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Fabregas will NOT be coming back to Arsenal

Cesc Fabregas was happy during his years at Arsenal, and has said before that the club is close to his heart, but when he left in 2011, it was to go back to the club he had been at from the age of 10, and also the one he supported growing up in Catalunia. His first season back at FC Barcelona was not ideal, and he struggled to convince the fans that he was right for the club.

That has all changed now, and he is a key player for the runaway leaders of La Liga, loved by the fans and scoring goals and providing assists regularly. Fabregas obviously feels comfortable as well, because he told the Spanish media this week that he wants to remain at Barca for the rest of his career, unlike the keeper, Victor Valdes, who has declined a new contract and expressed his wish to try another club and another league.

“What Victor wants to experience now, I went through when I was young and it was fantastic for me. But now I have returned and I want to stay, if I can and if I deserve to, forever.”

Barcelona have a habit of keeping players throughout their careers, as proved by the new long term contracts for Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi. Fabregas is still only 25-years old though, and things can change. The Spaniard is still well thought of by Arsenal fans, and it would be good to see him back one day. I suppose we will just have to make do with Jack Wilshere.

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48 thoughts on “Fabregas will NOT be coming back to Arsenal

  1. Adam

    Not a huge disappointment, quality player, but CAM is not a position we’re short of players. Wilshere, cazorla, rosicky, eisfeld, Ramsey and arteta can all play there, plus I think it’s a position Wenger excels at when it comes to spotting talent

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  2. landi

    First he say that he wants to come back, he will come back, he is sure that he will come back, wonce a gunner always a gunner and other statements that make you sure that he will come back. Now he comes up with this crap, anyway i really dont want him after his best days so if he would come back then it would be at least in 2 years of time.

    The guy doesn’t even know what he wants

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  3. chunners

    Its easier to be loyal to a winning team I guess. People pledge their allegiance to barca, many, Bayern etc. all the time. No big deal!
    It takes courage to support a club which is having a slight blip. Gerrard has it. Totti has it and now we have Wilshere!

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  4. Indian Gunner

    I am sorry? MAKE DO?? Jack Wilshere will soon surpass Francesc Fabregas. He will be an Arsenal Legend.

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  5. John Legend

    Who says Fab was coming back???
    He never was going to. He left and never said any ill-statement about Arsenal BUT he forced his transfer and was uninterested in his last days. Wenger will not bring back Fabregas!!!

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  6. Arson Winger

    We don’t need him. I don’t think Wenger would bring him back either.

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  7. Me-Basil

    He is a fantastic player and great players like that are welcome back.

    But, we can’t wait and hope for that to happen.
    We have a great squad and are a couple of players away from a championship team.

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  8. PodsHair

    you guys are a bunch of broken hearted babies. its his home club…he grew up in their system. He wants to stay. That doesnt mean he wont leave in future. there were questions just this season when he was unhappy there.

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  9. ram

    seriously guys.. Fabregas never gonna come back.. get over it..

    i wonder why every1 is so attracted towards him.. is it bcoz he is extra-ordinary..? its not Barca who developed him, its us Arsenal.. he is same as RVP, a traitor..

    wenger built a team around him saying him ‘you are the anchor man’ and yet he left us just lyk that.. and all of u call him gunner.. Pathetic.. if Rvp was not ther we wud hv done terrible last season..

    just froget him.. we have Wilshere, Cazorla and so many talents.. he will defo regret one day for leaving us.. that day is not too far..

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  10. green gunner

    Not a huge shock. Would love him to be still playing for us.

    Oh, and you can keep that idiot song with you. He made his bed.

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  11. Darren

    “I suppose we will just have to make do with Jack Wilshere”? You say that like it’s settling for the not as good. Jack Wilshere is a great midfielder. I support him 100%. He is rapidly becoming one of the greatest players in England. He certainly deserves better than that statement.

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  12. Moe

    Its funny how 3 years ago I had nasri fabregas and rvp posters up in my room. how times have changed!

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  13. DubGun

    Never expected Fabregas to come back. I love him ,but he left for the same reasons as everybody else. He just had a better “Get out” clause than everyone else. Fantastic player, but he moved on and so should we.
    Up the Arse!
    P.S. more Podolski Please Arsene.

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  14. KC

    Wilshere isn’t as good as Fabregas…yet… But Cazorla is better than Nasri.

    So the Wilshere/Cazorla combination is as good as the Fabregas/Nasri combo.

    The problem isn’t the dominant two midfielders, it’s the support midfielders. Diaby’s a great talent but always injured, Rosicky is aging and can’t get a look in from Wenger anymore, Coquelin and Ox will soon be top players but currently they are young and maturing, and Ramsey, though improving slightly, still isn’t good enough. He did some good things in his last match but he still gives the ball away in dangerous positions and passes poorly.

    Assuming one of Diaby, Coquelin, and Frimpong can develop into a quality holding player to rotate with Arteta, I still think we can use one more top level creative force in midfield to rotate with Wilshere and Cazorla.

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  15. Vlad

    People/players leave for a reason. He was unhappy at Arsenal. He’s happy now at Barca. Stay there, we don’t need you. Say “hi” to Song, and asked him how he’s doing. F*ing traitors.

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  16. villa123

    i never care about the players who leave arsenal for some other club. i just wish pple wud concentrate on the players we have instead of talikng about player who ran away.
    he forced his way out from our club.. so he cant be a true gunner. like above comment- players like gerrard and totti should only be considered as legend who never left der clubs during der crisis.
    i have no respect for scary cats.

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  17. Horliquegold

    Wenger is a father after making van persie n fab superstar they leave when le prof needed them. Van persie thinks he made the right choice but time shall tell, he think sir fergie will be patience when he start having crazy injuries. Hey fab greet song for me, next barca will loan song to qpr

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  18. Ghoul Sainsbury

    Fcuk Fabregas ! You where never an Arsenal Legend , just the captain of Wengers third or forth assembled team ! Go fcuk Song up his hairy asshole !

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  19. studz

    quality player but not really needed for his position loved him as a gunner but Wenger should concentrate on bringing in a dm, cb and a rb

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  20. ks-gunner

    its a pity and to be honest i never could fully support him back then as i always knew that he was using Arsenal as a stepping stone….

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  21. albanian-gunner

    Fiberglass a legent u having a f*cking laugh get real son to be a legent u must be somewhere close to adams ,berkamp& henry thats why u see them outsite emirates 24-7 they won premier league titles for arsenal and these traiter left us just when they became gd enough to win something and guess what they did na$ri fiberglass and van pu$$y will maybe win it for man reffere utd fuk u traiters gold diggers LONG LIVE FC ARSENAL

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  22. GP

    Who honestly thought he would ever come back??
    The constant pining over Fabregas is a disgrace.
    We made him World class not Barca and he still chose to leave.
    Lets support the players we have. Even the ones that struggle for form.
    We have a few players that i do not think are quite good enough but i will support them as long as they play for us.
    Too many players want to have their cake and eat it.
    They want to leave but they still want the fans to continue missing them.

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  23. Xavv

    Fabregas, like Henry, is a player who is always welcome back. Even when he’s 45 and retired, he’ll be more than welcome in the dressing room I’m sure.

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  24. cedric

    atleast he plays and am happy 4 him even though i hate the fact that he left……..SSONGG!!!!!,,,what the fcuk are you doing at BARCA..hope sergio and macherano somehow dont play because i cant help but laugh everytime barca plays and you dont even warm up for the last 15 mins..

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  25. Machine-Gunner

    Yeh, yeh, yeh.. U doubters can aaaallll say wat u want. Bt I KNW that u all miss Francesc Fabregas.

    Jack covers so much ground so quickly with his dribbllin and turn of pace. But Cesc made up for his lack of speed with those graceful long passes. N I don’t mean gerrard-like lobbing passes. I mean long distance passes that stayed glued to the grass n fizzed across the pitch. Even his little cheeky lobs over defenses for forwards making their runs.

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  26. Carlos

    Sorry but imagine this
    Song Wilshere
    Cazorla Fabregas Nasri(when he was good)

    with the likes of Theo Ox Pod Arteta on the bench, imagine if they had just held onto those players….

    someone was saying the Jack-Santi combo was better than the Fab-Nasri, well even if that is true, why couldn’t we have had them all?

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  27. Carlos

    also wouldn’t mind Valdes, he’s old but that’s exactly what we need an old keeper for competition with Szczesny, until he’s more experienced.. and we shouldn’t think of it as getting a Barca reject, THEY WANT HIM TO STAY.. would be a good deal, he wants somewhere to go and in my opinion we want him..

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  28. Always a gooner

    Sorry …Man we have Jack who is better than your Barca,s Messi ………But iam sure you will regret one day …for leaving us ……Same to the traitor,Nasri etc………Hats off to Wilshere , Walcott etc….for commiting to Afc …….King,jack,pires,viera are our legends ..not some 25 year old who forced his Transfer

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  29. Arsenal1Again

    It’s good to see he has earnt the same respect and love from the Barcelona fans which he had here. One of the few players to leave who deserves our best wishes.

    When trying as hard as I can, I cannot see where he would fit in our midfield today.

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  30. zatex evans

    It is not a suprising thing thatfabregas will not be coming back to arsenal because players do come and go eg Hennry, kano,etc but new one’s are been replaced eg cazorla, and podoski they will all master the parttern of play.

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  31. Neil

    He’s no gunner!

    Threatened to strike if we didn’t sell him. Was poor in his final season a he didn’t want to pick up an injury prior to his Barca move. Put on a Barca shirt and laughed with Barca players whist still under contract at Arsenal. Went to a Grand Prix on the saem day as Arsenal’s last game of the season!Wenger built a team around him. Signed a long contract FOR A BIGGER SALARY…and was doing his best to leave as soon as Barca came calling.

    He was fantastic for us…but the facts above mean I have very little love for him. He knows how much gooners dislike arrogant Barca, but he let himself be paraded about in their shirt like a muppet. The Grand Prix thing did it for me.

    Best thing that could happen, is that we meet them in the final and Cazorla scores the winner (I’m dreaming now) and Wenger runs on the pitch, pulls down his pants (after a 10 minute battle to take off his coat) and does a MASSIVE FART in his face and declares ‘OOOOOh Santi Cazoorlaa!’

    Ok, I’ll have a lie down now.

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  32. fid

    Lets all get behind our team.this season is a learning curve for our boys,with the addition of a good striker ,2 good defenders in the summer we will challenge for every thing .Its LOOKING GOOD. we are ARSENAL till we die.

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