in some key final third players – then we will see this happen in January and next Summer. If we don’t then further decline will be inevitable with or without Arsene. Personally, I hope he stays to see this investment through and can put an end to all this ill informed nonsense from his critics and more importantly we will see us playing beautiful football again. In the meantime lets keep the faith, understand why we are where we are and look forward to better things to come…

Terry Barry

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48 thoughts on “Economics dictate that Arsenal must spend big in January



    They are increasingly baffled by Wenger’s tactics, selection and failure to adequately replace Robin van Persie in the summer.
    Podolski and Cazorla are believed to be among the Gunners stars left dumbstruck by the events on Tuesday night, when a full-strength Arsenal team were knocked out of the Capital One Cup by League Two minnows Bradford City
    Wenger is believed to have torn into his players in the dressing room at half-time but was staggered by the lack of response from the team, who slumped out of the competition in a penalty shoot-out.

    Even though Wenger said after the match that he could not fault the attitude of his players – “we did absolutely everything for 120 minutes” – his main complaint was their lack of focus.

    The Frenchman is under pressure from a growing band of supporters calling for his head but Arsenal insiders insist that the manager is in no danger of losing his job.

    Nevertheless, some of the unrest in the stands is matched in the dressing room, as players privately question some of Wenger’s decision-making.

    Podolski is fed up at being played out of position on the left flank, often at the expense of Gervinho, who had never been played as the team’s spearhead until this season but has been regularly deputising up front for Olivier Giroud.

    The Germany international has played all 20 of his Arsenal matches in a wide attacking role rather than in the central position that he favours.

    Aaaron Ramsey has often been used on the right side of Arsenal’s attack in key games to compensate for the lack of midfield power, a problem the players feel should have been addressed in the transfer window.

    Cazorla is one of those said to be mystified by the failure to adequately replace Van Persie, who was sold to Manchester United days before the start of the new season.

    Gervinho has come under fire from supporters, including former board member Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith, who labelled the Ivorian a “flop player” on Twitter during Tuesday’s defeat, an attitude that is shared by some in the dressing room.

    Chief executive Ivan Gazidis assured the Arsenal Supporters’ Trust on Wednesday night that significant funds are available to the manager, and there will now be huge pressure on Wenger to land his main targets and arrest the club’s decline.

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    I’m so confused!!

    On one hand I have arsenal football club which I love! And I hate to see them struggle! It’s been like this a while do we need a change? Probably

    On the other hand what might this change bring us? Do we get rid of the man who made us who we are? (The problem is obviously who he is making us now!) is it becoming a bit clough @ forest like?!!

    What to do what to do! This season is f@&£ed so why don’t we see what his intent is in January and go from there! Pointless all sittin here moaning about it! Lets not boycott games let’s show our support! Now more than ever!!!!!

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  3. Darule

    Arsenal are playing the Scrooge game. Greed has plagued the board and our beloved manager. Need wholesale changes from the top or Arsenal are going to fall further. No way they will spend at best they might buy one player to replace Walcott and bring Henry on loan just to keep the fans quite. In Wenger we rust!!!

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  4. BG Gunner

    mr.admin, i don’t know about the pressure from the wealthier clubs but i know that arsenal have the highest ticket prices around and profit from transfers each year.
    as for wenger- you might defend him as long as you want but it is not the economic environment that forces him to play gervinho as a ST instead of podolski or walcott, play ramsey on the wing (or play him at all) and pay djourou, diaby, squillaci, chamakh wages that could have been used to keep RvP, Nasri or even Walcott.
    wenger is nothing more than a good scout, an ok manager and a dreadful strategist

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  5. Alexis London

    Yeah winger after 7 years without a trophy he can’t change or make better thing now and who’s are saying give him a chance he got many chances for god sake
    Look at the average clubs are above us And we are going down
    We have to buy world class players not gervinho like shit !!!

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  6. budgie

    you are deluded if you think Arsene will spend big in January, he doesnt like buying in the window, Gazides is doing his usual trick of standing back and saying Arsene has money to spend, the clock is running down for you Arsene, its now or never, we need to strengthen our defence, and put some steel in midfield, Ramsey is not the player to drive our team forward, and for gods sake put Poldolski at centre forward, he is becoming the disappearing man, does he still play for us? If you persist with Gervinho at centre forward we are doomed to the Europa league! And can I finish by saying what a great player Gilberto Silva was for us, we miss him badly, I dont think he was given enough credit for the work he did, how we could do with him now!

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  7. hamid

    Wage structure holds us back and is there to hold us back, so we don’t keep class players longer then three years. Instead of keeping them, we buy average players, give them weaker salaries and hope they’ll improve enough to be sold good.

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    we would be in a healthier position if wenger played our players in there prefered positions for a start.

    will we spend big in january. i hope so but i shall not hold me breath.

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  9. hamid

    Everton has a better squad the Arsenal, and that my friends is at least pathetic.

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  10. leo

    of course there is plenty of cash avaliable acc to sources wenger for now has 50m to spend in jan(70m actually from player sales) there is 180m+ in cash reserves which making profit for the board now the situation has got so serious wenger must be given money in jan there was a 2hr meeting yesterday between wenger & gazdis over transfer money

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  11. man u lord

    I just read somewhere that Wenger said losing the quater final match to Bradford is like winning a trophy…..I this is true then for the first time in my Arsenal supporting life I say IT IS TIME FOR WENGER TO GO.

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  12. leo

    Arsenal are an easy target at present and many are delighting at an opportunity to throw sticks and stones at a man who has never been subjected to such treatment in the past. It need not have been this way – through their own mismanagement and neglect the club and Wenger have become targets of their own making.

    Guardiola, whatever his talents is not a magician though and there is no Lionel Messi at Arsenal, let alone a long since departed Cesc Fabregas, on who he can rely to perform miracles on a weekly basis. Assuming his race is all but run, and it increasingly looks as though that is the case, it is Wenger’s final challenge to provide the stable footing from which a new coach can build.

    from media

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  13. mr lean

    its wengers job to identigy the transfer targets but surely its IG who should then secure them,if we haven’t bought by mid Jan wenger and ivan should be sacked and give the new manager a chance to get player in before deadline day.Wenger do your buisness early please not last minute

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  14. mr lean

    @leo having 50m to spend and then spending it are two very different things,we should use some of this cash to pay theo’s wages

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  15. Gunnerineverylife

    @leo they have always said there is cash but when have they really spent without selling our playersthey are deceiving us like always,why Wenger keeps on playing Gervinho as striker when we have Podolski is beyond me,and we also keep crossing the ball when Gervinho who cant even head properly,pathetic strategy.

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  16. mr lean

    @Gunnerineverylife,totally agree mate they talk a good game but as the saying goes actions speak louder than words,we may spend some cash in Jan but either in Jan or the summer we will sell to balance to books just like this year.we can’t trust the board.wenger needs to change his tactics from Monday,am glad we lose Gervinho in JAN for a while !!

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  17. abel

    Sell chamakh,bendtner and park= 13mil (wages combined =162k/week)
    Replace with llorente free wages = 80-90k max. U have 13mil 3.5mil wages saved= 16mil.
    Sell arshavin 5-6mil (90k wages) replace with holtby free.wages = 40k/week… 5mil saved + 2.4mil wages saved = 7.4 million
    Sell djorou,n release squillaci = 6million (wages combined = 120k/week)
    Replace with yanga-mbiwa 6million.wages = 50k/week. 2.7 million wages saved.
    Sell santos 4million wages = 60k/week replace with j.williems 3mil wages =25k/week 1million saved + 1.6xmil wages saved=2.6mil
    Sell fabainski 3mil wages = 50k replace with landreau free wages 50k.3million saved
    In total we have 32million saved from selling deadwood and replacing with better quality.

    Loan out olsson,toral and the likes
    Bring back miyaichi,campbell,afobe,wellington Ramsey,eisfeld,gnabry,meade for the cup games.

    Now ADD to the squad. 32mil + the supposed 70mil = 102mil
    Renew contracts sagna + walcott = 8million a year
    Buy isco 17million
    Wanyama 10million
    Zaha 10million
    Cavani 35million(no time for cheap options)
    Adrian lopez 12mil

    So we have a 1st team like this
    GK-szczesny,landreau and mannone
    DF-sagna jenks mert,tv5,lk6,yanga mbiwa,gibbs n j.williems
    Midfield-arteta,cazorla,wilshere,wanyama,isco,coq,holtby,rosicky,diaby n ramsey as a last resort
    WF-zaha,adrian lopez,ox,gervinho,walcott

    TALK ABOUT DEPTH!!! We still have the youngsters too…. If we cud sign 5 players on a deadline day i believ we shouldn have trouble making these deals possible by january and summer transfers.

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  18. Awesome Gunners

    I would just like to state something.

    I agree with the fact that Arsenal is in a massive slump and Wenger, players and owners are all to blame.

    The only problem I have is that alot of comments seem to come from people who has no respect for Wenger or what he has done to this club. Before Wenger we could only dream of winning the league and FA cup double. We werent considered title contenders and our football was pethetic.

    If you dont believe me go watch a few old Arsenal games.

    So although Wenger has made many mistakes this past year it is unfair to treat him with such disrespct. I also think Wenger should go but it seems that all Arsenal fans have short memories as just last year we were saying how good Wenger is.

    So all the New Gooners out there that have no clue about the history of this beautiful club please go read or watch videos before you start being disrespectful to a man that lives and breaths Arsenal.

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  19. leo

    @gunner in every life & @mr lean well said guys but i get this feeling this jan something will happen either way it will be for good wenger will spend the money we will get n2 top 4 the board ysterday did say they lied about the west brom match when they announced it was full while there were thousands of empty seats there is growing concern

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  20. aiiity

    I think Wenger keeping his job till next season will be his greatest achievement at Arsenal if this decline isn’nt arrested….and arrested NOW!!!!!

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  22. Salvage

    @Awesome Gunners
    you said :
    Before Wenger we could only *dream of winning* the league and FA cup double. We werent considered title contenders and our football was *pethetic*

    Well, with reference to the points I highlighted, Under Graham , we won titles. In fact he achieved more within the short time he had compared to Wenger’s 15yrs. You also said we were playing pathetic football. I want to ask you..Are you sure you have watched any Arsenal matches of late? We are more than pathetic in play. The angst of fans is not just the bad results but its more on the *pathetic* display. I assure you that the situation and vociferous call for change wouldnt have been this high if the team played well but just didnt get results.

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  23. Terry norman

    What economics are we talking about?

    If its the economics of success on the pitch, then absolutely, but those economics have been screaming out to everyone, for at least the last 5 years, and they have been totally ignored!
    So why can we expect the board and mr Wenger to listen to them now?

    Unfortunately the arsenal board are more concerned with the economics of finance, accumulated wealth for shareholders etc, and that does not include any serious investment in the team.

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  24. Salvage

    Wenger to spend and buy promising players just to destroy them by playing them out of position and adding absolutely nothing to them tactically?

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  25. usmaNOW

    We need a world class finisher, a CDM & persuade Mr Wenger to let Bouldy takeover the training/coaching & tactics from January, to put our season back on track!

    But than again Mr Wenger won’t let anybody play with his baby!

    KGB Mafia OUT!

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  26. NIKK

    Just bumped into Wenger with two bag full of shopping in Primark, doesn’t bode well for January transfer market!

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  27. LoCkAy

    The fact is we should have spend regularly for the last 7 years.

    By doing that, I truly believe that the only who would have left would have been Fabregas.

    Fabregas wanted to go back to his boyhood club, so it was more sentimental ( even thought he was going to play for a titan of football ). But even with that, if we had a fabulous squad, he might have been dissuaded to leave.

    So imagine the team that would have step up on the pitch every week.
    We would have, surely, win the league at least one in the last 7 years and may be been in contention for few CL.

    How much is he going to spend???
    The specialist are talking about at least £150millions, just to be level with the likes of Chelsea, Man United and Man City.

    I don’t know if I agree with it, but we have been used to spend nothing, so some fans might be a bit sceptical about that sum.


    We have no defensive midfielder of quality ( Coquelin? Well I don’t think so ) and Arteta was an offensive midfielder at Everton…!! So why is he used to do the dirty work????

    Wenger has reduced the quality of his squad for money saving reasons as well as continuous stubbornness and arrogance because logic was dictating spending.

    Another important fact is that Wenger is not able to do the job anymore… He is limited tactically and do not understand the requirements of the game anymore.

    His staff, most have been with him for years, needs to be replaced as questions were raised regarding the scouting and the medical staff.

    It is time to get down to business and stop being the laughing stock of the league.

    We use to have the best and most attractive football, but were ineffective.
    We are now boring to watch and still ineffective…!!!


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  28. Supporter

    We need to show sup a least until the end the season.COYG

    We are still The Arsenal Right?

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  29. Sammie

    All u wengernites and anti arsenal fc shame on u. I support arsenal fc and not wenger.

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  30. zulhazmiabd

    It seems that ivan didn’t appreciate the supporters.just read an article stating that spending this january isn’t a priority…even compared afc would overspend like Chelsea ,manu etc….so as kroenke, as long as afc could make profit all these years,as long as AW could breed more talented young players as bargains,do they care about trophyless seasons?no, they don’t.if they are ambitious enough,they would make amendments to make the star players stay at afc.they would strenghten the squad by wooing world class players to come.winning trophies mean;more supporters ~more attractions~more merchandises sold~more money.greed is this all about.not just that,the amendments made by AW on the pitch not working as well.remember the times when arshavin,chamakh,podolski,vermaelen and even gerv made impressive starts at arsenal.they’re good enough.AW killed their talented display with his kind of football and playing them out of positions…..let us boycott the games to make them realize how serious we are..

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  31. Gooner Cape Town

    If he doeswn’t spend the cash on real players, he MUST go. I was first to support him but now I feel hugely dissapointed as there are too many negatives coming out, all involving Wenger.
    We had better get the following:
    1. A top striker
    2. A serious beast of a DM
    3. A serious playmaker who can dictate and spark
    4. A top versatile defender
    5. Wingers who can cross and get ball in box for corners.

    If not, Wenger should retire at end of season.

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  32. true goon

    Theres cash but only for 10-12m players.Nigel Winterburn was on the radio yesterday, he said that he was at a question an answer session with AW a few weeks ago,and someone asked whether Arsenal could spend 30m on a player.AW said no because a 30m player will demand a wage packet of 25-30m,that adds up to a total of 55-60m for 1 player.We see the papers saying we have 50m to spend that can get you 1 top,top,top player now a days.This is why we dont buy 20m+ players.

    What it doesn’t explain however is why Wenger can’t even manage to pick the right team

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  33. Inkslinger

    If this is so, how do you explain our massive wage bill (More than Bayern; more than Spurs)? We’re not talking about competing with Chelsea, City and United. We’re talking about beating Swansea, Norwich and yes, Bradford. You can’t blame economics for those losses.

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  34. Gunner4Life

    Take care for what you wish for…..

    Just off the bookies. Arsene will leave end of this season as his methods continue to be questioned. Where to….. Real Madrid when the special one leaves for PL.

    I struggle to understand how Wenger identified players he wanted when David Dein was at club and club purchased. RVP, Henry, Fab etc. All these players have left, with the exception of Mr H, for money elsewhere. Walcott will follow in January. Because we can’t pay the rates required… Sad times. But we will buy a new player who doesn’t met the required grade and pay them £60k a week +.

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  35. Salvage

    @Gunner4Life, Wenger wont last 5months at Real and he knows it. He would never go to those *hot spots*.

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  36. APC

    i think wenger would be perfect for ajax. dortmund or bilboa

    these clubs rely on the youth set up hed do well i think. iv always fort he would make a great youth team coach.

    for me arsenal need to get the yank away if poss. hes just interested in money. until then he wnt. id like to see the club sold off back to the fans. or usmanov buying it and giving the fans some small shares and he keeps 51 percent

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  37. SowetoGooner

    Guys in London please boycott the games. I’m all the way in johannesburg so I can’t do it but wish I could. I support Orlando Pirates FC down here. They also went through a 8 year trophy drought. The chairman was too busy concentrating on the 2010 world cup preparations. The team management was filled with people trying to be boss and everyone would have a say in every department. Good players where being sold or not played because they are not some club officials favourite player. The fans could only take so much and started boycotting games and complaining to the chairmans office. He finally took note, did a entire reshuffle, got a new manager who sold dead wood and trimmed the squad. What happened next? We won 2 trebbles in a row. Orlando pirates won 3 of the 4 available trophies in south Africa. London gooners we are trusting you cause we are to far to do anything. LET’S SAVE OUR BELOVED ARSENAL FROM GREEDY YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  38. JamesHenry

    Arsenal should sign … Sneijder (apparently only 15 mil) would be the winger we all crave . De Rossi (20 mill give or take) The Defensive Mid we NEED! Demba Ba or Hunterlaar (Either less than 10 mill) and a Left back maybe Cissokho (8 mill) or Criscito (12 mill or less) = 57 mill approx ..

    What you think homeys?

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  39. Richard

    Aw should coach in the championship where working on a tight budget and developing young players is the only way forward. How about Bradford AW. Don’t think they would hire you!!!

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  40. terry barry

    My thesis is that the main causes of Arsenals problems are not to do with one man but are largely structural and are to be found in a look at the recent changes in the economics of the global and national football environment in which Arsenal seek to ply their trade and compete. I believe that Arsene has done his best to create a good team but he is essentially always operating on an uneven economic playing field which constantly acts to dismantle his efforts. Its a bit like trying to build sand castles on the beach and each year the economic tide comes in and knocks it all down and he has to start all over again…its extremely frustrating for him, the players and for us the fans. Imagine what a team Arsene would have created without all this disruption – with RVP up front with Nasri out wide and Cesc in midfield – add Carzola, Wilshere and Arteta and a fit Diaby and wow….!

    Arsenals pain is experienced and felt acutely at the sharp end of the market – the final third players – where we are critically most weak at the moment because that is where we have been least able to compete both to retain and bring in players. This is the key area where Arsenal need to pull out the stops to remedy this glaring deficiency. Now for the first time that we have resources available – we have to invest before it is too late and invest in top, top quality players…not more mediocrity!!! If we don’t I fear that we are doomed with or without Arsene…

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  41. mohawk35

    Economics also dictated that Arsenal should keep RVP but you see what happened there.

    The sell off of the past 2 seasons has made no economic sense in the big picture but……now they suddenly wake up??

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  42. Terry norman

    @terry Barry

    Got to disagree with you when you say it’s ‘just our forward line’ we can’t retain or replace.
    Can think of midfielders eg Cesc or defenders Eg Toure, and there are many more, we’ve simply not been able to retain or replace.

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