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EVERY Arsenal player is a GREAT player!

It is now two years since Nacho Monreal arrived at Arsenal from Malaga, and after a long fight with Kieran Gibbs for the starting spot at left-back he has gradually worked his way into being first choice for Arsene Wenger. In fact he has started every single game of our current eight-game winning streak. He thinks that his improvement this season is due to being more settled and playing more regularly.

“I feel really good living in London, I’m very happy living here and playing for Arsenal,” Monreal said on “I think I’m more British now. It’s always difficult, coming to London. It’s another country, another language, different football.

“It’s never easy, the first months are the worst because the life is not easy. You have to find a house, you have to meet other players, learn English as quick as possible, it’s never easy.

“Really we can only do one thing and that is to train hard and well, so the boss can see that you are training well and that you want to play. You can do nothing more than that.

“I think that I’m playing really well because I’m playing a lot of games. I feel fit and my confidence is very high.

“Every player who plays for Arsenal is here because they are a great player not just good players. You need minutes on the pitch, that is the best way to play well.”

Obviously everybody in the squad needs to get game time so there has to be some rotation, but it is a fact that when you have your best XI available and playing every week then from there comes consistency.

And he may be right, it helps if every single Arsenal player is a GREAT player!

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13 thoughts on “EVERY Arsenal player is a GREAT player!

  1. fred cowardly

    If Alexis, Ozil, Walcott and Giroud were all on Top form, that would be a deadly attack

  2. Godswill

    Monreal the most improved player this season. Benching former No.1. Followed by Giroud of the older players. But Hector B. for the younger ones IMO.

  3. haywill

    What if arsene wenger resigns after we win the fa cup and klopp steps in and we fight in the relegation battle like dortmund 🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. Goonsquad8

    I think him playing is huge for his confidence but I think what really helped him was when he got wengered and played as a CB.

  5. Dennis

    Surely arsene will rotate? one of sanchez or ozil sitting down, same with giroud (welbeck in) and maybe ramsey too (walcott).

  6. Eddy Hoyte

    yea i noticed the improvement right from when he played as CB..i kinda prefer Monreal over Gibbs..cause when he attacks he stays defensive minded unlike Gibbs who attacks like a winger.
    Gibbs is very good,but monreal is better this season…
    HAYWILL if wenger were to quit this summer and klop replaces him everything at arsenal will go HAYWIRE…lol

  7. g00ner4lyf

    Boy must have been a tough life in those first few months being a professional footballer….idiot.

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