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FA cup NOT enough roars Arsenal star

The FA cup competition has not always been kind to the Arsenal midfield star Francis Coquelin. His first FA cup start was back in 2010 and Coquelin endured a tough game at right back and was subbed by Arsene Wenger as Arsenal went on to lose the game to Stoke City.

It was much kinder to him last season though, and the Frenchman must be very glad that he was recalled from the loan spell at Charlton before they could use him in the competition, because he went on to play in all five of Arsenal’s cup games including a brilliant performance from the start in the final against Aston Villa.

That was the young defensive midfielder’s first trophy at senior level and while he was delighted at the time, Coquelin has told the Arsenal website that he is far from satisfied with this and the Community Shield medals. In fact the 24-year old insists that he is hungrier than ever and is determined to add to his honours and I get the feeling that even another FA cup trophy at the end of this season will not be enough.

Coquelin said, “It was my first major trophy with the club so I don’t want to sleep on this. I’m still hungry, even hungrier, and I want more, like everyone else at the club. The players are really stepping up and really want this silverware.

“It was a great moment but you need a little bit of the magic of the FA Cup to come back before the memories come back. When it does start, people will be looking at the pictures of themselves with the trophies and thinking that we need to hold it for a third time.

“What is nice is that the first round of the competition is at home and that’s great for the fans. It’s always going to be tough against Sunderland. They gave us a difficult game a couple of weeks ago, so we know it will be tough.

“They’re going to want to beat the champions as well, so they will be really, really motivated and beating us could give them a boost in their season as well. Everyone will be prepared for it.

“I don’t know if anyone’s ever held the FA Cup three times in a row before but it would mean something big for the club. We want to win any trophy so if we can get this one, we will.”

Unfortunately for us and for the player himself, Coquelin will not be able to help Arsenal begin the defence of the famous old cup. He is very unlikely to be ready for the next round at the end of January either but hopefully the Gunners will still be in the draw for the 5th round near the end of February and then, with Coquelin bossing the midfield again, will Arsenal be set for more than one trophy this season?

Is this Spanish beauty the reason for Bellerin’s drop in form?

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16 thoughts on “FA cup NOT enough roars Arsenal star

  1. juhislihis

    Wanderers FC and Blackburn won it 3 times in a row, in the 19th century! Let’s break that record as well!

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Spot on with the teams mate but not quite the 19th century but close enough lol

      Did you know that Ca$hly Cole has won the most Fa cup winners medals with 7 ? ( 3 with Arsenal)

      There are only two teams that have won the FA cup three times in a row and these are:

      Wanderers: 1876, 1877, 1878 
      Blackburn Rovers: 1884, 1885, 1886 

      FA Cup Record Winners:

      Arsenal FC – 12 
      Manchester United – 11 
      Tottenham Hotspur – 8 
      Aston Villa – 7 
      Liverpool- 7 
      Chelsea – 7 
      Blackburn Rovers – 6 
      Newcastle United – 6 
      Everton – 5 
      The Wanderers – 5 
      West Bromwich Albion – 5
      Manchester City – 5 
      Bolton Wanderers – 4 
      Sheffield United – 4 
      Wolverhampton Wanderers – 4 
      Sheffield Wednesday -3 
      West Ham United – 3 
      Bury – 2 
      Nottingham Forest – 2 
      Old Etonians – 2 
      Portsmouth – 2 
      Preston North End – 2 
      Sunderland – 2 

      1. Fatboy Gooney

        Who da XXXX are Old Etonians ???
        Sounds like something from a StarTrek movie,
        I’m guessing that their main rivals were Kling-Ons Utd ?

        1. juhislihis

          Doesn’t 19th century cover the time span from 1801 to 1900? 😮

          Old Etonians 😀 It’s the team of Samuel Etos ancestors obviously!

  2. Fatboy Gooney

    We all hope that Coquelin has a speedy recovery without any Setbacks and if the reports are true that he has started running then that’s great!

    I’m not happy about hearing reports that Wenger plans to ease Elneny into the team slowly, probably just like Gabriel ?
    Yeah, I understand that the player hasn’t played for a few weeks due to the winter break but judging by the way wenger has eased Gabriel into the team it is frustrating when we all see that he should be starting regularly.

    1. juhislihis

      Aye, like Gabriel, Elneny will be eased into the team. Expect to see him start, say, 2018 :’D

  3. Bigvalbowski

    Love the attitude of our French enforcer, definitely wishing him a speedy recovery in the new year

    With that said, I happened to stumble across a few highlight clips of G Imbula from Porto. WOW what an athletic powerhouse with a rare technical ability that would fit seamlessly with the likes of Ozil, Sanchez and company.

    If hes available Arsene spend the freaking money!

  4. Davros

    If we win the PL I will be sooo happy
    over a decade is too long to be without one

    We can definitely do it. 🙂

  5. Koss the Boss

    My main man Francis Coquelin. Next Arsenal Captain imo. His passion, emotion and commitment to Arsenal is just a pleasure to watch and hear. Him bossing things in the mddle shouting and organising then winning most of his duels would fire any player up around him. To think he was called back from mid loan at charlton after missing a few chances for quite a few years coming up at Arsenal to get a spot but Now we all think this highly in the space of 12months… cant wait to get him back he is missed badly imo protects the back 4 with his life at times and was starting to pick up abit of flare in the middle, hes pretty good with his feet in tight situations which i was really suprised about!

    Him and El Nenny in our base of midfield on big away days could be vital even against Barca if Francis is back.

    1. Koss the Boss

      Or El Nenny coming off the bench to protect a lead with Francis infront of the back 4? Could see out a game with these 2properly

  6. actor4gunners

    I just like people high believe and determination like coquelin, I solidly believe that this guy is one major factor to arsenal success in the past two years and years to come. Coquelin we are blessed to have you in afc..

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