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Will England listen to the Ox and help Arsenal?

It is pretty hard for an Arsenal fan to find any little scraps of positivity from the news that Danny Welbeck was not recovering properly from his injury and has had to have surgery to fix his knee problem, but as the international break is underway, there may be some good news for us from the England camp.

With Welbeck out and with Wayne Rooney and Harry Kane struggling for form and goals in the Premier League, there is a chance that the England manager might turn to Theo Walcott as a striker option and the more he plays there, the more comfortable he will be and the more likely he will be to start scoring. If Roy Hodgson pays any attention to his players, and more specifically to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, then he will definitely be thinking about Theo.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the Ox has been talking up his Arsenal and England team mate, declaring that Walcott is ready to prove himself as a central striker, just as he is currently trying do at club level. In fact the Ox reckons that Walcott should have been playing up front at international level for years.

Chamberlain said, “I think Theo has been ready for a number of years to play there. He’s someone I look up to and admire as a person and a player.

“His form for club and country in his long career proves why he’s is ready, his goalscoring record proves why he is ready to play up front.

“He is a great player and poses different threats than other strikers with his ability to run in behind.

“I have no doubt Theo can play up front – or in midfield as well.”

With Rooney needing just two more goals to become England’s highest ever goal scorer, I am sure Hodgson will start his captain but with a game against European minnows San Marino up first, England may well go with two up top -and it would be good news for Arsenal if that second striker was Theo.

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11 thoughts on “Will England listen to the Ox and help Arsenal?

  1. Kempinski

    The England squad is an average,overhyped squad just like the arsenal squad…never rises to the occasion and oftenly dissappoint!being a fan of the two must be nasty!playing lets say a match against san marino or whoever does not help in any way even if walcott was to be a striker..

  2. Jb

    Why do we arsenal fans bother to give our personal opinions about the team it is clear by now those running the team dnt care what we think or want so we might as well jst shut up

  3. Greg

    theo’s pace is effective no doubt! but he must channel this into being more consistent, concerning goal scoring wise!

  4. kam

    Turning Walcott in to striker is Wenger’s experiment not Roy Hodgeson. Others see Walcott as a midfielder than striker.

    England’s strikers are Rooney,Sturridge and Kane and right now they have a better goal scoring record than Walcott and they are actually strikers that is their main position.So don’t expect England to play Walcott as striker.

  5. gooner100

    Personally I’d prefer that neither played. Whilst I want England to qualify (which they obviously will) I’d rather the guys had a week off and were fit and ready for the next pl match.

    I get the impression that one thing AFC have been guilty of, that has contributed to injuries, has been overplaying certain players. Both Ox and Theo have a history.

  6. kenyanfan

    let’s leave England and their tactics to R.H..though if any comparison then arsenal is the match..they all plays to qualify to tournaments(specialists in qualifying and all time participants but are always there for elimination).however,the diff is that somehow england manages to have easy group polls always unlike arsenal(due to Wenger’s omen).

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