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EXTRA – Lionel Messi confirms that Neymar is leaving Barcelona!

I know this is not Arsenal news, but this is the most momentous transfer in football history. There have been many rumours about PSG paying over 200 million to Barcelona for the Brazilian Neymar, but no-one seriously could believe that it would really happen.

But now Lionel Messi has confirmed it himself on his Instagram page with a personal message to his striker team-mate….

Translation – “It was an enormous pleasure to have shared these years with you Neymar, friend. I wish you a lot of luck in the next stage of your life. See you.”

Can you believe it?


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22 thoughts on “EXTRA – Lionel Messi confirms that Neymar is leaving Barcelona!

  1. Zad

    now La Liga has rejected the deal
    But if it happens Barca will laugh all the way to the bank. they buy 4 quality players with that money and rescue their old squad

    1. Muff d

      Wouldn’t Say there laughing
      He’s top 3 player in world football an youngest of he 3 by quite a bit
      He’s hugely marketable for them
      Barca like real are famed for poaching the best now they are losing the best
      It weakens there reputation and the league as a whole

      But dembele an coutinho an they good

  2. waal2waal

    Dear editor, let’s put it right:- “this is the most momentous transfer in football history.”

    Tuesday, August 3, 1999 Published at 15:43 GMT 16:43 UK

    Arsenal have signed their second World Cup striker in two days, with Thierry Henry joining from Juventus for a club record fee.

    The north London club announced the signing of the 22-year-old French international on Tuesday.

    Both clubs declined to give details of the transfer fee, but it is believed Henry cost the Gunners £11m.

    Arsenal were also not willing to reveal the details of Henry’s contract – other than to say it is a long-term deal.

    Henry follows Croatian Davor Suker, who joined for £3.5m from Real Madrid on Monday, to north London, as Arsene Wenger revamps his front line.

    1. Me

      The good old days.
      When Arsenal and Wenger had a clue.
      Now its just a self serving billionaire who likes to shoot lions and a manager who is no longer at the top of the game.
      Oh well…

      1. waal2waal

        maybe (friend), but this space meant to be “just arsenal” discussion.

        …is neymar transfer to psg of relevance here? im interested in our successes
        over and above the prospects of all rivals, i expect you see the point being made.

    2. Admin Post author

      Yes Henry was a great signing, but this Neymar deal is worth 22 times that figure! That is surely momentous!

      1. waal2waal

        it’s so momentous its hit a glitch and nobody’s going anywhere till all is legit – so I would hold my horses an await the facts before arriving at assumptions, facts are there’s no deal and no move – Don’t you agree?

        1. waal2waal

          … deal announced on 21.40pm on sky news
          …. as u say “momentous”. A game changer…
          …. F*** PSG and F*** Barcelona, COYG

  3. sanmi.marvellous

    ……..Did I miss any part of the article? I can’t see any part of the article relating to Arsenal.
    PSG, Barcelona, Messi, Neymar. These names have nothing to do with Arsenal.

    I came here to read Arsenal news.

    1. Muff d

      In the title in big words EXTRA
      It’s a clue at least

      Don’t be so difficult .this is huge news for football
      Glad admin posted this

  4. John Ibrahim

    The Ibrahims are actively looking for Kev = Resource for the Lemar deal updates

    How many more next weeks is gonna be?

  5. waal2waal

    14:25 (approx) Sky News: wenger announces alexis will be at arsenal for this season and hopefully more after that. Now having seeing it I find that news most encouraging. All’s needed now is for a quality signing (or two) to come into the equation and its gonna be happy days.

    1. Break-on-through

      He kissed the badge in training whilst Mesut nodded yes gesture, he looked straight at the camera after kissing it. Would love to know what the conversation was about, context means everything. They could’ve been talking about staying here for one more season before $$$$ ka-ching ..with Alexis saying yes ..I kiss any badge for 400 grand a week pay plus signing bonus. And Ozil smiling yes of course I know what you mean, we’re in this together Bro ..lets milk it. We just don’t know.

  6. Midkemma

    How will this affect other transfers, could we see Monaco asking for more on the Lemar transfer?
    Could Liverpool see a mega bid for Cout and as such funds to pay over the odds for The Ox? Or compete with AFC for a transfer, causing either a bidding war or us to miss out?

    Not directly AFC news but I would say it could affect AFC so newsworthy.

    1. waal2waal

      …the so called “deal” has hit a glitch – it appears to be subject to an area of ‘spanish law’ which suggests lawyers will be looking at it and in the interim period neymar jnr will not be playing @psg until the arrangement is totally legit.

      *meanwhile at the arsenal (today) things appear to be rollin along nicely with alexis (et al).

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