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Everton v Arsenal review – Gunners hit back to win after Xhaka slip

With Arsenal facing a team in Everton that was under even more pressure thazn ourselves after a poor run of results and nervy performances that has left most people wondering how long the Dutchman Ronald Koeman would keep his job as their manager, it was important that we kept up the pressure and kept the home fans quiet.

To be fair to the Gunners we did that right from the start, almost scoring through Ramsey in the 3rd minute. Jordan Pickford just managed to turn the Welshman’s shot around the post and he would go on to make a string of top clkass saves to stop Arsenal scoring a hatful of goals.

Pickford’s next big moment was an even better stop to deny Lacazette at point blank range after a briliant spin and shot by the French striker. It looked like being crucial as well because Everton got the break they so badly needed two minutes later when Xhaka was caught on the ball and Rooney came up with one of his specials to give Cech no chance.

For a short time the pattern of the game changed as Everton were boosted and we were rocked back, with a slip by Petr Cech nearly leading to ma quick second but Arsenal soon started to dominate once more and the stubborn resistance of the home keeper was finally broken when Monreal reacted to smash home the rebound after a long range Xhaka shot five minutes before halftime.

It was pretty much all Arsenal after the break and once we took the lead with a 54th minute glancing header by Ozil, the Gunners never looked like dropping points. Any faint hopes from the Toffees were dealt a further blow when they were reduced to 10 men with a second yellow for Gueye.

Lacazette and then Ramsey completed the misery to make it 4-1 and Jack Wilshere even goit in on the act after coming on, supplying the assist for our fourth goal. The day was slightly spoiled by a stupid error between Monreal and Cech giving away a late consolation before Alexis made it five but a great day for Arsenal in general.


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63 thoughts on “Everton v Arsenal review – Gunners hit back to win after Xhaka slip

  1. gotanidea

    Great flowing attacking football in the first ten minutes, Arsenal players tried hard to keep flowing the ball to the front. Manchester City would bombard Arsenal with similar flows in Etihad stadium, but the Swansea game would prepare Arsenal for that high intensity game.

    Xhaka had a hard time as a defensive midfielder in the 3-4-2-1 formation. I hope he could be more aware next time, but it would be better if Arsenal have a more skillful, more mobile and more aggressive defensive midfielder like Fernandinho, Mascherano, Kante or Busquets.

    Sanchez was very creative and Ozil was unusually full of energy. I guess they benefit a lot from the long rest.

    The central defenders, especially Monreal, were the unsung heroes. Cannot wait for the exciting match against Manchester City, no matter whatever the result would be.

    1. Anko

      It started well, became nerve and eventually we got the win we deserve. But that late mistake from check makes me worry. Well done everyone!

      1. BuddReloaded

        Collective mistake mate. Let’s not blame Cech only for that. Nacho should not have passed back there, plenty of room. He was my MOTM until that moment. I have to say the unthinkable now, Jack is my MOTM.

        1. Taiwo

          When will Arsene Wenger allow Lacazzete to play 90 minutes. If he had allowed him today maybe he would have at least one more goal.

      2. Jerick

        Haters will say it’s only an Everton team that’s out of form but welcome back Ozil, Alexis, Wilshere who all played well. Shout out to Xhaka for holding it down after that slip. Massive 3 points with needed goal difference.

        1. Trudeau

          Chaka played well after his mistake (which was a foul). It’s good to see a player learn from his mistake. The red card was a direct result of Xhaka getting rid of the ball quickly.

          1. Redmau5

            I’m sorry the heart of the Swiss and former champions league monchengladbach midfield is a work in progress?
            What r u on about ? This is an experienced European midfielder u are talking about
            He had last season to work in progress
            Not this season

            Fans as soft as wenger
            If u play poorly repeatedly u get benched
            Whether ur ozil xhaka or Lauryn hill

            1. Waal2waal

              ok you can stay out my way – on the opposite side of the arsenal party, im in a good place right now, if you ain’t that’s for you to work out (i mean alone).

    2. Redmau5

      Please stop playing xhaka. B.E.N.C.H H.I.M
      Coquelin Wilshere we have options

      Koemans gone . They look awful
      Bloody hell I’ve just spotted a unicorn: ozil had a good game 🙂

      Please let’s be reserved here an not talk smack
      Until we face the real test …city an spurs

      1. BuddReloaded

        Play him I say. Just before the game someone slap him in the face to wake him up. He is quality but he is so phukin un-phased it is not even funny.

        1. redmau5

          budd he is quality. before he joined he bossed the midfield for switzerland and monchen
          but he has not shown that here- he has cost us games-especially this season
          were already too far behind – liability

          1. BuddReloaded

            Probably he is but he had some slip usp. Either Wenger sees something special or he has an agreement with the agent, can’t say what is true because in the last three games he gave the ball away very,very amateurish. To me, he is just not focused because when I am seeing his passes, he is top feken notch lad, that what he is. Blimey, is 2AM and gotta work tomorrow now. Can’t sleep because I believe Liverlool will slap the Spuds tonight.

      2. jon fox

        Agree with you big time about Xhaka. He is just too slow and seems slow on the uptake, doesn’t read danger. No one has mentioned that the ball he gave away from MERTS PASS WAS BECAUSE HE HAD A BAD FIRST TOUCH and the ball got away from him even before the tackle(which was a foul, but thats not the point). Yes , if he has plenty of time he can pass well but you don’t usually get that time in the Prem and IMO he is always an accident waiting to happen. A sitting central midfielder needs mobility and quick wits, neither of which he has, so I personally would sell him next summer for a faster, more quick witted, more mobile player. Xhaka apart, the team was awesome today and oh joy, totally committed. Ozil, is so frustrating, as today he looked as good a player as is on planet earth but last week , well it must have been his grandad who was wearing his shirt, not him, All that prodigious talent but so very often wasted through just not enough regular fight. Hellishly frustrating for us all. Suddenly it looks as if we might even be fighting for second place, after Moaninhos side blew up yesterday. What a pity. NOT!!! Oh the frustrations of being a Gooner , esp when you see that amazing perf today. Best this season by a country mile. COYG!

  2. wenger

    Wilshere is making good progress, theres no player I love in an Arsenal shirt more than Jack. You can tell he really love and care for this club.

  3. Sandeep

    Enjoyed today game,if those 2 gift are kept aside arsenal played wonderful after long time.flow was perfect.jack looks awesome in past few games.

  4. Kenny Rolfe

    Lets put that blue kit in the dustbin, we’ve never been a blue team, as soon as I see us in black i knew we’d win

  5. Waal2waal

    …ramsey with a goal and an assist is a step in the right direction – i think im falling in love again with my gooners; all in all a wonderful day, right?

    1. gotanidea

      If Arsenal keep playing with more through balls, more forward passes and flowing football like this, they could regain their fans’ love very quickly. It was very entertaining, unlike the usual ugly football, but I wonder whether they would have the guts to play with similar strategy in the Eithad stadium.

      Wenger usually likes to play much safer, but not this time. I hope they maintain the bravery in the next game.

      1. Waal2waal

        we’re awesome when we play without fear – im hoping we have the guts to take it to citeh and to everyone else that dares to line up against us for that matter – but for now im gonna simply relish this moment …there’s not been a moment quite like this for a while.

  6. Waal2waal

    …i cannot find it within me to heap criticism on Xhaka, i just hope he morphs into a world beater, fantastic shot today i must say: Keep up this momentum and purpose and you will find the back of that net. nobody should be displeased with our performance today we silenced the crowd and we return victorious – life is great (this weekend).

    1. GunnerJack

      Xhaka showed great guts and character to not allow his early slip up to affect him and instead bounced back in style to have an excellent game. Well done!

  7. Godswill

    Xhaka my failed expectation.
    Is Wenger playing the price he bought players? Bench him until he comes back to his senses. Either a red card or causes us a goal.
    I had been his fan.
    Note that win us against Everton and conceding 2 goals isn’t okay win me.
    But we won and had 3 points. Not yet Uhuru.

    1. BuddReloaded

      I think Jack got more game time this season than Ramsey. Sure, not in EPL but overall he played his ar$e off for Arsenal this season.

  8. ruelando

    It was good to see all 3 starting, Ozil. Sanchez and Lacazette, i do not see it happening for every match, but well done to the boys and the way we played

    1. Break-on-through

      Ospina himself drops clangers, he’d be the type to do it at the worst possible time. It was so unprofessional from Cech, but it was also so unlike him.

  9. Kedar Damle

    It was amazing free flowing attacking display by Arsenal which reminded me the games against Spurs years back when we crush them 5-2 at Emirates…. Similar energy by Sanchez, Ozil, Ramsey and Lacazzate… That time it was RVP, Fabregas, Rosicky…. Same Performance we gave against Blackburn Rovers in the 2009-2010 season when we thrash them by 6-2… Arshavin scored one of the wonders… Today it was very good performance but big question here is that how we would replace Sanchez and Ozil??? They were rampant all over the place….. We don’t much options replace them… May be Lemar and Draxler or may Mahrez… It is certain that Sanchez will move to City and Ozil probably united or may be somewhere else… It’s gonna be difficult to replace them….

    1. Mobella

      Arsenal make them woeful. Please enjoy the win. l have read here on many occasions that we are behind them and they are going to beat us. Now they are woeful.

  10. Break-on-through

    If we’d been playing CL football this would likely have been a totally different game, going away to places like this after a midweek match is trouble even if opponent is trying to find some good consistency with his form. Look at Manu yesterday, Huddersfield. That’s the edge that Everton usually get on us. We rested everyone and I can safely say that it does make a difference, we looked so fresh compared to other years. And Ozil and Alexis, they are our quality, when looking to string passes together and pose a threat, these guys are our quality. Other players would need to play almost a perfect game to get anywhere close.

  11. Franklin

    A terrific match to say the least. Though I was a little scared at first but after the leveller my confidence hit top gear and I knew it was just a matter of time and boy was I right! Gana gave us a wonderful gift, very generous of him. I can say I enjoyed every bit of it. Go Arsenal!!!

  12. Manoj

    everyone is talking abt koeman , sacking blah blah . Credit to arsenal , free flow footy in 1st half everton tied best .any team would have struggled . Wilshire WOW . ramsey out of 3 chances he scores 1

  13. Manoj

    everyone is talking abt koeman , sacking blah blah . Credit to arsenal , free flow footy in 1st half everton tied best .any team would have struggled . Wilshire WOW . ramsey out of 3 chances he scores 1. Xhaka is shaky

  14. Manoj

    Ozil awesome , Inellelectual . He is good at these games where arsenal usually lose points . Sub him aginst top 4 away .

  15. Arsenal_Girl

    Fantastic result
    Exactly what we needed 🙂

    I was waiting for an. Ozil, Alexis and Lacazette start. Great to finally see it
    And all 3 scored too

    I can sleep well tonight.

  16. Gooner-ash86

    WOW what a game ?
    The first ten minutes produced some of the best flowing attacking football I’ve seen arsenal play in years!.

    Was good seeing laca Sanchez and ozil start together, all played good and all scoring was great to see and ozil looking good with a mobile Sanchez and laca upfront.

    Well done Ramsey finally getting your goal in the end and Wilshere….. welcome back! Not much time on the pitch but got an assist after a great performance in Europe ????????

    More of the same please lads! Without the mistakes at the back obviously lol

  17. Adam Criniti

    Everton were absolutely deplorable in the second half but the enterprising futbol Arsenal displayed throughout the contest is exactly why Gunners fans across the globe have been tearing there collective hairs out so far this season.

    Ozil, Sanchez and Laca were unplayable today and provide Arsenal with one of the most prolific attacks going forward, throw in Ramsey, Iwobi, Giroud and Jack and there is no earthly reason why this team shouldn’t be more than proficient in the attacking 3rd.

    The back line is a little short on quality and numbers but a healthy Boss/Mustafi/Nacho
    triumvirate with BFG chipping in should provide
    enough consistency to keep Arsenal in every single fixture.

    It’s amazing to think that the fate of Arsenal’s entire
    season rests on the hapless shoulders of Granit Xhaka. The Swiss international has been a Jeckyl and Hyde constant in the middle of the pitch, spraying wonderful probing balls as frequently as being dispossessed for untimely opposition goals.
    Wengers failure to address the necessity of a ball winning, middle of the pitch enforcer has plagued Arsenal year after year after freaking year.

    Arsenal probably would of won the title last year and would be genuine contenders to City if Wenger would of signed Kante and Van Dyjk a few summers ago.

    Arsenal always so close but yet so far away.

  18. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Just my opinion but the result itself was excellent. However a couple of incidents in the game showed some issues. I don’t think it’s quality related but it shows maybe confidence is lower.

    One thing we have glossed over this season is that the EL does mean our first team play together less. At some level that probably also has negative aspects.

  19. gmv8

    Just been watching the spud game … not sure why the spuds are booing Chamberlain – but Sky had yet another close up him booting fresh air as the ball fizzed past him into their net. His departure definitely benefited Arsenal more than him, but let’s hope we use the money wisely.

    1. gmv8

      Ramsey wasted so many chances early on – to be fair, Sanchez wasn’t at the top of his game either, but Ramsey wiped the sheet clean through his goal, so everyone forgets. Unlike Walcott, you can never accuse Ramsey of not trying, just making the wrong decisions.

  20. ArsenalGR

    After a long time I come here to read again so many childish comments. Either some of the fans here have no idea of football, or they are just kids commenting without thinking. No way was Xhaka at fault for Everton’s first goal, every player after such a foul would have lost possession, so please accept it and move on. I really think on the contrary that he is a real asset to our team, providing his teammates with quality passes or lobs and getting with the time better at defending too. So please don’t be so negative after such a performance, I really hope the new OLA triangle will further bring such performances in the future, which may even convince Sanchez and Özil, or at least one of them, to commit themselves to the team, which in my view is at the moment the best option for both of them, even though the thought of Man Utd getting Özil on the cheap really haunts me…

  21. Kenya 001 Ars fan

    Nice win fantastic football silly mistakes from xhaka zcech lucky 2 escape just saw Liverpool punished heavily 4 defencive mistakes… We must eliminate them

  22. David Rusa

    There are some commentators on this site whose preoccupation is hate mongering. Anybody can make a mistake as Xhaka did but even that so-called mistake was a foul on him. Instead of bashing him we should sympathise with him after all he atoned for it and shot the rebound which Nacho Montreal converted for our first goal. He later on led to the red card that opened space for us. Xhaka is among the best passers in EPL. Please stop your hate campaign against him. Several players such as Giroud, Walcott, Ramsey, Ozil-Germany and others have been victims of this hate campaign. Others such as Eboue , Adebayor, Bendtner and Gervinho were forced out by this hate campaign.

  23. jakseth

    Great game but i have my worries on Xhaka and Ramsey. Xhaka is good but he is making one big mistake per game and it costs us. Ramsey showed an all energy performance but i think he was going forward far too often and weakens our midfield in a counter attack. It was fine against Everton but it will cost us against bigger team as it did before.

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