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EXTRA – Join the JustArsenal Fantasy Football run by the Telegraph…

Okay with the season about to start we should all be picking our Fantasy Football teams. This year JustArsenal is using the Daily Telegraph for our League.

First off all here is a summary from the Telegraph….

If, like us, you’ve spent the majority of the summer counting down the days until the new football season, you’re in luck. Telegraph Fantasy Football 17/18 is now live and you can pick your free team for the new season here >>

We are going to have one slight difference this season and have a cash entry fee and Prize for whoever wins our own Just Arsenal League.

It is £10 per entry fee to join the Just Arsenal league, so I think it may only be open to UK players but not sure yet. If you want to join the fun and try and beat your fellow JustArsenal readers, then this is what you do.

Pick your team, then click “Join League” and enter these details…



You can read all the details at the Telegraph but they have summarised the key things for you to look out for. They are sure you’ll like what we have in store but of course if there’s anything you think we’ve missed please get in touch with the Telegraph via their official Facebook page.

  • Your first team is free in  the Premier League edition
  • Scoring points will be the same as usual
  • Transfers – 40 and max five per week. Use them wisely!
  • £50m budget and the same selection criteria (although the Sanchez striker v midfielder debate continues…)
  • No gimmicks; captains, transfer amnesties and fluctuating values – the TFF public voted and you won’t see any of these in our game
  • Elite Leagues (with league and knock-out prizes) provide you with even more ways to win
  • JustArsenal League – beat your fellow supporters and prove you’re the top manager at your club

Any questions please put them in the comments below or on the Telegraph’s facebook page. I have already set up and sorted the League, so please come in and try and beat me (I’m rubbish by the way lol)


Just Arsenal Admin

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9 thoughts on “EXTRA – Join the JustArsenal Fantasy Football run by the Telegraph…

  1. Kostafi

    What’s wrong with the FA Fantasy Football? Played it for years and really cannot put the effort in to manage 2 fantasy teams… 🙁

    1. Admin Post author

      Nothing wrong with any of them. I just fancied one with cash prizes this season…..

  2. Ack77

    i also have a private league at if anyone interested in joining
    League name: Just Arsenal
    Code to join this league: 160668-623956

    already have 32 members from justarsenal
    everyone invited.

    1. Darwin

      Am sorry admin, but I have joined this guy’s league :p and hope you don’t mind us, posting that information on here, or even writing articles about the standings from time to time.

      Also, @Ack77, we will be needing a person to post the results on here for everyone’s information and discussion.

      Finally, best of luck guys, 32 is a good number. Let’s play continously and have fun. 🙂 🙂

      1. Ack77

        i dont see the reason admin will mind, people can and some will join both leagues. after all it will just be a game with some competitiveness.

        concerning results and discussion, i invite everyone to freely create discussion and post articles. it will be our game. i just created the league and don’t intend to rule over it with an iron fist. the league will remain open for the course of the season, i dont see why there should be player suspension. anyone with a desire to post results, stats and so on is highly encourage. even admin can use it as an official epl fantasy lge, i dont mind at all, after all i did name it Just Arsenal.

        Good luck everyone and by the way there are some interesting team names in there, now 40 and counting.

        1. Nine

          Just joined ur league! Waiting to beat 39 ppl to the throne … Although I’m interested to see who will finish 4th?

  3. Billy

    Now have 63 in the league. Can Resource and Kev join so we get the inside or not scoops on transfers.

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