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EXTRA – Watch Granit Xhaka’s first season highlights.. Highs and Lows!

Granit Xhaka came to us as Switzerland’s star player and captain of Basle. He was very highly rated but was also known to get on the wrong side of referees for his rash challenges. He didn’t disappoint us in either respect!

Watch the highlights of his first season at Arsenal…..

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17 thoughts on “EXTRA – Watch Granit Xhaka’s first season highlights.. Highs and Lows!

  1. Arsenal_Girl

    I’m not too worried about his red cards
    He can improve his challenges and behavior
    Koscielny got two red cards his first season with us and he turned out great

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  2. Blazor

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  3. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

    Lacazette on his way to Arsenal?👍
    Lyon have signed Chelsea attacker Bertrand Traore for £16.75 million.
    Doesn’t look as if Giroud will be heading to Lyon then?

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    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

      West Ham are prepared to splash the cash in order to secure the £20million signing of Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud this summer, according to the Mirror.

      The newspaper claim on their website that the Hammers are willing to offer the 30-year-old forward a wage of £130,000-a-week over four years to convince him to make the short move from the Emirates to the London Stadium.

      The Mirror report that West Ham are “desperate” to push through the signing with a mega-money offer worth a total of £47million in transfer fee and salary.

      It would be an increase on the £120,000 he currently earns at Arsenal, having signed a new deal in January, and would see him earn an initial £6.7million-a-year at the East London side.

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  4. Arsenal_Girl

    I’m not sure what we should do with Wilshere and Ramsey

    Ramsey was poor for most of the season but seemed a lot better with new formation

    We know about Wilshere’s injuries but Ramsey has actually had more different injuries than Wilshere. They are both injury prone.

    I like them both though. Definitely Arsenal men. However, to keep Alexis and Ozil we could get plenty of money for them and reduce total wages

    The main thing is Wenger loves them both and very unlikely sell them

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  5. Re-source

    So like I said lacazette lemar deal done.
    Lyon have signed traore for around 20m.
    My source is extremely reliable.
    Justarsenal will ask me for transfer gossip from now on haha!


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  6. Break-on-through

    Was trying to think who Lacazette most reminds me of, it was a difficult one. Most players he reminded me of I had to think, well he has more power, and Lacazette has better ball control. Or if he was quicker or more agile, things like that. So I was only seeing some similarities. In the end, the player Lacazette most reminds me of …is Andrew Cole, the ex utd man. I think they are allot alike.

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  7. Evans

    I like Xhaka’s attitude to win the ball and the game. As he grows..we have a solid and technical player. Around him we can build the midfield. I think he is closest we have come to Viera in attitude.

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  8. Ian Wrights bruva

    Like the fella and started to grown into the role as the season progressed. Like the steal he gives the midfield and the fact he will stick his foot into the tackle, nut megged a spud and kicked a few as well. Good lad keep up the good work👏🏻😀 just keep one foot on the floor as the refs won’t put up with two footed tackles as you fly through the air.

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  9. Harold

    There is a logic to Xhaka performance this season, he only played well in the games where Arsenal completely dominated the opposition, he definitely possesses some creativity in his game. I personally do not believe that is the job of a defensive midfielder to create goal scoring opportunities. Therefore, Mr Wenger did not buy him base on these credentials.

    If you contrast his performance in the games where Arsenal had less possession, where he had to do the job of a true defensive midfielder, that is, chase the ball, close down the opposition, help his team play confidently from the back by coming out with the ball and taking on the one on one chase back toward his goal. Xhaka fail that test, this forces Mr Wenger to play two defensive midfielder Xhaka and Coquelin for virtually half the season.

    Xhaka fragility is defending, his sluggish tackling, poor acceleration and lack of stamina suggest his going to be a big problem at Arsenal for the foreseeable future. Xhaka buy single-handedly destroy all chances Arsenal had of finishing into the top four. For the exception of a few long balls Xhaka possesses none of the defensive qualities Arsenal need.

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  10. Simon

    He’s made good steady progress throughout season.

    DIDnt start as the great player we hoped for. But worked hard. Got better. And started to cement his name on the team sheet

    If he can improve his tackling. He’s long balls are excellent and can help us spring fast attack

    Good- and getting better!

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  11. Oluwafemi

    I my perception, Wenger from inception used Xhaka as a purely defensive midfielder. That was his undoing. That’s not what Xhaka is. In a way, he wass meant to be a tough tackling Santi Cazorla. Using him in a position which demanded his use of his toughness vis-a-vis tackling made for his red cards (though they were not all in defensive midfield positions. His real break came when Wenger realised his folly. He appears to be improving massively. I trust he would only get better

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