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Everton are contenders warns Arsenal boss!

Arsenal have a chance to go above Everton into fifth place and make sure that Tottenham and West Ham remain below us in the Premier league table, but we must beat Everton at Goodison Park tomorrow to do it. Arsene Wenger will make sure all of the Gunners know that it will be far from easy, but it is imperative that we do it, as Everton will be pushing for a Champions league place at the end of the season.

“For us it’s a vital game every year. They fight at the top of the league every year. They are one of the contenders for a Champions league spot as well.

“For us, it is a period where we establish consistency. To go through with a positive result is very important.

“They are always serious, Everton, because they can give anybody a game. I don’t think that any big team in the league goes to Everton and thinks it will be a walk out there.

“I told you, I think they will be one of the contenders. They have gone through a more difficult spell as well recently. It is just down to us and the quality of our performance.”

It could be a good time for the Gunners to play Everton, as they drew their last game at Norwich and were beaten by Reading before that. They seem to be missing the presence of their captain, Phil Neville, who has had an operation, while Fellaini and Jelavic have gone off the boil a bit recently. The Arsenal summer transfer target Mirallas is also sidelined, so we have a good chance.

Arsenal need to start well and force Everton back. We would much rather see Baines and Fellaini defending than pushing forward in attack. Davis Moyes will ensure his players work hard to deny Arsenal room to settle and we must match that work rate and earn the chance to pass the ball around and create openings.

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38 thoughts on “Everton are contenders warns Arsenal boss!

  1. Craig Taylor

    Were only 6 points behind 3rd. We need a draw at least. A win would be awesome though. If we lose I would say our season is ruined. I mean compare the swansea squad to ours, and we are only 4 points infront. We need a change of tactics… 2 strikers wenger, please!

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  2. Gunnerineverylife

    Because their boss has played his players to their strength and our boss hasn’t.

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  3. k

    I think we should focus on our own team.

    Gervinho-I think we should keep him but he should be 3rd choice, we have to buy somebody to put in front of him

    Ramsey-Same as Gervinho, I would say 3rd choice and play him in Capital One Cup games or when we need to rest players.

    I would buy Navas to play on the wing and put him ahead of Gervinho (I understand they play on different sides). Capoue to replace Ramsey whilst also offering some steel in to the midfield. Would love to see a clinical finisher like Hunterlaar as well for games with a restricted number of chances (e.g. Man U, Man City, etc.)

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  4. cooleddy

    Pleeaaaase can we just play tonight’s game without including Ramsey in the starting line up. We need a pacey AMF to support cazorla in MF and Rambo doesn’t just have it.

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  5. k

    Off topic:
    I read a story that Wenger has £40m to spend in January as we are getting the sponsorship money next Summer.
    If that’s correct I would love for Wenger to improve DEPTH.

    Bench currently (when all first team are fit):

    Possible bench:

    Now there you have Hunterlaar, Navas and Rosicky who can win you games. Then you have Koscielny, M’biwa and Capoue who could close out games.

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  6. leo

    oh crap arsene wenger won’t spend big in transfer window he repeated the regular thing about finding value in market & that he will only spend big if a top quality player is available + looks like henry will be the only addition we have had the worst start even the imaginary 4th place cup looks difficult i don’t like it hope wenger spends in jan else we are going downhill

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  7. leo

    i hope wenger atleast brings in huntelaar-5m/m’vila-8-10m/luke shaw-6-8m & if arshavin leaves 4 zenit for 3m then get lewis holtby for that money

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  8. craig2500

    Everton and West Brom are getting better results on lesser budgets proving throwing money at Arsenals problems wont help. Can anyone tell me one game this season that you looked at us and thought wow, the Spurs game against 10 doesnt count. We need better tactics to pick up points holding possession on the half way line with no width is getting us no where, our strikers cant score without service.

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  9. leo

    arsenal could make a move 4 zdravko kuzmanovic of vfb stuggart he could be avaliable for 5m his contract expires in summer & can play as cdm he is better tham m’vila would be a good signing

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  10. john 3:16

    Thumbs UP for “In Arsene We Trust

    Thumbs DOWN for “In Arsene We DON’T Trust”

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  11. john 3:16

    OUT: Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou, Squillaci, Santos, Denilson, Ramsey, Arshavin, Gervinho, Chamakh, Park and Bendtner

    IN: Vorm, M’Biwa, Baines, Capoue, Navas and Huntelaar

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  12. john 3:16

    Thumbs UP if you think that we WILL finish in the top 4 this season

    Thumbs DOWN if you think that we WON’T finish in the top 4 this season

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  13. OhMyGunner

    john 3:16 how many times people got to tell you that Navas has a homesickness problem? And you really believe that Wenger would buy Baines? He rather buy some cheap young and unknown player. And btw stop writing the same comments in EVERY news.

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  14. vp

    we’ve abysmal lately and there are no indications that anythings going to change any time soon. And Gervinho’s back so things can only get worse. We’ll be lucky to avoid a thrashing tommorrow, and so a draw would be a good day’s work. All those that are going to thumbs down this, are the same individuals who are going to be moaning on this website come thursday morning. I suggest you start appreciating the fact that we need to improve big time or reduce your expectations as your only setting your self up for a fall.

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  15. gooner fo life

    Thumbs up for JOHN 3:16 to shut up
    Thumbs down for him to continue and post the same comment in every article.

    Sorry but its really irritating

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  16. synsix

    @john 3:16/ just shut up mate..u got no clue wats happenin around u.. dont annoy others wit ur stupid comments

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  17. john 3:16

    @Bob Dylan
    @gooner fo life

    How many of you actually go to the emirates every home game? And go to most to the away games? Mmm… I thought not. So why don’t you all just SHUT THE FU*K UP?

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  18. cornelly

    Arsene is a great manager for consistently qualifying for the UCL these past years with relatively average players. If he can do that with average players, then U can imagine how much he’ll achieve with exciting worldclass players. It is very clear that Arsene & the board has over ridden their luck this time, they have over weakened the team over the years especially this season, as it will undoubtedly take a very huge miracle for Arsenal to make top 4 this season. Unfortunately, most of the world’s best players are UCL tied right now, so we can only strenghten our squad with 2 or 3 exciting young players this january, & go all out for the very best next summer.
    Now, to seriously contend & challenge for titles, looking at the best teams in the world, U obviously need players with pace & skill, eg messi, iniesta, hazard, rooney, neymar, xavi, pedro, robben, ribery, ronaldo, mata, gotze, ozil, modric, elsharawy, isco, suarez, bale, carzola, etc.
    But since we are stuck with giroud & podolski upfront already, & they need good crosses to flourish, then we need to get: LW, RW, ST, DM.

    LW: Buy Zaha & Buy Ben Arfa
    RW: Keep Walcott
    ST: Buy Dimeao
    DM: Buy Mvilla & Try Vermalen in DM too.

    Our SQUAD:


    A player as fierce as Vermalen with a great passing, crossing & shooting ability should be used as our utility player especially in the defensive midfield position.

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  19. arshavin

    Arsene wranger can buy messi and in his dreams but we will still never win the league cos our problem is a poor manager not a poor squad,if wba can be in third position with average players why can’t we cos we have a useless manager.

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  20. arshavin

    There is no way huntelaar deal would happen in jan,maybe in summer.Shalke are doing very well in domestic and european comptetions.Why would he come to us to be subbed by a goalkeeper if we a goal down.

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  21. Faruq

    @gunnerineverylife…..i swear dats wat d team needs ryt nw..playin players to their strength….am sure if u av a gud and complete squad lyk barca u’ll nt win anytin if u dnt play dem to their strength and utilise dem properly….our prob is nt d quality of playas we have but rather d manager and d missin fightin and winnin spirit in players

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  22. Salvage


    You kept saying that Wenger will buy quality in January and that if he doesnt buy, you would join the anti wenger group. We are still watching. Wenger has already hinted at what he would do. I dont know how long you guys are going to let that man disappoint you and tear your hopes down. Those who still trust in Wenger and hold on to his words,still dont know what sort of person they are trusting. Hell, he can play Santos against Everton to suck it to the fans who dare question his ‘majesty’. Thats the dictator people are worshipping

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  23. arshavin

    I don’t care what wengr does,but if the team struggles like we have through this season,he deserves all the criticism he gets.People often demonise the board and hide wenger.Arsene wenger is the BOARD.Ge has full support of the board,even he enjoys working this board cos they never question him.Time to wake up if boars must go out so must wenger.

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  24. Gunner

    Wenger has stayed on way too long, that’s why Arsenal are not a top three team consistently anymore.
    Some people noted that Fellaini has ‘gone off the boil’ a bit lately? Not so, he was injured and comes back tomorrow. Everton are a real quality team and unless Arsenal score at least 2 I cant see 3 points out of this one! Is two goals on the road too much to expect? No but this Arsenal team has only managed 7 away all season. The defense statistically has been okay, and if it weren’t for bad individual mistakes from AS, TV and LK. You really could not complain too much about that department. PM hasbeen the best defender by far, he has not made the sort of ‘stupid’ type mistakes that the others have. Its in midfield and attack Arsenal are lacking. There simply is not enough pace attacking the penalty area.

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  25. craig2500

    Wenger has a team now that can win games and we are not even close Pod,Gir,Wal,Wil,Caz,Art,Verm,Kos,Mert,Sag,Szs played in the right manner is a great team and still we look flat, put Messi in it still wouldnt work because the broken cog is the manager this time and not the players. A few years back when we had crap ok but now that team should be winning.

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  26. Gunner

    Agreed Craig

    Every manager should be given an opportunity to rebuild but seven years of rebuilding is quite enough. Time for a new manager. Anyway all of the rebuilding went for nothing because all of the players brought in as young players to do the rebuilding ended up leaving anyway. So Arsenal was never rebuilt.

    Time to call the Iceman in from Amsterdam, he is waiting for the chance!

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  27. me

    Even if 100 million pounds are available, no team is going to bring in 6-7 players in the JANUARY transfer window.


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  28. ram

    Everton always get Jinxed while playing against us.. this match will lso be nothing different..
    Fellaini is no where near quality.. he s not a threat.. the main threat will be Baines.. we have Sagna to lock him down.. control jelavic and we are up for the 3 points grab…

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  29. Mr.Prodigy

    Wenger has done well for Arsenal but of late we are not at our best on every game.The players lack motivation and fighting spirit.We have the squard to win games but a pay as you play formula should be brought in.But everton game is a win.

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  30. uchman

    U guyz can insult arsene wenger 4 all I care buh just remember dat arsene ha notin else 2 prove anybody hw gud he is, He has won trophies whrerver he has gone france,japan & england, he has produced grt players like george wear,victor ikpeba,japhet ndoram,liliam thuram,youri djoukoev,thieri henry,kolo ture,cecs fabrigas,van persie,alex song,clichi, viara,& many others,arsenal hv never finished beyond d top4 ever since he came,has never crashed out of cl preliminaries 4 d past 13 yrs, oversee d buildin of a massive emirate stadium (among d very best in europe)among many other achievements yet some lazy clown out dia dat hvnt acvhieved anytin in dia life will come here & call him stupid.gush disgustin 4ril,west brown might b in 3rd place now buh remember league is not won in december.don’t fink we r here 2 insult d person of arsene wenger

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