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EIGHT reasons why Arsenal CAN win the Premier League this season

8 Reasons Why Arsenal Can Win Premier League This Year by MK

When Arsenal started this season with an FA Community Shield victory, it seemed like a brilliant year was ahead – and despite some setbacks, this seems to have been a completely right feeling. Currently, the UK-licensed bookie TonyBet has valued the Gunners’ odds at winning the Premier League at 16/10, only bested by the ones that Man City got. Could this season prove to be victorious? Looks like it – and here’s why.

1. Top Class Goalkeeper
You can‘t help but wonder how is it that Chelsea gave up a goalkeeper like Petr Cech. He‘s already proven to be an invaluable asset to the team, and he‘s brilliant in the Premier League: out of eleven games, he‘s had six clean-sheets, and he‘s made 39 saves. Apparently even Lewandowski has never scored against him – and that‘s saying something. A goalie like that can be a deciding factor in many close games.

2. Chelsea Is Beatable
Now I’m not saying that it’s time to celebrate Chelsea’s relegation, but no one can deny they aren’t exactly looking like the defending champions. Yes, it’s a strong team and one that can prove to be a big trouble, but if they don’t get out of the gutter, the Gunners won’t have to compete with them for the title – and that’s a brilliant advantage. In any case, they’ve got a good bunch of points to go until they even catch up!

3. It May Be Exactly the Right Time to Strike
While there are plenty teams that are tough contenders, it looks like this season is when nobody‘s too far out to reach and outrun them. Man City may be a bit difficult to best, but they’re not indestructible, and Liverpool will probably only be a real threat next season. Tottenham Hotspurs are good enough to get to top 5, maybe and Man United isn’t looking like they’re going to clinch the title any time soon, either. A lot can change until the next season – but right now it could be the perfect time for Arsenal to finally triumph.

4. Assist Record Breaker on the Team
There’s only one word that describes Mesut Özil properly, and it is brilliant. He literally has the best games per assist rate (2.63) that Premier League has ever seen! He’s made nine assists in just ten matches, so we can definitely expect another record-breaking number fairly soon if the lad keeps up at it like that. It’s the teams that consist of players like him who win the League!

5. Super Solid Squad
It‘s not just Cech and Özil that are positively impressive. Not only is the team really well-oiled as a whole, the vast majority of the players are showing really great individual performances. Alexis Sánchez and Olivier Giroud are dominating in the attack, Francis Coquelin is excellent at defending, and Héctor Bellerin is playing beyond his years – and his young age means he’s still got loads of potential. And that’s just a few squad highlights!

6. The Bus Is Not Parked
In seven out of eleven games that the Gunners have played in the Premier League so far, they’ve scored at least two goals (and let’s not forget the five goals against Leicester). While defence is very important, you can’t really win the League without scoring and if Özil doesn‘t stop assisting like that, it can only result in even more goals, really. However, that doesn’t mean the squad’s been slacking on the defensive end: six games ended in clean sheets. All in all, it’s a good work on both fronts – and provided the team keeps it up, it can prove to be the best work this year.

7. Mind Over Matter
Admittedly, it’s not as much mind over matter this time, as it is mind and matter. The squad is solid. The attack is great and should only get better. The defence does its job. But every team in the League is fighting tooth to nail, and you do need that extra something to push through to the very top – and this is where the mental strength comes in. Olivier Giroud himself has said that the players have a strong sense of being a team and fighting for each other – and it shows! Arsenal came back from a string of horrid matches both in the EPL and internationally with great results later, and that’s what counts.

8. Excellent Strategy
Arséne Wenger is a brilliant manager. Well, you probably already knew that, but he‘s been making a few decisions that were branded as wrong – such as not signing a bunch of players and supposedly leaving an important position unfilled (which, based on how the team‘s been performing recently, isn‘t exactly the case). Quality over quantity is always a good choice, and it‘s going to help Arsenal work as a real team. Moreover, he knows how to get that team to win, and isn‘t afraid to change tactics when needed – which could account for the extra push which sometimes is what divides triumph from defeat.

Is it a bit early to predict a victorious season? Well, it may be more clever to wait until the Boxing Day, but things are starting to look really, really good. It will take all these reasons listed above and a little bit more to win the Premier League, but this particular triumph is perfectly achievable. May the odds be ever in Arsenal‘s favour!


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18 thoughts on “EIGHT reasons why Arsenal CAN win the Premier League this season

  1. goonthinker

    what the heck are you smoking.
    Its good to believe but belief comes with showing.Time to talk is still yet to come.Somebody on this site once talked about winning the champions league.Now see how such talk has become.Please stop this.
    The second leg shall be the right time to make judgement on our genuine hopes of title contention
    Thats the time when we meet
    liverpool mancity man united everton and tottenham away.

  2. BabyPlease

    11 reasons baby please
    1. Cech
    2. Bellerin
    3. Koscielny
    4. Mertsacker
    5. Monreal
    6. Coquelin
    7. Cazorla
    8. Ramsey or OX
    9. Alexis baby please
    10. Ozil
    11. Walcott or Giroud

  3. TH14atl

    I’m sorry, but I don’t know what was to be expected from yesterday’s game, and why the result is so shocking or damning for people. For me, Bayern didn’t do anything differently this game (aside from moving Costa over to Nacho’s side away from where Hector would’ve been….which did cause problems) — they had the majority of the ball, the majority of the chances, but looked just as susceptible on the break. The difference for me was that we didn’t have the pace to create enough genuine opportunities on the break to peg them back, cause them not to press/commit as many people forward, and convert the created chances. Coupled with that, we then weren’t able to do enough to create the luck that we received in the first game.

    How can you expect to remove 4 starters (with pace) in Hector, Theo, LK6, and Ramsey, plus 1 sub in the Ox, and be successful? We might be able to do that against the teams in the EPL, but not against one of the top three teams in Europe. But isn’t that to be expected, or am I missing something?

    I’m hopeful that Debuchy can put a shift in the rest of the season, but then I believe it’s time for him to go. Bring back Jenkinson.

    I’m hopeful that Campbell can cope with the demands of the league, but right now he’s got 1 solid game in comparison to countless other sub-par performances. I think he goes at the end of the year, and hopefully Wellington Silva can bring the Brazilian dynamism and flair going forward that we need to supplement Alexis.

    Hopefully no one else gets hurt before or during the international break, and that gives our players time to recover and return.

    Please respectfully let me know what I’m missing. THanks


    1. k-ool

      You’re right. This is to be expected. The result was to be expected but Arsenal have not done themselves any good to discard the notion that they can’t hang with the big boys in Europe. A 1-0 loss or 2-0 loss would have been respectable. A 5-1 thrashing by Bayern only reinforces what we already know.

  4. fabu

    ok guys i was expecting arsenal to lose against bayer on alianz arena ,because there bayer seems like nobody can win but it was our attitude that worries me ….why the hell we give up ?why ????? fight god damit fightttttttt

  5. HA559

    Thats 3 games in the UCL this season where we can’t come back from behind to win. The only thing to do now is to continue our league form by winning with cleansheets against
    Tootenham, WBA, Dinamo in the UCL, hoping we are still there in MD6. After that we play Norwich and Sunderland. Then it’s MD6.

    After that everyone magically returns from injury until January Transfer window closes, then some go back to the treatment table the first day after it closes.

    We have to hope if we are still in UCL that We have full strength starting 11 and some decent bench players. All of the above are winnable games, Olympiakos will be the hardest to have to win by 2 goals or 3-2 or higher.

  6. jermaineBryan

    If someone told me we would get 3pts from the two Bayern games I’d take that. I feel we still have a45% chance of qualifying but I don’t think we will win champions leauge wich ain’t a surprise.

    Tonight’s results flattered Bayern we had many chances aswell
    Eg ozil @ 1-0…..santi miss….Nuer one vs one save…….Giroud got called wrongfully offside.

    All today’s result shows we need another quick attacker, we had to rely on Gibbs and iwobi as subs which was a joke (eg aubemyang,welbeck?)

    Dm to challenge coqulan, chambers looked awful and isn’t mobile to play in midfield (krychowiak,bender)

    I think going into the eufa cup would be good for us as it will force we get to add reinforcement who can use the cup as a way to ready themselves to support the title challenge or recall players who aren’t getting the best out of loan spells eg gnabry,zelalem.

    Players like Campbell,rosicky,arteta,chambers,ospina would also be able to keep sharp.

  7. Uzi Ozil

    2 Reasons while Arsenal MIGHT not win the league this season:

    1. Injuries
    2. Consistency

    We can win the league, We will draw and lose few games BUT if we fail to win the league, then those two reasons might just be the reason….And we shouldn’t forget MANCITY. They are up there as well.

  8. chinaka1

    The Writer wrote this piece yesterday or before the mayern game.
    He said when hailing Petr Cech that Lewandowski hasn’t scored against him.

  9. Fatboy Gooney

    There’s only ONE Reason why we won’t win the league!
    And that’s the Obvious one:

    Injuries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

    This Article was obviously done before the Munich game and shortly after putting the crack pipe down! ?

  10. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Admini, your 8 reasons are tenable. Arsenal still have 27 facilitating tools to employ for their title challenge this season. And 1 of the facilitating tools they will certainly employed on Sunday evening to use the tools to facilitate their enhancement in the table are, Tottenham Hotspur. The Gunners MUST use those tools properly on the field of play on Sunday to collect all the 3 points they are after to get. It’s moreso necessary for the Gunners to collect all the 3 points as Pellegrini’s Man City outfit look of being slowed down to drop points by a Remi Garde’s Villa outfit team resurgent at Vila Park on Sunday for Arsenal to capitilized to go top properly without been breached again this time around.

  11. Arsenal007

    I’ll give you one reason why we can’t.
    1. Injuries to first team players, without having capable backups.

    Sad, but true.

  12. Koss the Boss

    We can win the title but how many times have we said that ‘This is our year’… cmon folks we all know that we are playing good but not great, Utd/Leicester games great but our problem is consistency… we cant keep a decent run going and never know when we are going to turn up! We can blame injuries but on average our injuries each season would you not think of buying a couple of solid players to challenge and rotate in a few Areas as we all knew this injury thing would creep up, again? Tell me why Flamini, Arteta, Per, Rosicky, Chambers are even still here? (chambers should be on loan he isnt ready) we needed another CB, DM/HM, RW and loaned out Ox for one season! Look at city… Silva/Aguero out Sterling/Debrunye are their back ups!! City have a better chance of getting into that elite group with Munich, Barca, Madrid the way they are going… like it or not its the truth! We are miles behind!

  13. Raoh

    I think the most important thing for me is we get our injured players back: ALL of them. When you think about it this situation has to be contained & controlled more. The Ox, Ramsey, Kos, Bellerin, Walcott just to name the ones that could’ve & should’ve been in the XI yesterday…UCL or not UCL in the near future we need a full squad if we want to WIN the Prem. Also to prevent a vicious cycle…THANK GOD INTERNATIONAL BREAK IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!

  14. Twig

    I’m not really in the right frame of mind to speak of winning the league. I need to give the wound time to heal.

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