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EXTRA – Every single Arsenal goal from last season (video)

We are not seeing a lot of goals at the Euros at the moment, but hopefully the knockout rounds may be a bit more exciting (but I doubt it!). As far as I know Olivier Giroud and Aaron Ramsey are the only Arsenal players to find the back of the net in France so far,although Xhaka has been a joy to watch..

So to cheer myself up I checked out some videos of Arsenal from last season, and found this compilation of every Arsenal goal from the 2015/16 season. It is definitely worth sharing with you to give us our fix of goals that we desperately need.

Then we can go back to watching the 1-0 games at the Euros lol!



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2 thoughts on “EXTRA – Every single Arsenal goal from last season (video)

  1. SoOpa AeoN

    Hahahaha……….. Admin…. U must be feeling bored

    Hope you enjoy the flashback?

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