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EXTRA – Ten of the best Arsenal goals – featuring Magic Ozil

With this international break seeming to last for ever, I have looking around for other things to entertain my loyal readers, and this new video of The Magic of Mesut Ozil is definitely worth a look.

The German superstar may have been known as the assist king for many years, but in this campaign it seems that he has decided to go more for the goals instead, and is doing very well! As Wenger said: “The main transformation we got from him [is that he] makes more runs in behind to score goals.”

“I always encouraged him. I convinced him that he has it in his locker to score goals.

“He was more focused on giving and looking [before] – today he understands that he can have those qualities but as well be on the end of things.”

So check out these qualities here….


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3 thoughts on “EXTRA – Ten of the best Arsenal goals – featuring Magic Ozil

  1. Olivier's toe

    He certainly has decided to start scoring this season.
    If him, Alexis and Walcott keep scoring freely this really could win us the League.
    I can’t wait to beat Man United!

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