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Expect lots of goals when Arsenal face Burnley

We all know the Gunners are on a bad run of form in the Premier League, having gone three games without a win, but do not be fooled by this run as they have actually played very well against traditionally difficult opponents, and they will now be all set to get back to winning ways tomorrow when they face Burnley at the Emirates.

The Gunners are set to make changes but with the classy players they have returning from injury, tomorrow’s team could actually be stronger than in recent League games. Arsenal are odds-on at 1/3 to win this game, which looks like a license to print money as far as I am concerned if you are a big time gambler, but being greedy I am going to look for a much better value bet and will probably increase my stakes by getting some bonuses from the best betting sites listed on That is how confident I am.

First look at the form; in the FA Cup in their last 13 matches stretching over three full years, Arsenal have won all thirteen of their games, although one was by penalties and two needed extra time. At the Emirates they have won 14 of their last 15 fixtures and 7 of the last 9 have been won by two goals or more. They have lost just 1 out of the last 39 at home. This is exceptional form and coupled with them being just three points off the top of the League makes me think they should be a much shorter price. I should also mention that in the last five FA Cup meetings with Burnley, going back to 1936, Arsenal have all of them by at least two goals.

Admittedly Burnley are also in good form, with 5 wins and a draw from their last six, but these have been against Championship sides that can hardly compare to the might of Arsenal. They will definitely be up for a fight, just like Sunderland were in the last round, but Arsenal always seem to find a bit extra in this competition and I wouldn’t be surprised if they complete an historic hat-trick come May.

So my recommended banker bet is for Arsenal to win by two goals (at least) at around Evens, so you will double every penny you put on. I will also be taking some of my free bet money and backing them to win by three goals or more at a very tasty 5/2.

Get on it!

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11 thoughts on “Expect lots of goals when Arsenal face Burnley

  1. Davros

    I will just be happy with a win. FA Cup matches are difficult
    We have not won a match since Sunderland and desperately need one

  2. G-Rude

    Come on Davros, we are at home against a Championship side with Alexis and Coquelin back. We have won our last 13 FA Cup games home and away, and against better teams that Burnley. Surely we should be a little bit confident?

    1. GoonerLad

      You rarely see midfielders like him, 9/10 of his passes are forward and 1/10 are sideways so he can find space to pass forward lol

    2. Arunavameister

      Thank you for this comment!
      I am so excited to see our Mozart back..
      I am surprised and rather disappointed to see some of my fellow gooners label him as ‘deadwood’…On his day, he is easily the one of the best attacking midfielders in the world..
      Also, despite being on the wrong side of 30, he still has a lot to offer!

  3. SoOpa AeoN

    Lots of goals against Burnley don’t really count……….. We talking EPL goals…. We talking goals against the saints….we talking goals againt the foxes after that

    it’s an example of why nobody cares to remember welbeck’s hatrick or sanogo’s infamous goals

  4. SoOpa AeoN

    my point being…………we just need a win over Burnley

    just go ahead and beat em, we need the so called goals *cough* in the EPL

    have u seen Citeh’s goal tally this season?…..superior goal difference compared to ours ……the only way to overtake em is if they lose points along the way and we keep winning……erh!… Arsenal …..but if they keep winning, we’d definitely need those goals at all cost

  5. ahappygunner

    Would love to see Walcott and especially ox on the score sheet – think the two of them need this to give them a boost

  6. Fatboy Gooney

    In our last 3 Home meetings against Burnley,
    We have won 3-0 (twice) and 3-1.

    Burnley were in 7th position in the championship,
    At the time of being drawn againsts us,( in the Fa cup)
    and now they are currently in 3rd place, just 5pts off the top!

    They are on a unbeaten run, Winning their last four games!
    Scoring 14 and only conceding 3 goals.

    Burnley 4 Derby 1
    Brentford 1 Burnley 3
    Mk Dons 0 Burnley 5
    Middlesbrough 1 Burnley 2

    And our old foe… Joey Barton is plying his dirty trade their!

    We can’t afford to take Burnley lightly,
    As they will turn up with something which we have been lacking with lately and thats the winning mentality with the fire in their bellies to fight.

    Wenger will really need to put out a pretty strong team,
    Otherwise, we could find ourselves trailing behind at half time.

    If you’re going to have a small bet on this game,
    Back something that gives you more value!

    Half-time, Burnley. … Full-time, Arsenal… @ 25 / 1

    Correct Score: Arsenal 4 Burnley 2 …. @ 40 / 1

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