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EXTRA Video featuring Arsenal target Shkodran Mustafi’s skills

This short YouTube video showcases skills, assists and even an excellent goal from (hopefully!) Arsenal’s new centre back Shkodran Mustafi.


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8 thoughts on “EXTRA Video featuring Arsenal target Shkodran Mustafi’s skills

  1. RSH

    Unbelievable how long this has dragged out, and now it’s up in the air. Disappointed that it appears we’re going another week with no new defender. Is Koscielny back this week at least?

  2. Fatboy Gooney

    Hahaha ?
    Talk about rubbing salt into the wounds! Lol
    How about some videos of all the other linked stars, who won’t be joining Arsenal? ?

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      I suppose it makes a nice change from watching the same old Groundhog day movies! @ Arsenal.

  3. Arsenal_Girl

    I really like the video
    It shows that:
    1. he is vocal which is a good leadership quality
    2. confident with the ball (getting rid of it safely, sliding tackles)
    3. Faster then Mert. Quick to the ball
    4. Can score goals

    He seems like the quality defender we need
    I hope we get him

    1. josh37

      Haha in fairness, point number three isn’t the hardest to aim for for any potential CB targets!

  4. JAmerican

    Still waiting for #MADNESS.

    Even if and that’s a big “IF” we get Mustafi, that still won’t be enough.
    The only way Wenger can truly redeem himself of the Vardy and Mahrez madness is by getting the real madness.

    Griezmann – RW
    Lewandowski – ST
    Now that’s #MADNESS

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