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EXTRA – Arsenal v Chivas Highlights – Another Ox special

Arsenal are building up a head of steam in their preseason games, and have won their second game in row again Chivas. Rob Holding got his first Arsenal goal, and both Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Chuba Akpom both got their second pre-season goals.


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6 thoughts on “EXTRA – Arsenal v Chivas Highlights – Another Ox special

  1. Gooner_Giroud

    We absolutely need to keep Ox fit. He has so much to offer

    A few goals should give him a confidence booster

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    1. chaitanya0411

      I remember last season when everyone at Arsenal were hyped that it would be Ox’s breakthrough season inlcluding all the players as he was looking very sharp and hungry before the season.
      I just hope that this would be it.. it feels really special when a young player makes a big impact!

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  2. Arsenal_Girl

    Ox is only 22 and time to improve
    But I think this will be his breakthrough season

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  3. Eddy Hoyte

    I hope he keeps this form..all i can wish him is the best, and i hope he’s learning and won’t end up like walcott

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  4. ruelando

    My only problem with Ox is the final pass or shot after the dribble, those need to get in the 80-90 % in accuracy, too many times he goes on a wonderful run and the pass or the shot is to far off the mark.

    He has the potential to be far more than what he is at the moment only competition can bring out the best from him, a laca or mahrez will do that.

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  5. ArsenalDave

    Lets hope some of what Campbell has rubs off om Ox this year, He has nice close control, Keeps the ball well and drives us forward. If he can learn to look up and find his team mates and the back of the net a bit more often he’ll be some player

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