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EXTRA – Watford v Arsenal Highlights – Gunners blitz Hornets!

After Arsenal’s first two less-than-impressive games,they were back with a bang yesterday against Watford. The Gunners were firing from the off and it wasn’t long before Sanchez was poleaxed in the box and our little Spanish wizard Santi Cazorla cooly put us in front from the spot.

Sanchez then helped himself to a brilliant goal chipping over a wall of Watford players, while Ozil amazingly got on the end of Sanchez’s chip and headed us three up, all before half time!

Watford got one scrappy goal back in the second half but by then the game was already done and dusted….


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3 thoughts on “EXTRA – Watford v Arsenal Highlights – Gunners blitz Hornets!

  1. Godswill

    That Ozil goal, Sanchez and Ozil were masterclass in communication and timing.
    World class players.

  2. Arsenal007

    If we can replicate this form in all our matches, we will be fine by end of the season.
    The watchword being… IF.

  3. zion

    Still everybody, don’t get your hopes up as yet. This was a team that went out with 3 defenders for 3 pacy attackers. I mean look at ozil’s goal. That much space and time in the premier league will be rare. The positives are Santi faced his demons and he will be essential like last season. And the defense is concrete especially once mustsfi comes in. The only problem is what to do with Walcott and ox and wilshere once perz comes in

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