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Euro 2016 heating up for Arsenal players and fans – It’s Xhaka time!

It already feels like ages since we have seen Arsenal in action, even though it was less than a month ago when the Gunners enjoyed a fantastic final day with our win over Aston Villa helping Arsenal to continue the long run of finishing above Tottenham.

And while it is still a while before the Gunners will be back in action, we do have Euro 2016 to look forward to and after France hosted Romania in the opening game, there will be much more special interest in the second day of the tournament today.

First up at 2pm British time we have the chance to see our first transfer signing of the summer Granit Xhaka, who will be hopefully in fine form and running things from central midfield for the Switzerland national side. I for one will be analysing every piece of the new Gunner’s game against European minnows Albania.

And depending on selection, every match today will feature an Arsenal player to give us extra reason, if it were needed, to tune in to the latest festival of football. Aaron Ramsey and Wales take on Slovakia, dark horses who recently produced a shock win over Mesut Ozil and Germany.

Then we have the England game against Russia and possibly a chance to see how the lack of football this season has affected Jack Wilshere. So cheer up and tune in Arsenal fans, because football is back with a bang!

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17 thoughts on “Euro 2016 heating up for Arsenal players and fans – It’s Xhaka time!

  1. Iffybright

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    1. SoOpa AeoN

      dunno what planet u live in………..comparing a rising payet to an extensively experienced ozil?

      Its almost like saying depay’s greater than sanchez

      pls come down to earth……

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    2. Dee@ease

      Ozil may not score enough goals but he’s a better playmaker than Payet,it’s laughable how a wonder goal will make someone world class all of a sudden he’s not and he’s 29 years old we don’t need him what we need is a CF with pace and a CB to partner Koscielny

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      1. goonerboy


        Please just kindly explain how Ozil is a better playmaker than Payet…
        I must say that I am not comparing Ozil to Payet, am simply discussing my views on him…

        But since you mentioned Payet, have you ever seen Ozil be in control of a game as Payet did yesterday,have you have seen him take responsiblity?????

        Am sure if we had Payet at Arsenal, and we have Ozil,no one will ever want Ozil to start a game…
        And if we had Payet only,Arsenal fans will say he is better than Ozil…

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    3. RedLondon

      Guess who has the most assists in the whole of Europe in the last 5 years ? Messi and Ozil. And who has the most between both of them ? Ozil. But according to you Payet is better ? So why hasn’t Madrid, Bayern or Barca tried to buy him ?

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  2. goonerboy

    Although the article is not about Ozil,but it is a nice argument…

    Anyone frequent here will know my stance on Ozil…
    Arsenal fans really surprise me with the way the OVERHYPE everything Ozil does..I just don’t understand….

    It is definately because he played for Madrid…We act like Ozil is the best 10 in the history of Arsenal…You can NEVER compare Cesc’s influence for us to Ozil’s….

    He is never a complete midfielder,he can’t play on the wings and still be effective,he hides in big games..I can go on and on…

    Personally, I will pick about 5 other AMFs for my team before Ozil…
    Google this;”Most overrated footballers now”….you will Ozil on every search result and Wilshere too..
    I can never buy into ozil’s hype!

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    1. rkw

      Best stick to watching mud wrestling … Anyone can have an opinion on that

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    2. SoOpa AeoN

      @goonerboy………..well, that’s ur own share of opinion

      but it doesn’t exactly mean u are right….

      Fact that OziL joined us when we actually nothing compared to Cesc who Left us when we were building something is enough to rate and respect Ozil over him!

      Needless to talk bout stats….

      Give OziL a Suberb CF and see what stuff he’s made of….je may not be a Tough-bully kinda player, but he really could change the outcome of a game with a killer pass in the twinkle of an eye!

      OziL!…. He sees what many on the pitch don’t

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  3. Iffybright

    am so desperate for Sanchez to renew his contract with us, but I don’t feel that way for Ozil……I will gladly take Mylkitarian or payet….this guys will offer us a lot of qualities….They are dynamic and multi dimensional…..

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    1. SoOpa AeoN

      @iffy……… Not so sure u could boldly says these things against OziL on his day!

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  4. Eddy Hoyte

    Loss time: Arsenal gets a free kick few meters from the box..everyone is tensed and the heat is so high,out last chance to get an equaliser against ten men Leicester…Ozil sets up the ball,looked up to the skies,then to the post,with eyes of an eagle took the cross, a sublime one straight to the head of Welbeck who nods it in, everywhere exploded with jubilation….. bloooody hell Ozil is the best,Ooooooozil we love you…i’m sure you said one of those, i’m sure you labelled him as the perfect midfielder…topped the league asssist but couldnt win the league.. fast forward to some months later,you calling him incomplete and Payet the best…rubbish, haters can never stop finding faults with someone, fans acting like hypocrites aint just worth discussing football with

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  5. lucia

    why is it that no matter what ozil does people will still hate him..mind you am not ass licking him.
    yes that payet goal was top notch but first half he was none existence..and can we cut the crap already saying ozil is overrated lol. his stats speaks volume no wonder mourinho called him best no 10..except you know more than mounrinho..
    and again yes giroud is no way near a wc striker but he is neither to his strenght you will see a beast of a player..when he played for montpelier he was top scorer in france yes montpelier,not psg,lyon or marseile.arsenal game plan sometimes work against him and we have zero wengers i cant remember any arsenal player dribble down the flank and put a good cross in.
    so hater gonna hate thats how life is but he said it countless times he doesnt care let his stats speak for him..
    people have bad game doesnt mean they are rubbish like someone said pogba and griezmann is..
    but give credit where is due rommania was spot on with there tactics..and was it me or just i thought rami was decent and boss played well atimes his head clearance is quality.
    its a shame the whole of france they couldnt find a better lb than evra who was beating all day..
    looking forward to the rest of euros and goodluck to other gunners

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  6. davidnz

    The Euro’s are like the Europa league.. half the 3rd place teams qualify lol.

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  7. Ramterta

    the opinion of jusr a mere fan isnt gonna change the opinion of the vast majority.
    You say you have never seen ozil control a game.Its fine and you can keep repeating that but thats because you dont really understand anything about football.
    I suggest you try supporting newcastle.I bet you will say sissoko and wijnaldum are better players

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  8. atid

    Arrived in marvelled this morning and shared a Train carriage with some journalists, one from Leicester.

    His opinion is that Vardy has signed and there are a number of reasons the deal has not been confirmed.

    1. Roy Hodgson has personally asked arsenal, Leicester and all clubs to allow his players to focus. There was still some minor issues to iron out the club’s have respected Hodgsons wishes.
    2. Vardy was shocked by the abuse his Wife got and was worried about leaving his family behind while he was in France.
    3. This is the big one, Arsenal have met the release clauses of vardy, Kante and mahrez, Leicester have asked Arsenal to delay things to allow them to look at replacements. One or two Arsenal players may be involved in p/ex deals.
    4. Arsenal have asked that at least one of the 3 players be announced when they launch their away kit.

    Now I don’t believe all this is true, but it all seems feasible.

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