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FA appoint Mike Dean to referee ALL of Arsenal´s remaining games

Even though most of us Arsenal fans are not holding on to much hope of catching Tottenham and Leicester City and making a late challenge for the Premier League title, there is a chance and while Arsenal still have that chance we will not give up and we do not want Arsene Wenger and the players to give up either.

And it looks like our old friends at the FA still think we could do it as well. Obviously they do not want that to happen, or at least that is the only conclusion I can draw from their strange and unprecedented decision to name Mike Dean as the referee for every single one of the Premier League games left for Arsenal to play.

The powers that be have justified their decision as a chance for Mister Dean to prove that he is not completely anti-Arsenal after all. In fact they suggest that it is our fault for complaining so much after he sent two of our players off for nothing while allowing the Chelsea striker Diego Costa to go around ‘pinching and punching’ the Arsenal players in our game at Stamford Bridge this season.

Mike Dean said, ” I am delighted to get this chance to wreck, I mean ref the Arsenal games and to finally put to bed this ridiculous rumour that I do not like those loathsome, I mean lovely, Gunners. That time I did a little dance when Tottenham scored against them was just because I had a stone in my shoe, honest guv.”

Leicester and Tottenham have welcomed the decision and have decided to have a massive party to celebrate. It will be tomorrow, April 2nd.

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12 thoughts on “FA appoint Mike Dean to referee ALL of Arsenal´s remaining games

  1. gooner tetra

    I have had a great april fools day adventure.
    The one above all being rosicky and wilshere are back in full training.

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  2. Fatboy Gooney

    Hahaha 😂
    But I wouldn’t be surprised if the Fa appoint Dean to Referee one or two games before the season ends, especially if we close the gap at the top and overtake the Spuds.

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  3. dragunov762mm

    That’s actually a very good one. Almost make me choking first time I read the title. Nice April Mop!

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  4. Tas

    AW press conference

    AW>> talking is not our job performing is

    AW said talking is not our job a few times in his conference do you think he was having a little dig at Ozil?

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    1. Tas

      Shi7 just realized its April’s fools day he might of meant,

      Talking is our job and not performing, sounds more like it,

      since January we have had all the team “talking” about how poor they had been and next game they are going to take the game serious

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      1. Colin

        So you won’t be shocked to learn that Arsenal have sacked Wenger and appointed Tony Pulis as our nwe manager 🙂

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        1. Tas

          No way that will happen before the end of the season we are Arsenal not Chelsea we have honor and decency,

          Tony WHO 🙂

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  5. SoOpa AeoN

    Hahahaha………….If this is True, then screw Arsenal and the TitLe this season


    Don’t u just Love ApriL????

    {Btw, Admin i’m still tryna figure out why u keep deleting my comments containing no profanity?…..its apriL boss}

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