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Established Barcelona Winger Offered to Arsenal For Just £7 million!

If reports from various sections of the media are anything to go by, Arsenal will be going for the kill when this summer’s transfer window opens for business. Arsene Wenger has been linked with the Barcelona winger Pedro Rodriguez since last summer but the latest development in the story is that the player has handed in a transfer request at the Camp Nou.

Whilst earlier reports claimed that the newly-crowned La Liga champions will be looking to do business for around £10.8million for the Spanish international, the Daily Telegraph suggest that the player has been offered to Arsenal for a cut-price £7 million, with a view to sell him as soon as the transfer window opens, giving them ample time to find a suitable replacement.

For me, Pedro’s resume says it all. The Catalan star comes with five La Liga titles, two Champions League titles and a World Cup in his list of accolades. While it may seem quite a while back that he was part of the attacking trio (with Messi and Villa) that dominated world football, he is still only 27 and in the prime of his career. In my opinion, if these reports are indeed true, it’s a no-brainer, Le Prof must go in for him.

For quite a while now, media reports linking Arsenal with a move for a big-name player could have been easily rubbished, but with the North London side now beginning to demonstrate financial firepower and go in for established players, you certainly may want to give it a second thought. While any potential deal may be far from agreed, it may not be much of a surprise if Wenger brings Pedro Rodriguez to the Emirates, thus reuniting him with Alexis.

Another important factor to consider is that Arsenal are beginning to build a little bit of a Spanish contingent, including club captain Mikel Arteta, Santi Cazorla, Nacho Monreal and Hector Bellerin, along with many other Spanish-speaking players and Pedro might well be the latest addition to this list.


VIDEO – Santi Cazorlas brilliant Cup Final freekick!!

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32 thoughts on “Established Barcelona Winger Offered to Arsenal For Just £7 million!

    1. vijaygunner

      technique bears physique we’re not stoke

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    2. seancali

      Arteta is finished, sorry but its time to let him move on and go to mls…Pedro would be a great signing but still not the world class player that we need…sorry just my opinion, he would be a good squad player to have. I doubt that barca will want 7 mil for him must be at least 12 mil

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  1. oluwafemi

    Signing Pedro would a steal. That much experience and skill should be worth more than 7.5m. However, do I think Wenger wud go for him? Ok! Am kinda undecided. We have lots of players who can operate on the flanks (not flank players), there is the player quota/ home grown quota rule, and others that Wenger has to think of. I want to see him in our red colours but……

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  2. joe from kenya

    now that the season is coming to a close gooners suggestions on making our weekends more fun without our football fix & watching the team we all love?????

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  3. No Giroud, I'm happy

    I’m not a fan of Pedro, he is not a game changer, rather utility player … I believe they are a lot of options out there with far better quality as a winger …

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    1. ArseOverTit

      I agree but his still better than wellbeck or a midfielder on the wing as its his position.

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  4. oluwafemi

    Hey Windrider007, I hope u know “BIG” does not always mean “boss”. And no matter your size, trickery can always make a mouse out of you. Players like Messi, Suarez and Carzola r not big. Big is not requisite to appropriateness when playing on flanks, Speed is more important. Strength is something that can be worked on like Ozil is doing. These are my reservations to your “Big, Strong” ideology. Case closed

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  5. Seetsuma

    So, let me get this straight. Barcelona, who are still banned from making any new signings until the January transfer window, are wanting to sell us Pedro at a discount, so that they have all summer to find a replacement? What are they going to do once they find the replacement, come to an agreement with the club and player that they won’t sign him until January?

    I don’t see this happening. Not at a discount, and not when they are already losing Xavi this window. I don’t see them letting Xavi and Pedro both go for 7.5 million, and not being able to bring in even 1 replacement.

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    1. gooner100

      Chances are that their ban is about to be rescinded. There are numerous legal challenges going through the international courts saying ffp is illegal and unfair.

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  6. CraigZWE

    Cech Vidal Lacazette

    Poldolski Sanogo Flamini Schez Diaby out

    Window done

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    1. GoonAR

      Agreed. If Vidal is available and wants to be a Gunner he needs to be signed… world class written all over him.

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      1. seancali

        Vidal would fit in our team so well…..Vidal and Martinez and the bpl is ours next season. Just imagine what those two can bring for us..

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  7. goonerwineverything

    i must confess i am not overly sold on this vidal transfer at all we already have many of this type of midfielder in the team, what would he bring in the big games is what he should be judged on i suppose energy,aggression. are all things we have with Ramsey.
    plus Ramsey can give us goals when he is on song vidal isn’t a big goal getter from the middle just gives you a lot more energy and bite to take the game in the middle(not forward) to the other team,
    but we have enough players that do that so for the price and requirements we need meeting i must say i am out on this one. someone younger would be better investment for the price plus we need height/master passing skills(kondogbia) in the middle to help in the hard winter games to keep the team ticking over against the smaller team that park the bus.

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    1. davidnz

      Kondogbia at 22 is
      a better financial
      investment but City
      might get him.

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    2. AlanFrank

      The rumour probably isn’t true but your not sold on us signing one of the best all round midfielders in the world? He’s pure class if our central midfield options next season are Vidal, Coquelin, Arteta, Jack, Ramsey, santi and ozil just that one addition would give us one of the best midfields a in the world. I think it would be Coquelin who would lose his place Vidal isn’t a pure DM but with two hard working deep lying players covering for each other. I love Le Coq but You can only have 11 men on the pitch and he’d still get plenty of game time but Vidal would be an upgrade because of his all round game.

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    3. GunnerJack

      Much as I like Rambo I think Vidal is already world class and for me he makes Rambo look a bit like a boy against a man.

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  8. goonerwineverything

    pedro on the other hand is very experienced and for the good price being quoted(even for £10.5 would be a steal), would be a steal. real graft for 90 mins pace skills most importantly goals, from the wide area and very much ambidextrous from both wings so he can change it up against fullback, go on left or right foot equally this know how could be priceless against the park the bus teams plus he could chip in with much needed goals in the season. i am in for this transfer if was doable. coyg

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  9. davidnz

    We have one good
    winger Sanchez and
    3-4 others who are
    injury prone Walcott Ox Gnabry Wellbeck.
    Diaby + Flamini are the only players we can kick out.
    Everyone else is contracted till at least June 2016.
    Paying millions to players who never play
    and leave on a free sounds stupid?
    Deadwood dance exponents!!!
    Surely we should sell Podolski for 10 mill
    and use his 4.5 mill salary to pay some one who actually plays?
    Or is that too logical?

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  10. Arsenal007

    Pedro will be a massive addition…
    Arsenal needs a solution to all these park-the-bus teams. We’ve been undone severally this season.

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  11. leo

    On This Day 2006: Arsenal signed Tomáš Rosický for £6.8m from Borussia Dortmund.

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  12. leo

    Arsenal have an agreement in principle to sign Porto striker Jackson Martinez, reports in Portugal claim. Giroud: “Recently, there’s been a buzz around Jackson Martinez. The coach has said he was good, the player says he would like to come.”

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  13. leo

    player turns 29 soon though wenger did recently said 29 is not too old but if we sign him he should our 2nd choice striker we need someone like reus/benzema who can play on wings & as a striker

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  14. ArseOverTit

    As always, the key word is ‘IF’.

    Anyhow Griezmann is a more dangerous threat on the wing.

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  15. rkw

    griezman reus pedro lucas goetze lavezzi turan drexler… all a big step up from walcott … so hope one of these works out … martinez? is he really much of a step up from giroud? dont watch portugese league but every time i have seen him he doesnt really impress….. but still need a quality DM … for me kondogbia would be a statement of intent

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  16. GoonerG1

    Why sign a winger? He’ll only sit on the bench next to Walcott while a central midfielder is played out of position on the wing.

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